Currently Watching: Top Star Yoo Baek


This little gem drama is so funny I wonder why aren’t many people watching it. The format reminded me of Modern Farmer even though I dropped that drama. I love that Kim Ji Suk is the main lead – I really enjoyed watching him as the nasty King in Rebel. He really nailed the role. I did not see his previous two show but I feel that he did again in Top Star Yoo Baek as Top Star Yoo Baek! For some reason, this role is made for him. He has the cheese and he knows how to play arrogant cheese.

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Just Watched: Cold Case: Shinjitsu no Tobira 2


If you are a fan of the first Cold Case Japan installment, you don’t want to miss this season 2. The cases featured in this drama continuously to be gripping and thrilling. Few of the cases got on my nerves and I wondered where are the justice. But if you compare this season with the first one, I feel that it is a bit lacking. I don’t see much action from the cast – this season focuses more on the cases. I am not disappointed much because the writing is still solid and the chemistry between the casts remain superb. I just want them more on my screen!

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Just Watched: My Love Eun Dong


Every year, Mari and I have at least one drama that we decided to watch together. In late 2018, we decided to watch My Love Eun Dong aka This is My Love on Netflix. Being that it is a 2015 drama, we both got many people participated in our angry and frustrated tweets. As you know, I never read the synopsis and was completely clueless what this drama is all about. Needless to say, those who have seen it described it as a trainwreck melo makjang drama. Oh my, I was completely blind.

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Currently Watching: SKY Castle


I finally able to marathon this satirical comedy-drama last week. I cannot believe I still have the energy to watch 10 episodes back to back in one day. Looks like I still have the magic touch! But this magic touch was accompanied by my good mood – I needed a drama that would spark my interest and SKY Castle meets the need. I seriously laughed so much even though at times I really want to strangle a few characters! This jTBC 20-episode drama is surprisingly well written and well acted. Why do we get great dramas toward the end of the year?

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Currently Watching: Feel Good To Die


Who’s here for Kang Ji Hwan? I know I am! It’s been a while since I last watch in a drama. His last show I saw was The Incarnation of Money. I still did not get to see his Children of a Lesser God. Maybe one day I will… Anyway, I am so glad I started Feel Good To Die! It is truly the funniest office drama to date. It started with a bang! Like really, didn’t expect Ji Hwan-ssi to be so good in a jerk and asshole character. Sometimes, in the midst of being a mad cray Team Leader Baek Jin Sang, I occasionally wish he would start singing. You know he started his career as a musical actor, right?

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Currently Watching: The Count of Monte-Cristo: Great Revenge

sp_main_visial.pngI admit I know nothing about the real Monte Cristo story. So my canvas is completely white when I started this drama. All I know is revenge is my favorite genre! What’s more, Dean Fujioka is the main lead! How can I not pass this show, right? Only 9 episodes long, I am almost done with the series! I started on Christmas day and I thought I would be done by this morning. But real life took me away from this show but I am determined to finish it tonight. One more episode, ladies and gentlemen!

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Currently Watching: Dai Renai – Boku wo Wasureru Kimi to


My Japanese girlfriend recommended this drama and I obliged *laughs*. See how easy it is to influence me? Yes, I am that weak especially when I have plenty of days off lately. Dai Renai completed airing on December 14 and I am now waiting for the last episode to be subbed. I can’t wait to see how this drama will unfold. You know why? I stop trusting myself because I made that mistake with The Third Charm. But I feel my gut might be right this time. I think. Ask me when I have completed it.

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