Just Dropped: Hospital Playlist


When I heard that this drama is directed by the same director for the Reply series and Prison Playbook, I immediately made up my mind that I must watch it. Forget that each episode is 1.5 hours long or the fact that it is a medical drama, I had an inclination that Hospital Playlist would be as awesome if not more than Playbook. Why I said this? The leads include Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Seok and Jo Jung Suk. I’m not familiar with the other two leads but my impression of them wasn’t bad when I saw them on screen. As I dig deeper into the show, the only difference I discovered was the writer. Playbook was written by a different writer.

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Currently Watching: Takane to Hana


I added another live manga drama to my watch! It is called Takane to Hana and it is available on Viki if you are interested. I started this drama as a filler but I found myself quite invested in it. I usually hate this type of drama but in the light of Coronavirus, I need something silly and goofy to cheer me up. Y’all know me; I am not a fan of high school drama. Though Takane to Hana does not focus on life in school, it did focus on something I completely disapprove of. Adult male and high school girl romance. The level of ickiness was high initially but it has died down a bit. Focus on the characters rather than the ickiness.

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Currently Watching: Itaewon Class


Itaewon Class is my current krack drama! I just cannot get enough of this badass show. Adapted from a popular webtoon, I was not familiar with the story at all. Stupid me thought it is a high school drama based on the word “Class”. However, as it turns out, it was not a drama about rebellious teenagers. This is a drama about revenge and to prove to a certain someone that money plays a minor role in order to succeed in life. It is a business drama – very ambitious and aggressive yet appropriate. Totally well written and acted by the casts. I love how the antagonists love stirring the pot in order to provoke the protagonist. He is definitely provoked!

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Just Watched: Mood Indigo


Well, I completed The Novelist and knew immediately I have to watch Mood Indigo. Rio is back as the main lead but Kuzumi is now the second lead. This time, the story focused on Rio and his editor, Kido. If you enjoyed the first installment, you will enjoy this one, too. Also 6 episodes long, this drama is available on Viki. I am quite surprised that there is a continuation of the previous drama but I am happy that I get to know the end of it.

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Just Watched: The Novelist



Okay, I am sorry I had to use the alternative name of this drama as my post heading. If I use the original name, Pornographer, it might attract unusual traffic. I do not want… that. But, being that The Novelist is a BL drama, I expect that this show will have a lot of kisses and skinship. You know, like Until We Meet Again. So as you can imagine, I started this drama with an expectation of romance and sex but what I did not expect is that this drama is phenomenal. I wonder why Bel stopped me from watching it? *rubs chin*

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Currently Watching: Nee Sensei, Shiranai No?


With plenty of time in hand, I can afford to start watching more and more dramas. I decided to add Nee Sensei, Shiranai No? to my watch last night. The show is only 6 episodes long and with each episode less than 30 minutes long, I knew I could finish it in no time. 3 episodes in and 3 more to go. This manga-adapted show is cute but I feel so bored. The story is nicely paced but at times, I found myself cringing for the female lead. I want so badly to get into the screen and tell her… it is okay to be shy but please, not TOO shy!

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Just Watched: Hot Stove League



Yes, I am a bit late with posting Hot Stove League. I was behind on my watch but I was able to catch up with everyone. The only thing I could not catch up was posting it under Currently Watching segment. I heard so much raving about this show which prompted me to pick it up. I knew it was a baseball drama. I am never a fan of Korean sports drama. I have dropped a few. I had a good time watching Prison Playbook with minimal baseball exposure. I thought it would not hurt watching Stove League, too. I started with zero expectation but by the end of it, I reached maximum satisfaction!

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