Just Watched: Five


If you need a good laugh, you want to watch Five! Only 8 episodes long with each episode less than 30 minutes, this show will make you laugh from start to finish! I finally able to finish it because the final two episodes took a bit longer to be subbed. I am pretty sure the subbers were busy with life. Thankfully, it gets finished. I ended up watching the last three 3 Papas episode unsubbed because no one is subbing it anymore. This is always a hit or miss if you decide to watch Japanese dramas. Because of that, I vow to watch a show only if the series is fully subbed.

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Currently Watching: Saboriman Katarou


I stumbled Saboriman Katarou aka Katarou: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman on Netflix and I am currently addicted to this show! This drama is certainly designed to promote Japanese local sweets! If only it is summer now and if only I could just fly myself to Japan!!!! The sweets are so mouthwatering but Katarou made it mouthwatering 1000 times better!!!! Based on a comic from the same title, this 12 episodes drama is very entertaining and the slapstick humor is hilarious. Even my husband found it funny despite him complaining about how Japanese loves romanticizing every single expression!

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2017 Top 5 Blog Views


Hi, everyone! As we leave 2017, I would like to share with you 5 dramas I blogged that gets high views. Now, the views may not seem high when comparing it to some popular blogs out there but it is to me. For an unknown blog like mine, I think the numbers are pretty impressive! So here they are in order:

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Currently Watching: Kahogo no Kahoko


My current krack drama at the moment and I am still waiting for the last episode to be subbed! I am actually okay because seriously the show is so cute and fun I do not want it to end! I can safely say that Kahogo no Kahoko is a great drama! My only complain? 10 episodes way too short! But I get it, too many episodes can be taxing and losing the real purpose. Though I say it is too short, I do find a few episodes a bit draggy.

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Currently Watching: My Little Lover


I have been wanting to watch My Little Lover like forever. I originally saw it posted on Viki and then the drama pops up on Netflix. I added it to My Watch List early this year but still haven’t had a chance to catch up with it. Yeap, my life has been too hectic recently. I have less time to devote to watching dramas. Even my blog is neglected. I feel terrible and sad. But what can I do, right? Real life wins. All the time. Anyway, I finally decided I should give My Little Lover a watch. It is only 10 episodes long… And since it is a Japanese high school drama, it is easy to marathon.

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Currently Watching: Akira to Akira


So glad that Akira to Akira is finally subbed. This currently airing drama is my current obsession. Well, Saito is an added bonus, of course! *laughs* But really, you have to believe me when I said I’m obsessed with this drama. Why? It reminds me of Midas, a Korean drama by Jang Hyuk. Though the base of the dramas is similar, the stories are completely different. Akira to Akira is a hearty drama that focuses on friendship, relationship, inheritance, and life. And most of all, the background of this drama is circa financial sector in the 80s.

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Just Watched: Gintama: Mitsuba no hen


A live action drama titled Gintama: Mitsuba no hen. I really am not familiar with the show or if there are other Gintama installments, but I can assure you that the 3 episodes  just saw were really entertaining and surprisingly funny and intense. The story itself is quite predictable but the presentation was fun to watch. Thanks Bel for recommending this drama. Like her, I look forward to the movie! I really am curious now. The ending was abrupt!

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