Just Watched: To My Beautiful Woo Ri


I am on my lunch break and I have enough time to blog this web series I discovered last night called To My Beautiful Woo Ri. I was a bit surprised that this gem was unknown to me considering how much I enjoyed watching cold Kim Young Dae as Oh Nam Joo in Extraordinary You. This series was aired prior to Extraordinary, around May 2019. What got me excited is that it is only 3 episodes long. I spent less than 45 minutes watching it. It really felt good to catch on short drama in between my other dramas I am currently watching. It is like taking a breather, you know what I mean?

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Currently Watching: Hot and Sweet


I decided to watch Hot and Sweet, this cute and mindless romance web drama on Viki. Since it is only 8 episodes long, Hot and Sweet is an easy watch while you are having your meal alone. Like right now. Me and my breakfast. To be honest, there is nothing special about it. But I thought the acting was not bad and the cinematography was beautiful. The chemistry between the leads is pretty convincing. I just wished the writers give more depth to the leads’ background and fleshed out their characters deeper. I really want to know their past that made them who they are now.

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Just Watched: Ambergris


I stumbled on this ad drama by Samsung recently and immediately excited to add it to my watch list. I have not seen a web drama in a while and thought Ambergris is short enough for me to enjoy. This drama was set in the future and how human did not get freedom like us today to enjoy nature. I added the link to all four episodes below. A total of 24 minutes long, it surely interesting concept with future product placement that Samsung has in mind.

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Just Watched: Wednesday 3:30 pm


The problem with me whenever I travel is difficulty getting a good long rest in bed. While some days I get 3 hours of sleep, other days I would get a solid 7 hours. Seriously, my body works mysteriously. So I took my extra hours last Thursday and browsed Viki. I had a tiny withdrawal when I completed A Love So Beautiful (review will come soon). I need another cuteness to fill the void and found Wednesday 3:30 pm. Only 10 episodes long, and less than 24 minutes long per episode, I knew I would be able to marathon it in a day.

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2017 Top 5 Blog Views


Hi, everyone! As we leave 2017, I would like to share with you 5 dramas I blogged that gets high views. Now, the views may not seem high when comparing it to some popular blogs out there but it is to me. For an unknown blog like mine, I think the numbers are pretty impressive! So here they are in order:

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Just Watched: Momo Salon


My son gave me his tablet last night and told me I could watch whatever I want on Netflix. With no agenda, I browsed the page and stumbled on Momo Salon. Not sure what it is about, I curiously check the drama page. 6 episodes long? 9 minutes for each episode? Well, it took me less than a minute to give the show a go. If I don’t like the first episode, I could just walk away. No strings attached.

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Just Watched: Magic Cell Phone


Well, I got curious and started watching Magic Cell Phone while I know I have millions of dramas on my watch plate. Don’t you just hate that? You know you have episodes to watch yet you start another drama! I hate myself too this morning but thankfully this drama is only 2 episodes long combined or 10 episodes in 10 minutes span for each episode.

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