Currently Watching: Rakuen


Another WOWOW production drama! I am a fan! They are master of producing crime dramas, in my opinion. I have yet to be disappointed so far. And Rakuen is the latest installment. I just can’t help but add it to my long last currently watching list! Seriously, how do I make rooms for these dramas? Thankfully, this drama is only 6 episodes long. But 6 episodes feels longer! As usual, the network airs it once a week. I don’t know why they do this. Why can’t they be like the Chinese network and air it daily? I could have been done by now!


Anywho, this drama requires your mental attention. Every single episode gives you clues. And you are not able to tie it as the writer works the story like a maze. Bel and I tried so hard to piece the puzzle together. You would, too. It is so amazing how this writer introduces the show to us. An old couple home was caught on fire. This is common, right? You immediately sympathize with them. Then, they drop the bomb right away! “I killed my daughter 15 years ago and she is buried underneath the house. Please dig her out.” Oh gawd, what the…?


The story then became very fragmented. We then met Shigeko who works in a small publishing company. She used to be famous for writing her prediction in a serial case news. But she quit when her prediction turned out wrong and caused death in the victim’s sister. Shigeko is now trying to investigate why Hajime killed his daughter, why Toshiko’s son was able to draw another person’s memories, and why Harumi hid Hajime away from his other daughter. So many questions to answer. All from the death of one daughter.

The pacing of this drama is slow. If you are impatient, this drama is not for you. There is a lot of layers in Rakuen and I’m not sure the next three episodes could do the justice. I hope the ending is not rushed. I really want to know the relationship of all the characters and what exactly we will get at the end of it. I know, everything sounds so vague coz really I am still searching the tangent as well! Rakuen is a mysterious, psychological crime drama that keeps you wondering what the heck is it and yet you can’t and won’t quit! Good luck if you wish to watch it coz really, you need luck!

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year, 2017! Every new year I will wonder what the next year will bring me? 2016 has been rough. I don’t even know where to begin… but all in the past. I would like to bury my past and move on. 

If you notice, I don’t watch as many dramas as I wanted in 2016. I simply lost my appetite and saw a few I thought was worth my time and mood. I believe I was having a slump. This feeling will continue to flow this year, sadly. I will not be watching as many anymore. But the again, who knows… *shrugs*

This year, I will continue to watch as many dramas as I could. I would like to focus more on Chinese dramas, if I could. I have a love hate relationship with the Chinese dramas, particularly the period and fantasy ones. This is my resolution. I hope I could watch at least 5 in the next 12 months. Will I succeed? We shall see *winks*

Before I leave, I would like to thank all my viewers, readers and commentators for stopping by and making My Myooz a success. I have never thought this blog will take off. Thank you so much, all! THANK YOU! Have an excellent 2017 to you and me! 

Currently Watching: Suisho no Kodo


Suisho no Kodo. My latest crime investigation drama obsession. All I can say is intense. Super intense. I dare not look away when watching it. Apparently, this is a sequel to Ishi no Mayu. Well, guess what? It is on my next watch! Thankfully, even though Suisho is a continuation of Ishi, the plot is not related entirely. I do feel lost once awhile, though. I guess the first installment told us about Toko.


I just completed episode 4 and guess what I am doing (besides blogging it)? Rocking back and forth wondering what the fudge just happened! The show is so amazingly intense that I could feel my head will explode anytime! I am literally blown away by this hair-raising show! Clearly, I am speechless. The next and final episode will be another intense one. I can feel it! The question is… Can I handle it? I need a drink! NOW!


This drama focuses on Detective Toko. Apparently, she is the sought after detective after solving a serial killer case (featured on Ishi no Mayu). Partnered with Detective Hideaki, they are now summoned to another mysterious case. A bizarre murder in a dark room. In the beginning, they all thought the victim was covered in blood. But they further realized it was a bright red paint. Who would do such a thing? The two started their investigation but then realized that they were followed. Somehow, I think, the person is targeting Toko. Anyway, the clues led them to OX. Who OX is? I won’t tell you but it has to do with bombing and death.


Suisho no Kodo deserves 10 stars! I mean it! If you haven’t seen it, you should add it to your watch list! This show will leave you gasping. It seems that Toko is traumatized by the serial killer case. You will see her fear in her eyes even though she is determined to figure out the next bombing location. It is tough to be her. I am determined to finish the final episode next. I’m still recovering from the massacre that took place at the end of episode 4. I wonder if they will figure out who OX is and what exactly his beef. Please, please watch it if you have not seen it. I swear it is worth 5 hours of your time!



