Wednesday Eu-Mak: Let’s Chill…. Round 2


Yeoreobun, good day! Let’s chill again, shall we? I’m in the mood for something smooooth again! Are you ready to fall  in love? February is around the corner and Valentine’s day is less than a month away. Do you have anything special for your love one? I haven’t thought of any, and like my hub would say, it is Valentine every day in our household. Spread the love every seconds you have…

For the first song for this post, it is a brand new released song by Grizzly and it is called WITHU – as in With You. Yeah, I was dumbfounded by the title too but they are forgiven since English isn’t their native language. Hell, English isn’t my native too *winks*. Anyway, I’m here not to lecture their ability on language, but on their music and this song is freakin’ smoooooooth! What a groovy song, WITHU made my shoulders up and down and body sway left and right! Give it a hear, y’all!

The next song is also a new released and it is by G.Soul called You. A better title, right? And the song is just so ahhhmazing. He just sent me to gospel church with that voice! G.Soul gives me the chills and his voice penetrates me deeply… His voice just wow’d me! This is one great song to debut and G.Soul will, undeniably, be a huge star! What a great yet simple ballad song. Great song to start his career!

So, did I just send you to heaven with these songs? I hope I did coz these songs are awesome! I look forward to more great songs this year… And I want to be blown by great music! I’m also excited for February. MBLAQ will make a debut as trio and I’m super excited! I don’t think I can sleep now… Where is February???

Ok, enough rambling. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and for the rest of the week! *winks*


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