Just Watched: Forgotten


I have been seeing Forgotten on plex for awhile. The poster looks scary. I dare not watch it. I don’t do horror movie. It freaks me out after The Ring. But on the plane, I somehow drawn to it. Forgotten shall not be forgotten, I said to myself. And just like that, I hit play. I gambled my life that day. I pulled my blanket to prep myself for the worse. I even turned the volume down coz you know… horror movies always incorporate scary sound effect and music background.

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Just Watched: Kids on the Slope


After Inuyashiki, I needed something fun, cute and cheery. So I decided to watch Kids on the Slope. Another manga adapted movie, I am quite surprised that this movie was based circa 1930s. It is the jazz era where jazz is the music of choice. I seriously did not expect to be entertained by watching this movie. Perfect music. Perfect acting by Chinen Yuri and Nakagawa Taishi. The biggest surprise is to see Fujioka Dean in it playing trumpet and singing the most beautiful tune! Just about 2 hours long, I laughed and cried all the way to the end. It was one beautiful movie.

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Just Watched: Inuyashiki


If you are looking for something cool to watch, don’t look further! I highly recommend Inuyashiki! It is not only has Takeru Satoh, I mean it is really a cherry on top of my cheesecake, it is one heck of an action movie! I did not expect to see it on my movie selection on the plane two days ago but there it is calling my name. And further more, to see my favorite actor playing a villain character, it is so refreshing! I am so glad Satoh is so versatile and willing to play a baddie!

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Currently Watching: Witch’s Love


When I heard Witch’s Love is only 12 episodes long, I jumped on the wagon right away! Since it has ended, I could finish it rather quickly. But not as quick as I had hoped for. I am currently on episode 9 – a week after I started it. What can I say? It’s not the drama, it is me and my busy lifestyle. But I fell for this drama right away! It is so cute even up to now. However, I am having this crazy second lead syndrome even though I am so into the male lead! Eottoke??? Triangle love, I tell you.

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Currently Watching: Familiar Wife


Thank goodness I have enough time to catch up with Familiar Wife. I have been wanting to see it for quite sometimes but a bit afraid since I am still not done with my travel. It is a good thing that this drama has reached episode 12 which means we have 4 more episodes to go. I haven’t caught up with this week’s episode but I will. The reason I watch Familiar Wife is because of Ji Sung. Who does not like him, right? Remember him in Kill Me, Heal Me? Plus, the poster really intrigues me.

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Currently Watching: Your House Helper


So yeah, I lied. I added Your House Helper yesterday to my list. However, I realized this drama is still airing! Thankfully though it ends this week and I can marathon it with ease. Speaking of marathon, I am currently on episode 19 of 32 episodes. I did not realize I have gotten this far. If not because of this morning’s hiking with the family, I could have been caught with all the episodes by now.

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Currently Watching: Mr. Sunshine


Believe it or not, this is the only drama I am currently watching! Yes, my life has gone nuts with all the travels I have been doing it since June! It is not over yet! I am flying out in the next three weeks. At this point, if I want to start any, I must start ongoing dramas that close to be done. I really do not have the time to squee with my Tlists and it sadden me. I never thought my life would end up this way. I might pick up short Japanese dramas to watch soon.

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