Wednesday Eu-Mak: Freedom is here…


Hello and happy Wednesday! Freedom is around the corner, y’all! *twirls madly* What freedom am I talking about? My Ramadan! It is ending this weekend and I can see rows after rows of food before my eyes now! Waaaaaaaah… FOOOOOD! But I missed home food the most. I missed celebrating Eid (aka Raya in Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia) with my family and friends. Being out in the boons (US is boons in my opinion), you can get pretty lonely. I wish I have close fam to celebrate my Eid with…

Since I’m a little exhausted by the heat and lack of liquid in my system, I’m going to keep this post short *fingers crossing*. Three men! Three different voices! Three different style of music! One is feeling lonely. One is feeling longing. And one is feeling happy! Go figure! *giggles*. Yes, my mood is all over the place… Without food, I’m lonely and longing for it. Once I had it, I’m happy as a clam!

The first song is  a sweet, sweet song by Seo In Guk for his High School King of Savvy drama OST. It is called Feeling Lonely. The song is beautifully composed. And Seo In Guk’s voice is beautiful! If you haven’t watch the drama already, well… go! Ga!

The next song is by someone or group I’ve never heard of! He or they are called Melody Bread. Funny name, ya? But wait… never judge the book by its cover or in this case, its name *laughs*. The minute the music starts, all hell broke lose with me. I was on the train when my friend Nikki sent me the link to this song. At the first pluck of the guitar, my heart started to feel remorse and nervous and suddenly I became longing for something. Yearning for something that is dear to my  heart… Yes, this is what the song made me. The song is called My Tears. It sure did bring me into tears…

Obviously I had to cheer myself after sobbing with Seo In Guk and Melody Bread… And here comes Parc Jae Jung! Nope, I don’t know him. But when I saw his MV, the first thing came to mind is…. That’s Eric #2! *laughs* And the song is of similar genre! How can I not possibly fall for him, right? I love Eric and Parc Jae Jung is second on my list now. Sorry, I have too many lovers I can hardly keep track… So please don’t ask me about my list! Anyway, get ready for a mood-lifting song of the week!

Uhm… Didn’t I say that this post is going to be short? I’m pretty  hopeless… *hang head low*. I was trying to hold myself together for not saying too much but look…! I can’t stop! What can I say… I get excited with music. I could say a lot but I’m running out of time… That’s all from me today! Annyeong!



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