Currently Watching: Shanai Marriage Honey

Well, I added another drama to my loooooooong currently watching list! I cannot help but to. So many good dramas toward the end of the year (as always) and I suddenly have a fear of missing out! Where do I find time to watch, you ask? Lunchtime. Before bedtime. While waiting for the boys to get ready. Yes, I manage to squeeze dramas in between. Thankfully, the episodes are less than 30 minutes long for Shanai Marriage Honey. And thankfully, this is an easy watch drama. Continue reading

End of the Year Drama Challenge: Day 31

I made it, y’all! I cannot believe this. So today’s challenge, obviously, is my favorite drama of 2020. Yet, another tough challenge to end 2020. Again, I cannot emphasize that you may disagree but here is my top pick:

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End of the Year Drama Challenge: Day 28

Wow, I did not expect to see today’s question as challenging but I do. Best produced drama of 2020. I don’t know, actually. My choice may not be for you. And also, I don’t see many dramas this year. So please be nice with my choices *wink* Continue reading

End of the Year Drama Challenge: Day 27

Today’s challenge is on a scene I keep thinking about. Well, there is only one drama that did it to me. It’s Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo. It is hard to stick to one scene. I have many! I found this compilation that represents the drama so much! He keeps calling her baka (idiot) so much! Though I hate it initially, it grew on me!

Just Watched: Gokushufudo

If you are looking into something silly to watch, look no further! Gokushufudo is the one for you. Only 10 episodes, this series made me laugh so much and so hard. Even though I did not read the manga, I thought this show was well acted. Sure, the stories can be out-of-the-world cray and occasionally stupid but if you just want to be entertained, this drama would fill the void. It did for me.

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End of the Year Drama Challenge: Day 19

Can you believe we are on Day 19 already? Time flies! So for day 19, the challenge is a drama that made me laugh. A drama? Hmmm… I don’t think I can narrow my list to just one drama. I will have to bend this rule and provide you with a list again *laughs*. Here they are:


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