Just Watched: Fortuneteller’s Secret Recipe


I don’t know what to say with this web drama. 3 episodes aired on Viki. I am still hoping there will be more to come. Fortuneteller’s Secret Recipe confuses me a lot. The ending did not make any sense. Please, don’t even think of watching it. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. I feel wronged!

Just Watched: My Runway

How would your life changed if you and a super model switched bodies? Not just any model buy one of the TOP models in the country. Think of all the fun, awesome parties, amazing clothes. One catch you are a female high school student and the model is male. Bring on the fun, awkward and laughs. Continue reading

Just Watched: Never Die


Lately I started seeing influx of Korean movies, dramas and web dramas on Netflix. And then I noticed that not just Korean but plenty of shows from other countries too. I am happy that the network recognizes international shows and audiences. I browsed through my dashboard last week and saw Never Die. With only 5 episodes, I knew I could finish the show in under an hour.


The story was interesting and unique but the acting was very juvenile. I cringed at some of the scenes. Maybe because it is a web drama and they purposely make it extra cheesy? Or the directing was super bad? It’s a combination of many factors but to be honest, I didn’t care for any of it because I was dead focus on the story itself. I was curious. Dead curious.


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Just Watched: Another Parting


Another Parting was on my plan to watch list. I got curious and asked Max sunbae on Twitter. He said, “I’m hopelessly biased of course because it is Wang Ji Won’s first lead, but bearing that in mind, I thought it was quite good.” That’s a good enough reason for me to start watching it. Besides, since this web Korean drama is only 5 episodes long, with each episode about 10 minutes , I thought it was good of my time to catch up on it before going to bed.


This drama is weird but quite good. An alien inhabited a dying person’s body and was asked to figure out what makes a human cry. This alien took Young Mo’s body and searched for a human. He met Ha Na who was about to jump off the bridge. She had a tough life and so Young Mo approached and asked her reason for crying. And then we were transported to a different scene where the caused of Ha Na’s tears was due to her recording manager. Young Mo was ready to kill him but it didn’t end up that way. Both Young Mo and Ha Na decided to escape instead. For what or why? I don’t know!

maxresdefault (1)

After that, it was a bit mystery to me. I wasn’t sure what happened. It seems that once Young Mo disappeared, Ha Na had a deja vu. She saw herself… like another person resembling her ready to jump off the bridge. I guess she was able to convince herself to not jump. Life goes on and then we saw her performing in a club. One of her viewers is a guy that looks exactly like Young Mo. She walks toward him and kisses him immediately. Well, what kind of guy who doesn’t like to be kissed by a pretty woman like Ha Na, right?

maxresdefault (2)I was completely bummed out when Another Parting ended. I know web dramas are always abstract. But, just so you know, if they develop this story well, we could get another time travel or extra-terrestrial drama! I’m just saying… *wink*


Just Watched: SETI


This is the quickest, shortest web drama in my watching history. To be honest, I don’t even get it. The couple continuously talking about stars and extraterrestrial intelligence. And I went okay, how are they related other than she continuously wanting to get a kiss from him? Then I got it, this web drama is sponsored by Canon. At the end of every episode, well sometimes they aired it throughout the episode, you will see EOS 500D. After I completed the series it hit me… No wonder I see the main characters holding a huge camera.

The drama is cute and mindless. Would I recommend this drama that is originally based on webtoon? If you have 38 minutes to spare, you can finish all 16 episodes in one sitting. I just did that. Interested in watching it? Click here. That’s all.

Just Watched: Bong Soon – A Cyborg in Love

bong-soon-a-woman-who-dies-when-lovingSee? I’m really confused. I continuously reminding myself that I do not have for another drama. Apparently, I proved myself wrong once again! I was able to squeeze in Bong Soon – A Cyborg in Love in between my cooking and dining with my kiddo. We both actually entertained and enjoyed this cutesy drama. Only 12 episodes long, and 15 minutes per episode, I think you would totally enjoy this web drama. I found it super easy to watch and enough to keep me addicted to it. Well, I was since I completed it in 3 days with 4 episodes per day! *beams*


The story is simple. Bong Soon is clueless that she is a cyborg. She fell in love with her team leader, Kim Joo Sung, who happens to be a genius computer scientist. He created Bong Soon. So most of the part when Bong Soon describes her memories, it is Joo Sung’s memories. There is one thing that Bong Soon doesn’t know about herself. When she started to develop a love feeling, she will automatically shuts down. Eventually they both admit their feelings for each other but Joo Sung wants her to keep their relationship in secret. He doesn’t want the rest to know. Bong Soon doesn’t know that she was created to be used as an A.I.


There are a lot of questions stemmed from watching this web drama. And all of my questions were never answered. Bong Soon has a good storyline with few interesting plots. But these plots were left as that. I realized that by the end of it, none of the loopholes were addressed. The ending itself left me hanging. So I took it for the romance and left the rest as that. If you are the type who hates to be left hanging, this web drama is not for you. I enjoyed it for the romance and good OST. *smiles*


Just Watched: Click Your Heart


I was quite intrigued by this web drama. It’s been popping on my DramaFever page for awhile. I knew it is a sign that I need to watch it. When I saw Zombie Mama‘s post on Click Your Heart, I can’t help but read it. It sounded very interesting, especially  when you’re allowed to choose the next plot. Yeah, it is a unique concept. I have never seen a drama done this way. An unusual approach, actually. Sadly, I’m a party pooper. I decided not to play along with the show and watch all 7 episodes. Wae? I was curious.


Each episode is about 15 minutes long. This drama introduces us to FNC’s pre-debut group. They are currently members of Neoz School. Apparently all the boys are still in training but I’m sure they will be on our screens pretty soon. And what is the best time to introduce them to future (saesang) fans by having them star in this web drama! How convenient! The leading lady is none other than AOA’s Mina (aka Kwon Min Ah). I love Mina. I’ve been watching her since Wonderful Days! I also enjoyed her character in Adolescence Medley and All About My Mom. She’s cute. I especially enjoyed her speaking in Busan accent in Modern Farmer, a drama which I have yet to finish! *covers her face in an embarrassment*


Anyway, back to Click Your Heart. One girl and four guys. Was it four guys? Or three? This show distracted me with beautiful boys *laughs*. Actually, I was distracted by not knowing which episode to choose. I should have played along with the show. *facepalm*. Either way, I think I met three out of four boys. Good enough, right? The only less confusing part is that all characters use their real names! That’s easy! Mina recently transferred to a new school. But she already has a bad rep in her new school. Thankfully, Do Won, embraced her since they already know each other. Do Won likes Mina, obviously.


Mina joined the radio club Cha Ni is in. She was assigned to interview the school’s star baseball player, Ro Woon. Of course, her sweet and lovable character made him fall for her. Cha Ni is the character I don’t recall meeting him. To be honest, he and Do Won look alike!  *covers face again* Oh well. I think I met Ju Ho at the end! Ack… He is her ex-boyfriend! He looks so cold yet the man you want in your life!

maxresdefault (1)

So guess who Mina picks as her boyfriend? Should I tell you? Hmmmm *rubs chin*, I’ll be mean this time. Go watch it. As I said before, the drama concept is unique and unusual to our typical drama watching. But the story itself is pretty typical. Nothing to rave… I think it would still fun to watch it. After all, Click Your Heart is a cute drama! *wink*