Currently Watching: Cold Case Japan


I have never seen the American version of Cold Case. I imagine it to be somewhat intense and sad. Why sad? Some of these unsolved cases are too old to remember and even though it gets solved, it only gives a closure to the victim’s families. Well, that’s my idea of Cold Case. I guess there may be more to it. What amaze me is not how they are able to give a closure to each case, but the case itself is pretty amazing. Bel sure knows what excite me. I really enjoy watching this drama.


There is nothing much to say really. The episodes are independent of each other. Not a single case related. Maybe one of the unsolved cases might show up again either on episode 9 or 10. But each episode is so unique! The plots got me wanting for more. You Yoshida as Detective Yuri is brilliant. Her smart and calming character even at her worse is very admiring. Kento, her younger partner, is not so thoughtful yet extremely attentive. I love the duo. By episode 8, you will see some retention between the two. Kento started dating Yuri’s sister. Yuri thought it is too cruel to do that because Kento just lost his ex-girlfriend (from suicide). Part of me agrees with Yuri. He will be unfair to Yuri’s sister. But part of me wants to believe that Kento genuinely falling for her sister. Well, it is all about timing and sure it is not convincing on Yuri’s part.


Cold Case Japan is a 10-episode drama. It is a very hearty, heart gripping and fulfilling show, in my opinion. Each episode left me either sad, shocked or angry. Yeah, this adaptation drama from the original Cold Case is brilliant. I really don’t want it to end. The cinematography is superb. The background music is freaking awesome! I hope they will consider a season 2. You should really watch it! It is a splendid drama!

Currently Watching: Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Garu Kono Etsuko


Now, who would have thought a proofreading drama would be this fun? On top of that, a total fashionable proof reader? I wish I am her! But sadly though, this recently wrapped drama is on hold. I am not sure when can I see the next subbed episode. Unfortunately, the subber is on hiatus. I am sure she will get back to complete her work. Someday. If not… I might just watch it raw.


Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Garu Kono Etsuko is a 10-episode drama. The drama is about cheery Kono. Her dreams is to work as a fashion editor for her favorite fashion magazine. She has been interviewing with the company a number of times but never landed a job. On her seventh interview, she finally got accepted but was assigned to a proof reading department. It is an un-glamorous department, according to Kono, but she is determined to move up to her favorite department. But for some reason, after her first assignment, Kono started to loving her work! Even more, she enjoys the work so much she even fact-checked on all the assignments landed on her desk! Talk about a switching career! This is a 180 degree change for Kono!


What I love about this show is Kono’s fashion. I look forward to new episode because of her style of clothing. She is so fashionista and she remains this way while working in a not-so-glamorous floor. And I envy her enthusiastic! She is super smart and take direction and criticism superbly. I wish I am her. Hmmm, actually, she has inspired me to dress more daring and creatively recently. Thanks, Kono-chan! *giggles*



So what the next 5 episodes will be? I don’t know. She has been working closely with the head of editing department, Kaizuka. Althought they butt-headed frequently, I think it makes so much sense to ship them together. If you are watching it, I’m sure you would agree with me. If not, that’s ok. But Kono is shown to falling for Orihara instead. He is a newbie in modeling, scouted by Morio who works in the editing department. The trick is Morio allowed Orihara to live with her not knowing that Orihara is interested in Kono. So when she went to Morio’s home, she saw the two of them together! Gasp! So what now?


Well, that’s how episode 5 ended! *cries* And now… the waiting continues! I sure hope I get to see the remaining episodes with subs. I really hope the dorama Gods will answer our prayers. Please please please… *prays*


Currently Watching: Kaseifu no Mitazono


They say that your dirtiest little secret is hidden in the safest place that is dear to your heart! HOME! And I really agree. I only show my ugly side at home. I mean, not that I am a goody two-faced gal, but sometimes only home where your secrets lie. If you look at the drama poster, you might associate it with Mrs. Doubtfire or Big Momma’s House. Well, it is not. The show is not what you thought it might be. This is one creative drama and Japanese are really a master of producing creative dramas and movies. If you notice, this is why I watch more and more Japanese dramas!


Kaseifu no Mitazono is a story about Kaoru, a meticulous housekeeper working  for a cleaning agency. The agency accept new assignments for certain household only. Strange, isn’t it? What’s weird is to watch him! He is a crossed dressing man. I don’t understand what’s the purpose for. Perhaps, my burning question will be answered by the end of the series? Well, the drama is only 8 episodes long and I am on episode 7. Soooooooon!


