Currently Watching: Possessed


Ever since I got back from my trip last month, I was not in the mood of watching any dramas except for Game of Thrones (GoT). I think GoT got me so hooked I did not want to watch anything else. But in the last season, I knew I should start a drama immediately. I did not want to be in a slump so I decided to start Possessed (and He is Psychometric). It is on Netflix if you decide to watch. The quality is super good! Initially, I was drawn to the genre but 7 episodes in, I realized I am drawn to the main leads too. They are definitely an odd pairing! Beauty and the Beast. Or I should say… Beauty and her Beast! Who would have thought it works out really well? And the best part of it? The chemistry between the actors! I am sold! Continue reading


Currently Watching: He is Psychometric


Okay, I have to admit I do not know the meaning of psychometric. Even after I searched the word, I still could not relate that the main character is psychometric. I guess I am a bit slow in this department. I am letting it go since the show sort of explaining why Lee Ahn is one. Lee Ahn is played by Park Jin Young aka GOT7 Jinyoung. I did not remember him in The Legend of the Blue Sea but he gave a striking performance in My Love Eun Dong.

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Just Watched: Persona


Rated mature, Persona is a series consisting of 4 different stories on Netflix. Each episode is around 20 minutes long. I was drawn to this series because of UI. I adore her as a singer and actress. I decided to give it a watch – I had no expectation and no clue what is it about. But now, I just feel like what did I just see? So my review is based on 4 episodes. The stories are not related but the only common is IU. She is in all of the episodes playing four different characters.

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Currently Watching: Ima kara Anata wo Kyouhaku Shimasu


I put this drama on hold a while back and Viki finally picked it up. I was not able to watch it immediately back then but now that I am in the mood for drama again, I am going to finish it now. Here is my original review of the drama. Unfortunately, it did not receive a good rating on MDL. Only 7.6/10. I wonder why… I hope to find out soon because I found it funny before. Maybe it loses its steam in the next 4 episodes? *shrugs*

On Hold: Boukyaku no Sachiko


Le sigh. I am once again defeated by subber(s). I started Boukyaku no Sachiko but managed to watch 2 episodes only. I have been waiting for the remaining 10 episodes to be subbed for months but until today, not a single dust appear. It is so upsetting that Japanese dramas do not get enough love as much as Korean and Chinese dramas. I really hope Viki or another subbers would pick this up. I really enjoyed what I saw and would like to see more but sadly… *tear up*.

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Just Watched: 3D Kanojo: Real Girl

So, I decided to watch a movie on my way to Denver two weeks ago. It was totally random and I picked this one out of a bunch of new collections from Bel’s library. I was hoping that it would be a light movie to entertain my 3 hours flight. The synopsis sounded interesting. It’s a high school theme movie. I cringed at my childish decision but I really judged myself later on.

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Just Watched: Spring turns to Spring


I completed Spring turns to Spring last week but did not get a chance to blog it until today. I would like to blame on my real life but it is not true. Honestly, I have been very busy marathoning Game of Thrones. I just started season 7 and hope I complete it by next week. Back to Spring turns to Spring, I am surprised that there are not many people watching it. I wonder why… the premise is typical yet interesting. The drama is super hilarious. Of course, some part did not make any sense but it is nothing new in kdrama land, right?

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