Just Watched: Phone Call to the Bar 3


After Tremble All You Want, I was in the mood for a different kind of drama. Something crime. Something gross. Something thrilling. So I started Phone Call to the Bar 3. I initially worried if I would not understand since it is the third installment of this movie. As it turns out, it is completely independent and easy to follow. And the story is pretty interesting and funny! I never thought I would laugh so much watching it.

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Currently Watching: Fukuyado Honpo: Kyoto Love Story


Once again, I started another new drama. I promised myself this will be the last one. I must finish Lawless Lawyer immediately once this drama ends. I seriously couldn’t resist starting another drama. Bel alerted me two weeks ago about Fukuyado Honpo and obviously, I have this itch to start it right away. I’m so glad I started it last night. It’s helluva good except it’s not an entirely romcom. A bit disappointed but whatever…

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Currently Watching: Cinderella Formula


Don’t ask me but while I suppose to catch up on my dramas, I decided to start on something new! I feel like slapping myself! I started Cinderella Formula because I thought it is a romcom drama. After a week of meeting people, I just need a drama that can wind me down and make me laugh. But it turns out, this is a slice of life genre. While I’m not in a mood for a serious drama, I do find it interesting.

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Currently Watching: Ashi Girl


If you are a fan of Nobunaga Concerto (like me), you don’t want to miss Ashi Girl. Bel and I have been waiting for this drama ever since it got aired in 2017. This underrated drama is a funny gem you should not missed. The story is super easy to follow and very lighthearted. I am once again amazed how the Japanese is able to come up with a drama that is practical in life. The only unpractical part? The time traveling! But obviously, I am a fan of this genre.

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Currently Watching: Ossan’s Love


So here’s the thing… I do not recall I have seen BL theme drama before. Ever. Wait, does Bromance counts? Anyway, I must be having a memory relapse but omg if it’s true, I think my BL cherry just burst with Ossan’s Love. I finally got a chance to start it after weeks of hating and bickering with my TL for enjoying the show without me. Yes, I was THAT cranky! But yesterday I got to dance like a maniac because I was able to marathon all five episodes in one sitting! Thankfully the episode was 40 minutes long and they were funny!

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Currently Watching: Tokyo Vampire Hotel


Tokyo Vampire Hotel is a piece of art! But not everyone will cherish this masterpiece. At times, I found this drama full of crap and stupid! And at other times, I found it so weird. However, I am thoroughly enjoying it. I found the show quite symbolic (whatever that means). Like I said, this drama is a piece of art – a moving art that combines a loose plot, very graphic and gory scenes, disgusting needs and just blood everywhere. The colors are vibrant and the lightings are perfect.

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Currently Watching: BG – Personal Bodyguard


I really did not want to watch it but this drama lines up great actors I knew I will regret skipping it. This show ended two weeks ago and we are currently waiting for the final two episodes to get subbed. Honestly, after finishing episode 7 this morning, I really hope that the next episode will get subbed soon. I am desperately in need of an answer! And a miracle! Could I get both?

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