W-Two Worlds: Fangirling Over Lipseu Episode 7


Erl: We’re back and we’re in for another bumpy and surprising ride. At this point, I stopped thinking anything is going to be relatively mellow with this drama. It has the element of surprise in spades that even if  you think that you’ve got a clear grasp of the cause and effect; you’re still at a disadvantage cause it can sneak up on you anytime. You’ll never know when it would tilt the whole table in the opposite direction which is fun and definitely keeps you on your toes.  Not to mention somewhat aggravating but all in a good way, so good that you’ll be wishing the next episode comes sooner than expected.

Me: I am hoping for a Healer pace! I want it to be more action… You think we will get it? 


Me: We back up a little bit and gets the explanation about the real creator of W.

Mari: So everyone was right! How did I completely missed the fact that Oh YeonJoo was drawing a version of Kang Chul as a child?

Nelly: Sorry, ladies. I must be dreaming. Younger YeonJoo in previous episode and current doesn’t match. Am I crazy? And Mari, it was obvious when her parents were quarreling and she was in tears with a drawing of Kang Chul on her desk.


Me: And now I see why Kang Chul is dreamy, a teenager created him!

Nelly: Would you like to see my dreamy fantasy character in my manhwa? *giggle* He’s so very handsome, too! And tall! 

Mari: I want to draw my own boyfriend! But I’m afraid that teen me & current me have very different taste. We only agree that they have to be male. Also, 185 cm is my perfect (favorite?) height.

Me: I think the tall part is a requirement for every teenager’s dream boy. Back then I like tall boys, around 182cm to 187cm. Well, those were the days.


Me: You can really see Yeon-Joo’s determination to save him, I mean man haven’t had that big a blister on my hand from holding a pen for a long time.

Mari: blisters hurt! She’s working through the pain to get him back. He better appreciates her work. Also how long do you guys think she was drawing for? All the blisters I gotten on my hands took less than half an hour.

Nelly: Hmm is it that bad? I haven’t had blisters in years. But did you see her drawing? I don’t like how she drew Kang Chul! I need him to be perfect! *angry fan*


Me:  I agree Nell, we want him to be perfect. She’ll nail it eventually. And hey, looky, I think she just did. Her efforts weren’t futile, he’s back – they’re back inside W!

Nelly: Yup, I was so happy that they made it back! 

Mari: She’s so happy to be back in jail, lol. Look at his hands they are still scaring. So the story is acknowledging that he really left the manhwa?

Nelly: Now would that be in the manhwa? I mean, if we are to read it now, do we actually see that he entered our world and went back to W? 


Me: That’s a good question Nell, and one that we will have to wait answers for. For now let’s digest how worried Kang Chul’s staff is about him, and how all he wants to do is speed walks out to meet Yeon-Joo!

Nelly: Heh, he’s in love. I would do the same too. 

Mari: ugh, she’s here! Go away! I guess I should like her for not thinking Kang Chul tried to kill himself. As for the bodyguard… Pretty!

Nelly: The bodyguard is hot! I just want to run my hand over his shoulder… Hmm.

Mari: he does have excellent shoulders! I like your idea. 


Me: Of course he needs an explanation, he always needs an explanation!

Mari: Are we ignoring the fact that one tiny girl has a ridiculous police escort? How rich is Kang Chul? I’m going to assume he is Bruce Wayne rich in W.  Because a normal person stopping a police car in that fashion would be in jail. Also yes!! I’m here for the sweet romance! I’m ok with your choice of genre Oh YeonJoo.

Nelly: I agree, that is a ridiculous amount of taxpayers’ money to escort her in that massive prison bus! Oh Mari, Kang Chul and Bruce Wayne… *bats lashes*. 


Me: Sad to see the world, people and everything about you know about the same way once you know the truth. Gives a different meaning to “the truth will set you free.” It sort of sounds like the truth can torture  you…

Nelly: I’m not sure if I can breathe… The truth is hard to swallow. 

Mari: Basically how do you keep on functioning when you know you are not real?


Me: But not likely the way Yeon-Joo’s being tortured the second time around.

Nelly: Did you see her expression? She can’t even pull a straight face!

Mari: I would either burst into tears or hysterical laughing. This cop is very cartoonish. I was expecting a fire to come out of his head. 


