Just Watched: Phone Call to the Bar 3


After Tremble All You Want, I was in the mood for a different kind of drama. Something crime. Something gross. Something thrilling. So I started Phone Call to the Bar 3. I initially worried if I would not understand since it is the third installment of this movie. As it turns out, it is completely independent and easy to follow. And the story is pretty interesting and funny! I never thought I would laugh so much watching it.

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Just Watched: Tremble All You Want


There were many Japanese movies to pick on my flight yesterday. It was hard choosing which one to start. Tremble All You Want sounded like a perfect romantic movie based on the summary. Only less than 2 hours long, I happily began to watch it. I was drawn to the movie more because Mayu Matsuoka reminds me of Lee Bo Young. Doesn’t she to you? Or is it just my eyes? Anyway, I had a fabulous two hours until I realized everything was in head.

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Currently Watching: Miss Hammurabi


I unexpectedly started Miss Hammurabi before my trip and I am now behind in this drama. Since it has ended, I could just marathon the remaining 5 episodes when I reached home this weekend. Initially, I wasn’t planning on watching this drama because of Go Ara. Again, my love hate relationship with her acting cringe me. Since she did (tiny) well in Black, I thought I should give her another chance. Besides, Infinite L is in it. He did well in Master of the Mask, I would not want to miss watching him again. And fair enough, his acting continues to improve. Perhaps, acting is his future career. Who knows, right?

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Currently Watching: Are You Human Too?


Sigh, despite my busy schedule, I managed to start another new drama again! I want to kick my butt but that gotta hurt, right? *laughs* I can’t help it, though. Besides, it’s Seo Kang Joon. I can’t missed this cutie pie. On top of that, Lee Joon Hyuk is back! I feel like winning a lottery seeing him twice in three months! Also, Gong Seung Yeon is in this drama. Another talented cutie pie. I enjoyed her so much.

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Currently Watching: Lawless Lawyer


All I can say is… wow!!! Seriously, one of the best Korean dramas I have seen this year! The level of intensity is awesome. I had a blast watching Switch which employed similar style – laws and action. While Switch focused from the prosecutors’ angle, Lawless Lawyer is, of course, from the lawyers perspective. The music is upbeat and strong. The plot is engaging and intense. The pacing is perfect. The acting is superb. The villains are effing good!!! I really need Choi Min Soo and Lee Hye Young in life! Why didn’t anyone think of casting these two together before?

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Currently Watching: Fukuyado Honpo: Kyoto Love Story


Once again, I started another new drama. I promised myself this will be the last one. I must finish Lawless Lawyer immediately once this drama ends. I seriously couldn’t resist starting another drama. Bel alerted me two weeks ago about Fukuyado Honpo and obviously, I have this itch to start it right away. I’m so glad I started it last night. It’s helluva good except it’s not an entirely romcom. A bit disappointed but whatever…

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Currently Watching: Cinderella Formula


Don’t ask me but while I suppose to catch up on my dramas, I decided to start on something new! I feel like slapping myself! I started Cinderella Formula because I thought it is a romcom drama. After a week of meeting people, I just need a drama that can wind me down and make me laugh. But it turns out, this is a slice of life genre. While I’m not in a mood for a serious drama, I do find it interesting.

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