MBLAQ Musings: G.O (Jung Byung Hee) – I Need Romance 3 OST – You

As one of the biggest GO fan, when I heard he contributed his voice for I Need Romance 3 OST, my heart stopped beating right away! It’s GO! It’s Michele’s and my Byung Hee! I’m so happy that the production decided to go with GO and happy that GO said yes to lend his voice for this fabulous hit drama! The song is romantic and wonderful. I could listen to this song over and over again. I’m as biased as Michele, GO has a wonderful voice!

The Fangirl Lane


I wish all Korean drama musical directors would woo G.O into singing a song on their respective OSTs…and often! His voice and range is so perfect and lends itself well to any genre of music from smooth R&B to upbeat pop like his latest offering for the I Need Romance 3 OST, You. Yes, I am pretty biased, but he truly  has a wonderful voice.

And, he is so dreamy……LOVE!! ♥♥♥

[Image credit: news.naver.com/Video credit: BubbleFeetMusic OST Channel E (HallyuTown)]

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