Currently Watching: Hanbun, Aoi


It’s been a while since I watch daily dramas. I did not miss the craziness at all but I enjoyed the development of plots (for a better or worse) which powered me through the end of the series. When Bel introduces me to Japanese daily drama, I did not hesitate. In my mind, I thought it would be something similar to Korean daily dramas. But as it turns out, despite the series has 156 episodes, each episode is less than 15 minutes! Hearing that I’m even more motivated to invest my time in watching Japanese daily. My only concern is will it get subbed?


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Currently Watching: What Did You Eat Yesterday?


Food in a drama is heavenly! Food and Nishijima Hidetoshi in a drama are a match made in heaven! Also, I haven’t seen BL genre drama in a long time. The last one was the Thai’s Project S the Series – which I realized I did not see the fourth and final ones. I don’t think it is on Netflix anymore… too bad. But I am glad I am getting my BL fix with What Did You Eat Yesterday?. I have seen 7 episodes so far and waiting and hoping to catch the next 5 episodes soon. It is still airing by the way and it is anticipated to end in 5 days! I can’t believe all my good shows are ending soon.

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Currently Watching: Ima kara Anata wo Kyouhaku Shimasu


I put this drama on hold a while back and Viki finally picked it up. I was not able to watch it immediately back then but now that I am in the mood for drama again, I am going to finish it now. Here is my original review of the drama. Unfortunately, it did not receive a good rating on MDL. Only 7.6/10. I wonder why… I hope to find out soon because I found it funny before. Maybe it loses its steam in the next 4 episodes? *shrugs*

On Hold: Boukyaku no Sachiko


Le sigh. I am once again defeated by subber(s). I started Boukyaku no Sachiko but managed to watch 2 episodes only. I have been waiting for the remaining 10 episodes to be subbed for months but until today, not a single dust appear. It is so upsetting that Japanese dramas do not get enough love as much as Korean and Chinese dramas. I really hope Viki or another subbers would pick this up. I really enjoyed what I saw and would like to see more but sadly… *tear up*.

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Just Watched: Takane no Hana


I knew I wanted to watch Takane no Hana aka Born to be a Flower after I saw the trailer. It was dark, mysterious and interesting. Since Ishihara Satomi is the main lead, I knew immediately that it is a must watch drama. I loved all her dramas and I expect nothing less of of her performance in here. Unfortunately, I feel like this is not her best roll and she should have not taken it in a first place. I get it if she wants to challenge herself. This is a toughest roll for her. It is not easy to play two different characters – the dedicated Momo and the casual Momo.

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Currently Watching: 1 Pound no Fukuin

DU36k6aU0AUr3Z4.jpg large

I needed something silly to watch and Bel suggested 1 Pound no Fukuin when she stayed over at my house last weekend. The first episode got me laughing my butt out. I mean… a boxer fell in love with a nun? How silly is that?! And then to watch Kame three quarter naked all the time? Juicy juicy juicy! He is super skinny though but very fit! But the best part of this drama? Fun and entertaining! I have never laughed so hard watching a drama lately.

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Just Watched: Tatta Hitotsu no Koi


So I needed a romance after I completed A Love So Beautiful. I stumbled on Tatta Hitotsu no Koi on plex and thought of giving it a try. It’s Kame and Ayase’s 2006 drama. It is so old but for some reason, old school romance drama is so lovely and sweet. Unlike today some dramas try to focus on physical romance. I mean it’s not a bad thing but unspoken romance gives you a deeper crush which will make your heart palpitating faster and faster. With only 10 episodes long, I completed in a day. Thanks, jet lag! I owe you again!

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