Me: I am as surprised as Yeon-Joo when Kang Chul reproached her. After being so tender the night before, what is possessing you now? What’s keeping your panties in a twist?

Nelly: Your “panties in a twist” remark got me laughing so hard, Erl! But yeah, I’m with you. What the hell, Kang Chul? What the eff are you talking about? Do you really want to die? Is it the truth too hard to bear now? 

Mari: I’m with him on this. What is he? Since he is not real does that mean he no longer has a free will? What’s the purpose of his life if he is not hunting his family’s killer. He finally made a decision on his own, and Oh YeonJoo took his choice away. 


Me: See, you’re not so tough after all Kang Chul! I know that’s a tear rolling down your cheek!

Nelly: For the first time, I wanted to slap his pretty face! He was acting so irrational! This isn’t him at all! 

Mari:look at his skin!!! So beautiful!


Me: *Melting right now, mind can’t think..*

Nelly: In the back of my mind, I wonder if his breath smells better! Sorry, I’m a party pooper. Jong Suk smokes!

Mari: so…. How does she go back in this time? Is it like the time in the ocean? Is it really that he was thinking of her & that brought her back? 


Me: *Still melting, possibly a puddle by now*

Nelly: *grabs Dexter and kisses him and pretending that he is Kang Chul* urgh, I got hair in my mouth!

Mari: I love the handcuffs over his head for more comfortable kissing. 


Me: Next thing we know she get’s a visit from Do-Yoon. He was sent to relay a message. And I seriously almost spit my coffee when I heard it.

Nelly: Why didn’t she pick option 4??? *shakes head* It was so obvious what Kang Chul wants! Now it is not the time to play innocent, doc!

Mari:I said this on Twitter my heart wants 4! But my brain would pick number 1. My brain is boring…


Me: I think I’ll go for number 4. LOL. And the decision is all because of what he is wearing. That should go! NOW!

Nelly: She clearly wants option 4! Even her hands said so, too! *laughs* 

Mari: there are clothes not even he can save… This suit is one of those pieces that’s a no!!!


Me: Yes, Sir, he’s really gonna be married with Yeon-Joo.

Nelly: This exit plan… Forget the plan, Kang Chul’s suit is more disturbing at the moment!!!!! 

Mari: I guess having money makes things easy, but in RL I doubt netizens would let this go so easily. 


Me: Not in fifty years netizens won’t! There’s gonna be blood. LOL. I love how Yeon-Joo’s just nodding away while this is all happening. What a turn of event!

Nelly: And the ring is so modest looking. I approve! 

Mari: Why is the bodyguard doing all the work? Where’s Kang Chul? Wait is this going to be THAT type or relationship??!!! I’m kidding! I’m kidding ignore me!!!!


Me: Not gonna happen Mari, you can’t be ignored. It does look off that someone else is giving a wedding ring by proxy but.. Well, he’s rich and she just had a big leap. From being chased and jailed to being the CEO’s wife. Whirlwind!

Nelly: It’s been my dream, actually… *grin*. Can someone call me ma’am, now? 

Mari: I would love to have someone does my cleaning. But my house is tiny. I need a bigger house! 


Me: Yeon-Joo needs to think of locking the door first before checking a drawer of underwear…

Nelly: I was giggling with her terribly! I am glad she didn’t smell his underwear… She is, after all, infatuated with him!

Mari: he does not look like a boxers type. His pants are too skinny for boxers. Also, I would had looked in my shoe closet first. 


Me: I think I’m with Kang Chul here, how is tying the hair sweet? I’m really distracted, though, that illustration reminds me of a Chinese Novel I read… Wow, what are the odds?

Nelly: I screamed so hard on this scene! This is my fantasy!!! I want my man to tie my hair, too!!!! Also, where can I get that book??? 

Mari: I don’t get this hair thing. I love playing with guys hair but I never ever had a guy “fix” mine. Yet I have seen it a lot in Kdramas. It’s a bit odd to me. 


Me: RAWR! More fun times.

Nelly: Oh, I can’t. Kang Chul is the man of the hour now!!! Can I have an order of Kang Chul with a side of Kang Chul, please? 

Mari: Do I start my rant now or enjoy the cute? 


