Just Dropped: Grand Prince


Yeah, I don’t think I can go on any further! I gave the benefit of the doubt with Jin Se Yeon and hoped that her acting improves. I was persistent. I kept telling myself that it will get better and better. 10 episodes later, I started to realize if I continue to watch it, I will be fooling myself. Since my time is precious, I will drop it immediately. Se Yeon really ruin it for me because the story is fascinating and the acting by the rest of the main cast is top notch! But I have to drop it! I must because of Jin Se Yeon! Continue reading


Just Watched: The Best Hit


I just finished my krack drama! I hate that I finished it! Now I am having major withdrawal! Seriously, I really did not want The Best Hit to be over! If you have been following my tweets, you will see how much I have tweeted this show. I just couldn’t contain myself. I tried to be discrete but I realized few of the tweets with photos speak a thousand words. I am terrible with spoilers. Because I love spoilers myself *laughs*

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Currently Watching: Mirror of the Witch


My second sageuk of the year! Well, kinda. Mirror of the Witch is a fantasy drama took place in sageuk era. I’m a bit relieved because I can’t handle two-period dramas at the same time. My brain would explode! I’m glad I finished The Royal Gambler and soon, this drama will end too. 4 more episodes to go and I’m currently ready for this show to be over. Wae? Yeah, it is getting too draggy. It’s a typical kdrama, at some point, the writers start to recycle plots again. I am like haven’t we seen this before? Are you really our of your mind? You’re hired to be writers! Get creative!


Sadly, no one could hear our screams. We again continue to get bored with repetitive plots. But I must say I’m still having fun. This drama is quite engaging. I really like the fantasy style this drama portrays. The story can be very confusing. At one point, I even watched several episodes twice. It is twisty and the time jump was really puzzling. Thank goodness for Twitter, a portal where I release my anger and frustration. And thanks to Twitter, I got my questions answered.


Anyway, this 20 episodes drama is ending this week. I have yet to watch episode 17 and 18 and most likely won’t be watching it until I get back from my work travel. But, if I’m lucky, I may catch it this week! But from what I remember from episode 16, episode 17 and 18 could be fillers since the Shamaness seems to be trapped in her own evil juice! I guess I should wait. I can’t stand the shamaness, she seems undefeated! Jun sacrificed himself and got the sword from her. And thank goodness, he was able to control and not get possessed by her evil smoke! Or did he? Seo Ri, on the other hand, sacrificed herself too and the shamaness still holding on strong! I really hate this! The ending better be good! Better be!!!


Instead of giving my usual ritual, which is my own synopsis, let’s take a look at the acting side instead. Kim Sae Ron. Let’s focus on her. I had fear in the beginning. Both male leads are way older than her. Yet, she is able to pull it through! Like a champ! I can’t tell her age in this drama after episode 3. Her acting is top notch. And the men, I’m surprised by how awesome they are in Mirror of the Witch. Their body languages are just superb. Knowing the age difference and playing a love interest to a 17 year old girl, they are able to give the feels without crossing the line. I’m impressed *claps*.


Anyway, Mirror of the Witch is watchable. Sadly, this is not a FF drama. You really need to sit and watch it. If you look away,  you will miss all of it. Trust me. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing. If you decide to watch it, please be patience. Like I said, this drama gets draggy and it is not even funny anymore! I’m pissed but I will remain strong to the end!


Taking A Dare! -Asian drama Style Day 16 to 20!

30 day challenge

Day 16: Drama that ruined your fondness for an actor/actress you previously liked.

BeFunky Collage

Me: Two dramas. Healer with Ji Chang Wook and Descendants of the Sun with Song Joong Ki. They didn’t do anything wrong, to be honest. BUT too many of them on my screen, social media (Instagram especially) really turn me off. Right now, I tend to avoid Joong Ki since his stock is still hot. But once the crowd slow down their fondness on him, I believe I’ll be back to appreciate him more. Just like when Chang Wook slows down on his appearance on tv, magazines, etc.

Mari: I’ll continue to drool for that man because he is Sex on legs but I’m not very excited about anything with Hyun Bin since Hyde, Jekyll, Me. I dropped it after 3 episodes and this was a first for me! I usually stick around if I like an actor ( Yes, Warm & Cozy, I did finish you!)

Erl: Descendants of the Sun – Song Joong-ki. It’s unbearably overwhelming seeing him almost every-freaking-where! One of the reasons that I can’t even finish the “stalking” post I promised to a sweet, sweet, friend. He’s no fun to stalk to anymore, the rarity is gone. And I adore this actor so much before the whole Descendants of the Sun craze. In my heart, I know I still adore him to pieces, but I can’t stand one more photo. I’m sorry Joong-ki, I still love you, but I just need to be free of you for now.

Day 17: Your favorite sidekick character in a drama.

BeFunky Collage

Me: Haitai from Reply 1994! How can’t you not like him?

Mari: the whole cast of “Reply 1988” including the parents! Yes, they were technically not all sidekicks but I love them all so much I love their stories. This also goes for all the characters in “High Kick through the roof: Revenge of the short-legged” every single character in the show was love!

Erl: Yong Soo-Cheol (Yoon Hyun-min) – A Witch’s Romance. He’s soooo cute and I was really envious of his relationship with Yoon Dong-ha. They’re just completely goofballs together.

Day 18: Your favorite second female lead character in a drama.

BeFunky Collage

Me: I really can’t think of any… They are mostly evil!

Mari: Bai Xue Fen from “In a good Way” she was pretty, popular, and genuinely a nice person. She was madly in love with Shan Feng but quickly accepted it was not going to happen and moved on. She also never hated Jian En and the two girls became best friends .

Erl: Shin Soon-ae from Oh My Ghostess. I love how Kim Seul-Gi portrayed that character. I mean who wouldn’t love a perverted ghost? 

Day 19: Drama that started your obsession towards a particular actor/actress.

BeFunky Collage

Me: Operation: Proposal. This drama should take responsible for my obsession with Yoo Seung Ho. I saw the drama many times and since then on, I’ve been a hypnotized by this boy. Glad he’s no longer under 21! Otherwise, this noona is in truuuhble!

Mari: “The Devil Beside You”  After watching this show I fell in love with both Mike He & Rainie Yang. Mostly with her, I went on a binge of all her dramas “Why Why Love” “TogetHer” “Sunny Girl” and my favorite of hers “Drunken to love you“. I also watched that movie where she plays a girl that does show online/lesbian. In other words, I love her in anything! Mike He, I love but I can only watch Devil & “Sunny Happiness” with him since his other dramas are not that great.

Erl: Baker King Tak-Gu, the drama that started my Yoon Shi Yoon obsession. I’ve watched it about 4 times already and still, it never fails to make me cry.. That puppy.. And after his stint as a Marine.. Oh la la, come to noona! Anybody watching Mirror of the Witch would know what I’m talking about.

Day 20: Your favorite drama from a non-romance genre.


Me: Hmmm… Signal, My Beautiful Bride, Cruel City, Nirvana in Fire, The Disguiser, Siren, Warrior Baek Soo Dong. I know there are a lot more but these are my current favorites.

Mari: Signal, Cruel City, Pied Piper, Mawang,  The village: Achiara’s Secret

Erl: Nirvana in Fire. I can’t even put into words the love I have for this drama. I was completely satisfied with it. I loved everything about it.