So on each episode, Kaoru and Emiri are assigned to a different home. And like I said every home has its own dirty laundry. I can’t really summarize each episode so you really have to watch it. Kaoru clean up all the messes and by the end of the episode, all of the source of problems will be solved and he will expose all the culprits. And what’s more, you don’t only get a satisfying ending you will also get tips on home cleaning! I mean to clean dirty and moldy grouts, all you need a 1:1 ratio of mixture of potato starch and clorox! For blood stain, oxidized clorox will do the trick. Voila! This show is brilliant!


Now that I have another episode to finish, I really hope my curious will be answered. Matsuoka Masahiro as Mitazono Kaoru is brilliant. In the beginning, I was doubting him as a female. But he successfully made me believe he is a great actor. I don’t even see him as a man anymore even though I was able to see his manly man side on one of the episodes *laughs*. The part when he shaved his legs, in the beginning, was hilarious! I really can’t wait to see the ending. This drama is brilliant! I highly recommend it!


Currently Watching: Suna no Tou – Shiri Sugita Rinjin


As always I do not put any expectations in any of the dramas I am started. Apart from Bel’s suggestion, I really have no clue what Suna no Tou is about. You already know I don’t like to read synopsis but this time, I got curious. When MDL categorized the show as thriller, psychological, suspense, family, drama and crime, my interest piqued. I mean can I get all that in one drama? Is this a joke? Am I dreaming? *claps like a maniac*


So when I started, I remembered having a Stepford-wives dejavu. Instead of moving into a rich neighborhood with white picket fences, Aki and her family moved into a condo in an expensive high-rise building. It is the kind of luxurious condo I could only dream. Anyway, Aki started mingling with housewives in her condo building. Her husband Kenichi is just an ordinary salary man and couldn’t afford many things. But this has been Aki’s dream to be surrounded by elite women. She knew her real place but forces herself into the crowd. To feel better. But little did she know the trouble she gets from the women. I feel sad for Aki. To satisfy them, she ended up neglecting her house chore. She became distracted. Her daughter went missing twice because of her. She became so irresponsible and clumsy as a mother.



While busy attending parties and pleasing the women, a series of kidnapping kids taking place. Aki doesn’t seem to be aware much of the case. So when his daughter went missing, she panicked. She lost her daughter in the middle of summer festival just to tend to another business that is not important at all. She lost her daughter again when she and husband attended the school camping. Aki is definitely distracted. But guess what? Her distraction is not only stemmed from the women, but also from Kohei.


Kohei is a coach in the community gym. He assists kids with tumbling, gymnastic, etc. He notices Aki the first time and paid immediate attention to her. In the beginning, the impression I got was that he sincerely liking Aki. Then I realized he was trying to get close to her as demanded by Sasaki. I will tell you about Sasaki later. Aki sort of sense it but decided to ignore his feeling. She even got warned by one of the elite women to back off from him. But Kohei continues to pursue her diligently. In the recent episode I saw, I realized he was asked by Sasaki to get closed to her. To destroy Aki. But what Sasaki failed to realize is that Kohei actually fall for Aki. He even confessed to her by the end of episode 7!


About Sasaki, where should I even begin? She got Aki into trouble numerous time. The very beginning, Aki happened to be in an awkward scene where she caught one of her neighbor cheated on her husband with a truck man. The neighbor’s secret got exposed in one of the gathering hosted by the ladies’ president, Hiroko. Someone spread out photos of the cheaters and her neighbor immediately suspected Aki. From this incident, the show started to lead us to Sasaki and her room full of CCTVs!!! Apparently, she controls all the cameras in the building. How scary is that! And it seems that Aki is her immediate target from the beginning. But why?


By the end of episode 7, the show finally starting to make more sense. A lot of sense. But should I spoil you? Let me leave a clue! Sasaki and Aki are related!!!! But not by blood! That’s all I can tell you. This show is quite mysterious and puzzling. The build up is quite interesting. I got partially bored around episode 4 and 5 mostly because I was annoyed with Aki. But as soon as Sasaki made a move, the show started to redeem itself. Although the show answered some of my curiosity, it has not answered my burning question on the ties between Sasaki and all the missing children. I also fear for Aki. She is too ignorant and a bit stupid. Her awareness is low. I don’t know how she is able to survive this long! Oooops, did I say too much? Hehehe go watch it!