Just Watched: HIStory 2

My success HIStory 1 watch prompted me to continue with HIStory 2. In this season, there are only two stories with each story contains 4 45-minutes long episodes. Unlike the first one, the stories in the second season are better told. And unlike the first one, I did not set up tweet threads. I got lazy. I also did not like the stories. They were so melo to me. The acting in the first story was poor, too. They OTP looks quite awkward together.

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Just Watched: HIStory 1


You have no idea how happy I am to finally able to start HIStory series. The HIStory 1 is not available on US Viki version but being in Malaysia, it is available. While I am currently sick and under quarantine, I thought I should use my precious time and watch the series. I tweeted the show heavily and I separated my tweets by episode. Each thread contains photo spoilers but don’t worry, I don’t spoil much in words.

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Happy 5th, My Myooz!


I have been too busy with work and life and was completely forgotten that this blog turned 5 years yesterday!!!! How could I do this to myself? To my own blog? Could someone murder me? Wait, at least give me a good nag? *laughs*. Well, so glad I saw it today. Happy birthday, My Myooz! Here to many more years of blogging to come…! Thanks everyone for your support! Hugs and kisses!




14 Days of Fangirling: Day 4

Day 4: Best On-Screen Smoocher


Sada: I have selected Gong Yoo and Eric Mun. Why? I took my consideration their past works. So Coffee Prince says it all… no need further explanation than that. And if you have not seen Que Sera Sera, well, you should. This drama proves Eric Mun dates before Another Miss Oh. I always thought the act of kissing in dramas will be good provided that the actress allows you to kiss her. So I have to give a round of applause to our Yoon Eun Hye. An honorably mentioned goes out to Park Seo Joon (although Mari is demanding proof that Seo Joon can kiss *laughs*)

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Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year, 2017! Every new year I will wonder what the next year will bring me? 2016 has been rough. I don’t even know where to begin… but all in the past. I would like to bury my past and move on. 

If you notice, I don’t watch as many dramas as I wanted in 2016. I simply lost my appetite and saw a few I thought was worth my time and mood. I believe I was having a slump. This feeling will continue to flow this year, sadly. I will not be watching as many anymore. But the again, who knows… *shrugs*

This year, I will continue to watch as many dramas as I could. I would like to focus more on Chinese dramas, if I could. I have a love hate relationship with the Chinese dramas, particularly the period and fantasy ones. This is my resolution. I hope I could watch at least 5 in the next 12 months. Will I succeed? We shall see *winks*

Before I leave, I would like to thank all my viewers, readers and commentators for stopping by and making My Myooz a success. I have never thought this blog will take off. Thank you so much, all! THANK YOU! Have an excellent 2017 to you and me! 

Please Welcome…

Say HelloWe have a new blogger in town and her name is Mari! Mari and I have been friends for years and years. We are closed like sisters! She is witty, hilarious, cute, blunt, wicked and yet, she is full of sincerity and honesty. She has no reservation in telling me what’s wrong and what’s right. If you are looking for a friend, she’s a keeper! But wait… I’m not giving her away! She’s mine!!!! *laughs*

Mari recently started to blog on My Myooz as a guest. We started with W, and slowly her wings grew and blogged for more posts. She even led the 2016 year of end post. I’m super proud of her! So what will you see from her in the year to come? Who knows! She has done Currently Watching and Series Review segments. She might do Stalking post! *coughs* she has lots oppas, ahjusshis and babies. Wait, and puppies, too! One of them is to be enlisted soon. She will be mourning for the next two years! Can you guess who he is?  *winks*

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Amuden, I am so glad to have Mari on board. The canvas is hers. Please congratulate her as an official member of My Myooz. You can also tweet her at @maridoz.