Song of the Moment: Shall We Slow Dance?


Before you hit the play button, please close your eyes and breathe. Go on, do it. Please imagine yourself standing on a hill and witnessing a beautiful sunset… Or imagine yourself driving in a converter like in one of those romance movie. This song will take you far, far away… This song makes me want to grab someone and slow dance with. Her deep voice is really soothing, it will definitely heal your soul on a heartbroken day. The soft beat from the guitar (by Lee Sang Soon – Lee Hyori’s husband), accordion and drums really made this an almost jazzy, French-influenced song a mood that you simply can’t denied. I stumbled this song yesterday and just could not stop listening to it. It makes me feel so calm. This song is called Walk and it is performed by the legend Yang Hee Eun. I have no idea who she is but apparently she had some controversial past with her music. I actually don’t care as long as the music is good and her songs are great!

Have a listen! It’s a great song to usher to my long weekend… and yours too!


What do you think?

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