End of the Year Drama Challenge: Day 1

I know, I’m behind with my blog posts (a lot of drafts are in the queue) but I can’t help but do this end of the year drama challenges. I find it fun to participate and frankly, it’s my stress relief activity. As y’all know, my life is hectic ever since I started working from home. I have to juggle between work and my son’s school. His grades fell terribly which got me to change my game plan – tutoring him after school hours and providing him with additional assignments. I’m not cut for this but it is what it is… looking forward to getting vaccinated and going back to a somewhat normal life.

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Just Watched: Someday or One Day


One day, I told Mari that I was preparing myself and gathering my strength to start Someday or One Day. Mari immediately jumped and said “I stopped at episode 7. Hey, let’s watch it together. How about tonight?” And we did! It felt good watching this drama with her. I cannot imagine watching it alone. This drama was so puzzling yet intriguing! Had I watched it alone, I would have been lost. Mari answered a few of my questions from the earlier episodes but we were completely in the dark and exploring the show together starting from episode 7 onwards.

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Which drama did you complete despite not really liking/enjoying it?

Today’s question came from Jules: which drama did you complete despite not really liking/enjoying it? (and why?). Quite challenging especially with me. I don’t drop many dramas and I endure it. What do you do? Do you just drop it? Or do you endure the pain like me? Let us know.

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Just Watched: The Ghost Bride


No, I did not read the book but I got curious when my favorite Instagrammer said the novel was to her liking. But after watching this, I don’t think I need to read the book. Then again, I might read it to support my birth country. Yes, the author is a Malaysian but I heard she resides in the US. I need to do my research better. Fortunately, The Ghost Bride got picked up by Netflix and they released it during Chinese New Year week. Good timing, I suppose. Shockingly though, I feel like it is missing the true Malaysian oomph. The casting is mainly Taiwanese though I recognize one or two Malaysian actors. This is where they spent their budget most. Everything else seems mediocre to me sadly.

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Our 2019 Favorites!!

  • Sooo better late then never right? Hope everyone had excellent holidays and it’s ready to tackle hug 2020. However we are here to talk about dramas that made us happy in 2019. I had a fairly good drama year. Very few dramas made me angry and I adore many. Nelly?
  • Nelly: I thought I did not watch many 2019 dramas but I am surprised I saw 26 Korean dramas this year! How??? Out of 26 dramas, I only was disappointed by three dramas, Mari. So yes, I adore many, too, Mari.
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