Just Watched: Hibiki


A long plane ride from Kunming to Beijing was enough for me to catch a movie. I decided on Hibiki because of the synopsis. I hesitated a bit though because it is a high school movie. However, there was no hint of romance which encouraged me to continue watching. And watch I did. I was glued to my screen and released a tiny bit of scream – not because I was cringing but I felt very disturbing with the main character. Hibiki. She is savage! SAVAGE, y’all!

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Just Watched: Criminal for the Prosecution


Well, another movie I saw on the plane. This time, it is called Criminal for the Prosecution. I was not planning on watching it but there were not many interesting movies onboard. I saw Kimura Takuya and Ninomiya Kazumari aka Nino on the movie poster so I thought it would not be bad. I was wrong. While the premise and the story were interesting, the loopholes were too many. I felt lost because there were many untold and unexplained plots – hoping that you would fill in the gap yourself. It is impossible for me to do so since I did not read the novel. I was a bit disappointed but the execution part by Kimura and Nino were awesome. They really put a lot of their skills into this movie.

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Just Watched: The Travelling Cat Chronicles


I had to watch something on the plane and chose The Travelling Cat Chronicles. The word “cat” got me jump into watching this movie immediately. What can I say? I am addicted to cats. However, I was fooled by the title. The way I read it, it sounds as if it is a journal movie about a cat or a cat traveling to find his long lost owner. You know, like one of those Hollywood animal movies. But 30 minutes into it, I realized this is not just a movie about Nana the cat. It is also about his life with his owner, Satoru.

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Currently Watching: The 100th Love with You aka Kimi to 100 Kaime no Koi


Yes, I finally moved on from high school movie! For now! And I finally found a movie that I really, REALLY, like. I am still watching it but at the same time, I can’t wait to blog it. It’s a time travel movie. I am a sucker for time travel show – I find it intriguing going back in the past to change your destiny, future, fate, whathaveyou. But time travel genre can be frustrating too especially when the characters are stuck in a loop. And this is exactly what happened in The 100th Love with You. I have a hunch that this movie will not end well. Get your Kleenex ready, folks!

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Just Watched: Love and Lies


Finally a movie that is not a teacher-relationship genre! I was not sick of it but I felt guilty watching this scandalous romance. I pick Love and Lies because I was enticed by the summary. It is an interesting concept and I thought it would be sci-fi romance. It did not go as I had hoped for. This movie focused more on the romance side. To be honest, I found the female lead a bit too kiddish. Morikawa Aoi plays Nisaka Aoi but it felt like a miscast. Even the male leads are miscast. The energy and chemistry between the three of them were poor. I don’t feel anything from watching this movie.

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Just Watched: My Teacher aka Sensei!


Yeap, another teacher-student relationship movie. Also, another manga adapted movie. Why do I do this to myself? Oh right, because I am bored to death! And I also want to knock down as many movies on my list as possible. My Teacher, a 2017 movie, was a movie I never into but had to watch because someone recommended it to me. It somehow reminded me of Sensei Kunshu. But unlike Sensei Kunshu, My Teacher is on a serious side. I kinda like it, though.

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Just Watched: Daytime Shooting Star aka Hironaka no Ryuusei


My desperation for the next Before We Get Married episode landed me to Daytime Shooting Star. I was desperate for something cute, something romantic, something fuzzy feeling. Daytime Shooting Star caught my eyes immediately. When I read the synopsis, I knew how the show would end. Turns out, this is one of the rarest happy ending I have ever imagine!

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