Just Watched: The Wolf

Y’all, it’s been three weeks since I completed The Wolf. I am finally able to blog it because I am now ready to move. I did not realize that I would love this show so much. When I first started it, I found it to be so cheesy. I stopped watching it but went back to it a few days later tempted by a few screenshots I saw on Twitter. So many of my Tlists raved it and frankly, I wanted to be part of the ravers, too. When I picked it up again, I began obsessed with it! The Wolf became my go-to drama immediately. My husband questioned my sanity. And I questioned myself, too! How did I manage to finish this show so easily?

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Best Bromance Ever?

Today’s question is by Mawie. Bromance is something we all adored – the best, the sweetest, the most affectional, not too gayish yet tight bond between two men. We almost want to ship them. Who am I kidding? We ship them hard! Without further due, here are a few bromance couples we could think of. Could you name a few?

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Currently Watching: The Untamed


Listen y’all, I have to be on The Untamed wagon! Ok? I mean I cannot resist some hotties! Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo are so irresistible together. Forget that it is a Chinese drama, I just need to focus on them. I’m never a fan of the fantasy genre. I don’t particularly love it but I made an exception for this one. For the boys. It looks like my BL drama watch list is growing. I am quite impressed with myself. However, The Untamed is unlike Until We Meet Again. Rest assured, The Untamed is very tamed! Nothing naughty whatsoever which makes it easier for my son to watch it. The only untamed about it is the story. It is complicated but I managed to follow.

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Currently Watching: Story of Yanxi Palace


I have heard a great deal of Story of Yanxi Palace and yet I hesitated giving it a watch immediately. My allergy to Chinese drama is very deep. I am cautious to what I want to watch and it has to be very moving and gripping for me to stay with it to the end. I originally curious about the show. I am not a fan of palace harem dramas. I dislike the cat fighting, jealousy, pretentious, bitching, and most of all women treating each other cruelly just to win the heaven son’s heart. So annoying…

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