Just Watched: Hot Gimmick


Hot Gimmick popped on my Netflix. I had no idea what it was about and hit play. I regretted it. This movie is poorly written. I don’t know where to begin… I sense missing plots as soon as I started. I was left confused. I don’t know where the writer wanted to take the viewers to. For the first time in many years, I used a lot of FF button. The acting wasn’t bad but wasn’t good, either. I was led into a rabbit hole by Hot Gimmick. At one point, I found the revenge pretty disgusting.

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Just Watched: The Naked Director


This drama has been in my Netflix To Watch list for quite sometime. The word naked got me worried. How naked? Well, it was so naked! Nothing soft about this show! All hardcore naked and sex! Was I worried? Yes and no! Yes, because I did not want to be caught by my child watching an erotic show! But I was not worried much because this drama has content! In fact, the content is so relevant and strategic! I am very surprised and felt educated by the porn industry. It is not an easy industry to be in. The Naked Director did it! I am impressed by this show.

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Just Watched: Hibiki


A long plane ride from Kunming to Beijing was enough for me to catch a movie. I decided on Hibiki because of the synopsis. I hesitated a bit though because it is a high school movie. However, there was no hint of romance which encouraged me to continue watching. And watch I did. I was glued to my screen and released a tiny bit of scream – not because I was cringing but I felt very disturbing with the main character. Hibiki. She is savage! SAVAGE, y’all!

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Just Watched: Criminal for the Prosecution


Well, another movie I saw on the plane. This time, it is called Criminal for the Prosecution. I was not planning on watching it but there were not many interesting movies onboard. I saw Kimura Takuya and Ninomiya Kazumari aka Nino on the movie poster so I thought it would not be bad. I was wrong. While the premise and the story were interesting, the loopholes were too many. I felt lost because there were many untold and unexplained plots – hoping that you would fill in the gap yourself. It is impossible for me to do so since I did not read the novel. I was a bit disappointed but the execution part by Kimura and Nino were awesome. They really put a lot of their skills into this movie.

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Just Watched: The Travelling Cat Chronicles


I had to watch something on the plane and chose The Travelling Cat Chronicles. The word “cat” got me jump into watching this movie immediately. What can I say? I am addicted to cats. However, I was fooled by the title. The way I read it, it sounds as if it is a journal movie about a cat or a cat traveling to find his long lost owner. You know, like one of those Hollywood animal movies. But 30 minutes into it, I realized this is not just a movie about Nana the cat. It is also about his life with his owner, Satoru.

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Currently Watching: The 100th Love with You aka Kimi to 100 Kaime no Koi


Yes, I finally moved on from high school movie! For now! And I finally found a movie that I really, REALLY, like. I am still watching it but at the same time, I can’t wait to blog it. It’s a time travel movie. I am a sucker for time travel show – I find it intriguing going back in the past to change your destiny, future, fate, whathaveyou. But time travel genre can be frustrating too especially when the characters are stuck in a loop. And this is exactly what happened in The 100th Love with You. I have a hunch that this movie will not end well. Get your Kleenex ready, folks!

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