Just Watched: Prison Playbook


I should have listened to Michele but at the time I was too obsessed with Money Flower to care about other dramas. Plus, as one of my goal of 2018 is to reduce watching currently airing drama, I was able to commit to few dramas at a time. So two weeks ago, while I was alone at home being sick, I decided to watch a drama. Plex was down at the time and I had no choice but to go to Netflix. I saw Prison Playbook on the Recommended list. The drama was calling me and… the next thing I knew, I fell into the Prison trap.

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Currently Watching: IS – Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei


What does IS stands for? Intersexual. Yeap, it is appropriate to continue my next Japanese drama watch with another gender issue drama. Kataomoi was a great drama aired in 2017. But IS-Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei is an older drama. 2011 to be exact. And the situation and approach are much different. I am still at the early stage of the drama and not sure where it is taking me too. But I would like to speculate. Let see if it actually make sense and whether I am correct.

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Just Watched: Kataomoi


WOWOW wow’d me once again! This network is brilliant and Kataomoi is a masterpiece. Leave it to a daring network to once again giving us an outstanding performance, a high-quality storytelling and the most compelling sensitive issue in today’s world. Transgender. Furthermore, you can’t help but respect Miki Nakatani as her portrayal as a she-man. She is brilliant! Being this is my second time seeing her, first was IQ246, I think I am a fan!

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Currently Watching: Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me


Hmmmm yeah, I do not know why I started it. I blame Kim Rae Won and his charming smile! I kept telling myself that Black Knight is beautifully choreographed but what the f am I watching? Yet, 15 episodes later… I am still watching! Black Knight is quite magnetic that drawn me closer and closer. The love story is quite compelling. So I should not say what the f am I watching because by now I already knew why… Everything starting to piece out together after episode 6.

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Currently Watching: I Am Not A Robot


It is a romcom! My boy in a rom-com! So excited when the news broke. I started to miss him terribly. I really enjoyed watching him in Ruler – Master of the Mask. He was phenomenal as a king. It was his greatest drama since his comeback from his military service and I could not be more proud of his choice.  Thankfully, I do not have to wait so long to see him back on my screen! So happy that he is in I Am Not A Robot. A character so cute that I want to squeeze the life of him! Wait, no… I still want him to live! *laughs* Especially when his next drama is with Kim So Hyun again!

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Currently Watching: Money Flower


Where do I even begin with Money Flower? It is hard to express my feelings in words. Money Flower is the most intriguing, captivating and chilling drama of the year! This drama is exceptionally well written and most definitely, well acted by Jang Hyuk, Lee Mi Sook, Park Se Young and Jang Seung Jo. I am a fan of Jang Hyuk and his last work, Voice, was a total flop. Not because of him but of how chaotic the drama was written. It was hard to like the show. It had so much potential… tsk tsk tsk.

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Just Watched: Five


If you need a good laugh, you want to watch Five! Only 8 episodes long with each episode less than 30 minutes, this show will make you laugh from start to finish! I finally able to finish it because the final two episodes took a bit longer to be subbed. I am pretty sure the subbers were busy with life. Thankfully, it gets finished. I ended up watching the last three 3 Papas episode unsubbed because no one is subbing it anymore. This is always a hit or miss if you decide to watch Japanese dramas. Because of that, I vow to watch a show only if the series is fully subbed.

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