Just Dropped: Different Dreams


Yeah, Different Dreams and I have different dreams. I don’t see it eye to eye with this show anymore. I try my best to give it another chance but I just couldn’t. I’m not sure what it is that makes me lose hope. I get bored most of the time. Every time I see an opportunity for a story to reach climax, it did no go the way I wanted it to be. I get deflated too many times. Even though the story is based on true event and with some true real characters, the stupidity in some scenes got me frustrated. I feel that the show could have been better told. And better direct.

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Breaking News: Eve’s Love


So guess what Bel and I will be watching next after Ladies of Storm ends? Yeap, Eve’s Love!!! Can you hear my excitement in the air??? *giggles* Check it out the teaser trailer. Omo omo omo, it’s going to be one crayyyyy daily!!! Who’s with me??? And yes, that is Yoon Se Ah with her new locks! I’m actually excited to watch it next week! I can’t wait! C’mon, let’s dance together! *sticks tongue out*


Currently Watching: The Princess’ Man


Yes, I’m on a roll with my sageuk drama! I realized I had this hole in my heart after Shine or Go Crazy! ended! Quite a few people disagree with the ending of that drama but I was content with it. I guess I didn’t put that much hope and I was fine when I saw the ending. But according to Drama Fan from Stuck on Hyuk, the ending was not in line with what was written and it didn’t make any sense. *nods* To a certain degree, it doesn’t. But I saw it from a Buddhist perspective and how perhaps the PD does not want to show encouragement of multiple wives even though this is all in the history (hey, this is just my prediction), I thought the ending is understandable. But overall, the show was so good and left me wanting for more sageuk! I can’t believe I said that! *hands on cheeks*


So The Princess’ Man came to mind after Mari said she is still watching it. Being that there is another person as you know, I almost always need a hand holding for just in case, I tag along and hopefully will encourage her to finish it too (3 years on hold). I also thought that since this is a 2011 drama, I should give it some love and encourage kdrama newbies to watch it as well… Heh, provided that I must like it to encourage them to watch it, right? *winks* But no fret people, I love The Princess’ Man! I wanted to write a mid-review for this show but I’m too afraid I may not have enough time to do so. I just started the show early this week and I’m already on episode 10! I could easily finish it by Sunday night if I wanna… yeah, it is that engaging and addicting! And the chemistry between Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won is out of this world awesome!  AWWWWWWWesome!


*clears throat* I got sidetracked by… what else but The Princess’ Man so I’m now on episode 12! *laughs* See how engaging and captivating this show is? This drama is 24 episodes long and it is very dynamic and full of strong characters. Every single actor plays a heavy role in this drama and they really own their characters. I’m impressed by how these characters take me from skeptical to curious to palli-just-tell-me-what’s-next! *breathes heavily* If you think Shine was great, this drama is even better! I don’t even wanna watch anything else at this moment…


The story started as Princess Kyung Hee’s cousin, Se Ryeong, posed as the Princess when she heard that the new teacher is the candidate for her husband. The teacher, Seung Yoo, is a known womanizer and was pretty daring to lift the blind that separated him from the princess on his first day of teaching! OMG! And that’s how he met Se Ryeong whom he thought was the real Princess. The game between Se Ryeong and him became out of control that jeopardized the real Princess’ chance of future husband. Seung Yoo was accused of meeting the Princess outside of the palace and sentenced to be taken out as the Princess’s husband candidate, and the Princess forbid Se Ryeong from stepping into the palace nor meeting Seung Yoo ever again. Seung Yoo felt betrayed for being lied on but his feelings towards Se Ryeong is growing stronger. Eventually, he accepted her thinking that she’s the palace maid. Oy *facepalm*Se Ryeong had her chance to spill her identity and of her father’s too but she lost that opportunity. When Seung Yoo found out that Prince Su Yang, Se Ryeong father, slaughtered his family and accused him of the person of interest, he disappeared. But when he was finally caught, he found out her true identity. Yeap, he was fooled twice basically and devastated by the death of his family. And the worse of all, to be caught in between his love for Se Ryeong and her dad’s aggressive pursue for the monarch, it left Seung Yoo bitter, thorn and extremely angry! Heh, I don’t blame him… I would strangle her to death if I could!


This drama not only talks about betrayal, but it also weighed in on friendship between Seung Yoo and Myeon (his childhood who turned his back on him due to jealousy) and family ties between Prince Su Yang and his brothers. There are a lot to swallow when watching this show. The romance at the beginning was a LOL funny but died down and went straight to business after episode 4. As I said earlier, even though this show change its course, I still love it coz it is very engaging. Tess of Couch Kimchi told me to look forward to episode 18 for yet another awesome scene between Se Ryeong and her father. I’m extremely excited now and I don’t think no one can stop me once this review is posted! Oooh, would I recommend it? D’oh, isn’t it obvious enough? *rolls eyes*