Just Watched: My P.S. Partner


I have been meaning to watch this movie for the longest time. I finally had the time to watch when I was in the middle of nowhere in Bangladesh with a poor internet connection. This movie came in handy just because… I realized when I first started it, I was on the plane and my phone (yes, I was watching from my tiny screen) was visible to everyone. Ooops… that raunchy scene during the first 30 minutes got me shook a bit! Sorry, peeps!

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Just Watched: Scarlet Innocence


I did not realize I have Scarlet Innocence saved in my phone. Since my internet connection in Rajshahi was weak, I decided to watch this movie. Unbeknown to me, this movie is quite racy. I am not proud of myself for watching it. Lee Som and Jung Woo Sung were good individually but their chemistry is off. The sex scene is nothing extraordinary. Had the two got better chemistry, this movie would have been enjoyable to watch. The story itself is pretty pathetic. I was angry at Lee Som’s character, Deok Yi.  She decided to take revenge on Hak Kyu for her mom’s death. But you know what? It is her fault! She killed her mother!

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Currently Watching: Love Affairs in the Afternoon


It is 3 pm somewhere, right? If you have seen Hirugao, I am sure you know what I mean. The Koreans aka Channel A decided to do a remake of Hirugao with the same title: Love Affairs in the Afternoon. Yup, a forbidden love drama that can be so romantic, so innocent, so naive yet so nerve-racking. I feel so nervous as if I am in this affairs with them as well. So far, 12 episodes have aired and I have been nervous watching it ever since especially episode 6, 7 and 8. I had to take a breather because my heart was palpitating so hard for them.

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Currently Watching: The Dude in Me


I have been putting this movie on hold for the longest time. And now that I am bored, I decided to watch The Dude in Me. Boy oh boy, this movie is effing hilarious! I just can’t! I am blogging this movie as I am watching it and did not realize I am already approaching one hour in! Yeap, you can guess it right! This movie is amazing! It has a good balance of comedy, romance, action and fantasy. The story itself is entertaining; you won’t feel your time is wasted.

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Just Watched: Feng Shui


I never thought that people would use feng shui for a burial site too. I thought once the dead has left the earth, nothing will burden the living. Turns out I am wrong! Things I learned from watching Feng Shui. This movie, based on a true story, was written solidly and acted strongly by Ji Sung and Jo Seung Woo. What an impressive performance by these two! Also not forgetting Kim Sung Kyun’s performance. He played the lead of Kim clan which oh my goodness, I have never seen him playing baddies this good. Well, is he a baddie?

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Just Watched: Little Forest


I started watching it on my flight to Yangon but because of the time difference, I fell asleep right away. I felt sad and was hoping I could catch it again on my way home. Thankfully, Little Forest is still on the Asian Movie list and I immediately hit play. The fact that the main lead is Kim Tae Ri, I simply could not resist not watching her. I am a fan of her acting especially in Mr. Sunshine.

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Just Watched: Forgotten


I have been seeing Forgotten on plex for awhile. The poster looks scary. I dare not watch it. I don’t do horror movie. It freaks me out after The Ring. But on the plane, I somehow drawn to it. Forgotten shall not be forgotten, I said to myself. And just like that, I hit play. I gambled my life that day. I pulled my blanket to prep myself for the worse. I even turned the volume down coz you know… horror movies always incorporate scary sound effect and music background.

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