Currently Watching: The Royal Gambler aka Jackpot


So I started my post and I forgot all about it… And since it was saved on my work laptop, I am not going to complain and decided to rewrite it. This post is definitely overdue. The Royal Gambler (aka Jackpot) has done airing and I placed this drama on hold because I wanted to finish blogging it before enjoying the last 5 episodes. I noticed that there are not many people on my Twitter timeline watching it. I wonder why… Is it because of Jang Geun Seuk? Or no one is interested in this drama? Hmmm… *rubs chin*


Jackpot has been on my radar ever since I found out that Jang Geun Seuk is in it. I’m fond of his acting so I wanted to watch this because of him. I have never seen him  in sageuk drama and I thought this is my chance to see him before he gets enlisted. Seriously, I’m so thankful that I am because the story is captivating and awesome. I’m not a history buff so what I saw, sadly, I believe in it. I should check the fact but too lazy to do so *shrugs*. Anyway, I’m entertained by Jackpot. Every time I watch the show, I pray that the show will not end. I find it so amusing and interesting. Plus, I have never seen this side of Geun Seuk before. He really put his pretty face aside and not afraid to dive down into dirt and mud.


This 24 episodes drama received an average rating of 8/10 on MDL. I am quite happy with that. The show did go a bit crazy and unrealistic midway but the performances by the casts remain top notch. Well, except for Im Ji Yeon. Her performance isn’t bad. I nicknamed her the second Jin Se Yeon *giggle*. Anyway, what I dislike about Jackpot is the repetitive plots. I know this is common among period drama but you know what, these directors need a wake-up call. Why? Repetitive plots bore us to death and it is not only waste our time, it resulted to some of us to drop the show! C’mon, PD-nim… Learn from it!


*clears throat* now that’s out of my system, let’s focus a bit on the story. It was sad in the beginning. Dae Gil had a tough life. He was born premature and got thrown out of the palace because the King believe he was the cause of drought and believed that the boy is not his child. The Queen’s ex-husband took Dae Gil and raised him as his own thinking that Dae-Gil IS his own son. Pardon me if you got confused a bit because I totally skip the history between the Queen, the King, and the Queen’s ex-husband. Dae Gil life went mayhem as he was raised by his dad as a gambler. He won a few but lost too many. Dae Gil continuously challenged by Lee In Jwa. Dae Gil had to gamble his life and realized that In Jwa is correct all along. But deep down, he doubts In Jwa’s intention but unable to dodge him. For now.


Meanwhile, In Jwa resented the King. Why? He believes the throne is his after what happened to his family. He uses Dam Seo and brainwashed her into thinking that the King caused the death of her father. In Jwa has a purpose. He keeps Dae Gil closer to him because he knows the boy’s royalty background. Right now, the combination of raising Dam Seo as an assassin, starting a fire between Dae Gil and Prince Yeo Ning, and keeping Dae Gil under the dark is In Jwa’s weapon to achieve his dream. To kill the King Suk Jong.


See? What did I tell you? This show is fascinating had the writer and PD did not screw it up with repetitive and silly plots. But I would still recommend Jackpot. The story is very engaging. The performance is superb. The OST is wonderful! The cinematography is beautiful. To hear this from a saguek hater, Jackpot really is amazing. Again, I have to emphasize that Jang Geun Seuk’s performance is unbelievably great! The show may make no sense to you, so please be prepare if you decided to watch it. Overall, I highly recommend The Royal Gambler. *wipes sweat* Now if you excuse me, I’m going to finish this show. If you don’t hear from by Wednesday, you know I’m somewhere in the corner crying… T____T



Currently Watching: The Girl Who Sees Scents


Clearly, the title does not make any sense, right? Is this true? I mean is this syndrome exist? Trust me, I’d like to believe it is but deep down, I think it’s yet another kdrama creation of a new sickness. *shaking my head* I feel like I’m living in a bubble sometimes since I fall for it so easily. But nevertheless, I did fell for it and sort of deep in love with the show. However, there is one thing I’d like to point out… This is my second drama this year that has death in it! *gasp* I really did not expect it! Not at all… And the worse part was that the writers led us to believe that the person is the suspect of interest! *dun dun dun*. Heh, I didn’t buy it but all the watchers that commented on Viki did!


Originally, I wasn’t planning on watching this drama. I thought I should devote more of my watch towards non-popular dramas such as daily dramas, Chinese dramas and oldies. But somehow the gravity from newer dramas is pretty strong!!! Like a bee drawn to flowers, I surrendered myself to The Girl Who Sees Scents. *giggles*. Did you like my mediocre implication of life? Oh yeah, I’m feeling a little philosophical… don’t mind me! Back to the drama, it is scheduled to end next week and I’m excited for it to end and move on to a new watch.


The Girl Who Sees Scents has actually a deeper meaning than its title. It’s not only comedic, it also has the elements of thriller and supernatural. I wouldn’t say it is heavily romantic, but it has some cutesy moments that I think they are cho, cho cute! As the matter of fact, I adore the OTP. Shin Se Kyung has once again step up her acting game! After Blade Man, she definitely improves her gig really fast. I’m fast becoming her fan! *smiles* I’m glad it is her and not Suzy. Heh *shrugs* just saying *ducks from Suzy’s fans* As for Micky, the only drama of his I have yet to watch is 3 Days. I’m quite a fan of his acting even though I still think it can be improved a lot more. But at least, he is more agile in here. Good job, Micky!


So what the show is all about? Oh Cho Rim woke up from her accident able to see scents! Yeah, that’s it! *giggles* *laughs hysterically*. Okay, okay… Let me add more to this to make it interesting. So it started with Detective Choi Moo Gak who lost his sister to bar code serial killer. Yeap, the killer put a bar code on his victims (he slit the victim’s wrist with a bar code using knife) *shudders*. Anyway, the killer mistakenly took Moo Gak’s sister, Choi Eun Seul, as the person of his interest. But in reality, the real Choi Eun Seul is Oh Cho Rim. Wae different name? Her parents were murdered by the bar code killer as well. In order to protect her, she was taken in by a retired police officer as his daughter and changed her identity to avoid the killer. But why did the killer wants to kill Oh Cho Rim? Hmmmm, let’s go back to Moo Gak. While Cho Rim could see scents, Moo Gak lost his ability to taste and feel after the death of his deongsaeng. If you give him a 150 Fahrenheit, super spicy food to him, he will gauge it in under 2 seconds! Moo Gak met Cho Rim unexpectedly when Cho Rim helped him to catch a robber. But this unexpected partnership made them grew fond of each other and eventually work together to sniff the bar code killer.


At the end of episode 14, the killer has been exposed and found so I’m not sure how they are going to play around for the next two final episodes. What I love about the serial killer is that he is nothing what we would imagine a killer would be. But I wonder why he kills and why bar code? Pretty interesting style! And also, his method of keeping his victims for days before he kill them is pretty intriguing. He is a genius and using his victims death letter as his way of inspiration to move forward to kill more. He’s like breathing in into the life of his victims per se. Most viewers are drooling by the killer’s good looking and abs… Well, *scratches head shyly* me included! I hope the next two episodes will reveal who Oh Cho Rim is and why she is wanted by the serial killer. This drama is not too bad, although sometimes you will find yourself wondering what the hell are the writers thinking! Regardless though, The Girl Who Sees Scents is pretty entertaining and time flies when you’re watching entertaining drama! Thumbs up from me! Now shoo… go watch it!