Me: Yeah, I would completely like it too if I was married to that cutie.

Nelly: When I saw the ring on his long, long finger… *fans self*

Mari: weirdos! 


Me: Now this is sweet. Where can I buy a copy of this book? And God, I can’t with this two. My cheeks are on fire!

Nelly: When he bit his lower lips… I was so dead! Yes, I need this book now!!! 

Mari: dammit the lip biting again.. Sigh* 


Me: But sadly that’s the end of fun times since Kang Chul needs to meet Do-Yoon. What could be the problem?

Nelly: Talk about timing! 

Mari: I’ll take care of Do-Yoon. You can stay and continue to fangirl. 


Me: I was not expecting that. Who is this disembodied voice from nowhere?

Nelly: I know, right??? Like I said previously, is this a manhwa in another manhwa? The only way I could think is this voice came from the creator. Whoever that is! Or I could be hallucinating. Either way, this voice is disturbing on so many levels! Why is it appear when he’s alone? 

Mari: who is this? I have several theories I was shooting out into Twitter world. Who is it? 


Me: Does this mean that because So-Hee is now a minor part of Kang Chul’s body, she’s now obsolete? I kind of feel sad for her.

Nelly: At first, I thought she came from our world. But now I’m with you, Erl. She’s getting written out of the story… Goodbye, So Hee. I will miss your fancy clothes and shoes. That’s all. 

Mari: So that’s what happens to fictional characters when their arcs finish. 


Me: And you say she’s manipulating you. You’re completely in love with her buddy, all on your own accord!

Nelly: I shall feed him chilies for traumatizing her with his cruel accusation! She is the real deal! Her feeling is so genuine! She created him with lots of love!

Mari: Are we ready for my rant yet? 


Me: Culprit guys means business. And now I’m dying to know about him!

Nelly: I know!!!! Who the eff he is??? My mind is wild, right now? Could it be him from the future? That is my stupid wild mind that said it! Don’t mind me! 

Mari: Is he planning to shoot the letters? 

Final Thoughts

Me: I loved this episode! The big leap, the clarification. And I kind of thought that the focus on “romance” is just temporary, but I love that they got it out of the way. I mean I am glad that they cleared that they are really into each other. Now I was expecting Kang Chul to feel like he’s being toyed because since knowing that he’s a manhwa character, it sort of opened his mind that he has no free will. But knowing that it was all an act of love from Yeon-Joo’s point of view makes a lot of difference. There’s a genuine feeling established there and not just manipulation.

I was at the edge of my seat when the disembodied voice from somewhere mentioned about Kang Chul’s family’s murder mostly because Yeon-Joo’s dad mentioned that there’s no culprit and then this? Makes me want Kang Chul to go back and confront Yeon-Joo’s dad again, without the gun this time.

Nelly: I took my time with catching up on this episode because I wanted to have a clear mind. I’m glad I did. So many developments in this episode. I’m glad that they spill their own feelings in their own ways… The exit plan was a bit too much, though. It is so unrealistic even to her but she went with it anyway and so am I.

I am now curious on this Assasin’s Creed dude. He’s Kang Chul’s worse nightmare. He is Kang Chul’s own demon! He took all of Kang Chul’s happiness and now want to take Yeon Joo away from him. 

Mari: I both loved and hated this episode. Yes, that’s possible. I love it as a fan girl that completely wants to ship the OTP. I disliked it as a person that thinks too much. Mainly because Kang Chul’s change from indignation to adorable man in love was too fast. Mostly because Oh YeonJoo is writing the comic now. She’s madly in love with him. So how can we be sure that what he is feeling is real and not her feelings being transposed to him? Does he have no free will now? The only thing that’s keeping happy is that he already cared for her before she took over. 

That kiss on the roof was part of the goodbye kiss, part I find you interesting and unique. Also, she’s been pulled into the manhwa twice now while neither her or dad are drawing. She briefly mentioned in prison that she came back because he was thinking about her. 

Lastly, who is the hooded figure? Is he really faceless? Did writer Oh also create him & give him life like he did to Kang Chul? So now the killer is just a phantom that can exist in both worlds? So many questions! 


Me: Yes, my heart can’t take it, too! 


What do you think?

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