Wednesday Eu-Mak: Home Sweet Home


Dear all, my health is extremely bad. This year is not a good year for my health, that’s for sure and hence, this post is terminally late. I’ve been sick for the past two weeks and when I almost see the light, I fall back to the hell hole. Right now, all I want is to go home. Home to my mother. Home to cuddle in bed with my son. Home to home cooking food is. Home. Don’t you feel like it when you’re not feeling well and all you want to do is to go home? This is the price to pay for being far, far away from family. When I think of home, I thought of Michael Buble’s Home. His voice is so soothing and calm I could burst out into tears right now. Let’s just hear it, shall we?

Wow! Ahhhh mazing, isn’t it? I could never get bored with this song. I could never get bored with his voice. I first heard this song back when I was a graduate student. My friend just wouldn’t stop playing it. She kept playing it over and over and over until I became so addicted I couldn’t get the song out of my head. What got us both addicted was how beautiful Michael sang this song. Lemmmmme go hoooooome! Michael Buble’s Home was incredible.

And what is incredible is that Roy Kim has a new song called Home as well. This new song gives me the almost Buble’s Home feeling. The vid has many thoughtful messages which somehow reminded us that we are only human. And Roy’s voice is just so… This kid is a great ballad/indie singer. I have been following his career since his first album. What a great singer.

Thank you for stopping by. I have lost track of time. I still think today is Tuesday when in fact Thursday is around the corner. This body needs rest. I hope you enjoy Home as much as I do.

Currently Watching: Reset


I was not sure what to anticipate when I started Reset. I saw the trailers several times. I knew it has something to do with crime. I knew the drama would be very thrilling. I was hungry for drama that could and would knock me off the chair. I am not easily impressed, lately. Korean dramas have been really lacking whachamacallit… the oooomph. Yes, lacking the oooomph. I was frustrated with the My Secret Hotel. As much as I hesitated to start with another drama that could possibly lead to nowhere, I went in anyway. Mind you that I dislike reading synopsis (yeah, another bad trait of mine) so watching trailers can either help me understand the drama somewhat or not. In Reset case, I don’t get it. But what makes me wanna watch it anyway? Because of Chun Jung Myung.


Chun Jung-Myung, once known as baby-faced actor, is no longer a baby. The man has grown handsomely. I’ve only seen him in What’s Up, Fox? as an immature world traveler who fell in love with his elder sister’s BFF. Yeah, he looked pretty young then since it was a 2006 drama. Fast forward 8 years later, the main grow up pretty well. His coldness and boldness as prosecutor Cha Woo Jin is quite impressive. I should say he’s pretty darn good actor for able to make me believe he’s a new person in Reset. And I like that he wears a tiny smirk on his face! I find it cute! Back to Reset, this OCN production drama is only 10 episodes long. Well, we all know OCN dramas are quite short but the quality of each drama is pretty splendid. Reset is spectacular and the first episode was aaaaaahmazing! So far, 8 episodes have aired and we are 2 episodes to go. After episode 7 though, I was a little confused and so is Bel, my drama sidekick. This drama is quite tricky to begin with. You really have to pay a lot of attention.


The story started with Cha Woo Jin himself. He’s an impressive prosecutor and is able to get victim’s confessions, and perhaps to hear the truth, just like that! His secret to success? His ability to hypnotize at a clicking of his pen! Yeap, he love to click his pen. Normally, it would drive me crazy but it works in his line of work. One night, as he accompanied his drunken colleague for a fresh air, they stumbled on a group of troubled teens in the dark walkway. One of the girl ninja attacked them. She is Eun Bi. Woo Jin was stunned as she resembled his dead girlfriend. And somewhat, his twisted fate with Eun Bi didn’t stop there. The next day, she was caught for a murder she claimed she knew nothing of. Yes, this high school kid was found guilty and did not has an alibi to prove it. Her case was taken by his crook colleague. Eun Bi begged for help and to make sure she truly is innocent, he hypnotized her. Sure enough, she was blamed for the whole shebang. He took her case and was able to clear her name out. But since she’s a minor and may possibly targeted, he sent her back to her home but only to realize she’s unwanted by her family. His assistant, who happened to live next door to his apartment, took Eun Bi in. While protecting her, Woo Jin is tested by a case that could answer the reason his dead girlfriend was abused (possibly raped) and suicide. But he is facing many road blocks at the moment… It’s quite scary to be honest.


I’m in the middle of watching episode 8 and I’m thinking out loud *rubbing chin* will the murder case get solved in the next two episodes? Will there be a sequel? Truthfully, I do not see how this show can be wrapped up in the next two episodes. I am skeptical but then again, OCN is known for short dramas. I just don’t want to hear a sequel and ends Reset with a major cliffhanger. So far, I don’t hear any rumor so I think we are good. I’m still skeptical and curious, and I really want to know the ending. The dark mood is really awesome and it set a thrilling yet chilly tone, kinda reminded me of Vampire Prosecutor, TEN and God’s QuizReset is awesome like that too. You should watch.


Breaking News: Loading ERROR


Yes, I know I’m days late but for those who haven’t seen or heard VIXX’s latest single, Error, you may have to check them out. Like right now! NOW! The song is absolutely ahhhhmazing! I cannot believe what I was hearing earlier today. I already know how awesome these kids are. Their previous albums and singles are already crazy awesome. I feel that their songs are the best among the newest kpop groups from their generations. And with Error, they switched gear, up their games and elevated themselves to  be the greatest group around! And I can’t help but to say this, they basically beat their old selves!

Another thing, check out their vocals! How awesome are their vocals!!! My jaw was on the floor  not once, but twice (coz I heard it twice) *winks*! The music gives me that 90’s pop rock music vibe for some reason. I don’t know, maybe it is just me and it is not a bad thing actually. But don’t worry coz I still loooooove it! It’s kpop and they make it better than ever! I’m not too crazy over the MV. I’m not a big fan of futuristic robotic and I do not like to follow the story line. Yeah, it’s just me… *shrug* But I noticed a lotta Hongbin and Leo!!! Where is the love for other members? *tsk tsk tsk* The make up is incredible. The choreo seems impressive, every group has their own signature move and so does VIXX.

I don’t typically like to listen to many kpop groups – I am quite reserved to few groups but adding VIXX into my collections early this year was the best thing I did for myself! Please check out Error! The song is great! The boys are great! Their performance are great! VIXX comeback is the  bomb!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: The New Beginning for MBLAQ


Happy Wednesday, yeoreobun! If you are a huge MBLAQ A+ fans like me, today is the day to celebrate their 5th year anniversary as a group. Unfortunately, three nights ago we were shocked by the news of Thunder and Joon decided not to renew their contract with JTune, which pretty much sums up to leaving the group. All fans were devastated by the news, including myself. But as a mature fan, I get it. I really do. I know G.O was upset by this whole thing he even tweeted his frustration twice on the same hour! I don’t blame him. So far, he is the most vocal member of all five. I wish I could give him a hug… I’m sorry I’m too far from you, G.O-ssi tsk tsk tsk


Anyway, let’s not cry to much. It will be a new beginning for all five boys. SeungHo, G.O and Mir will remain trio for now. I heard a rumor that JTune will find a replacement to fill in the space. But what do I know? It’s just a rumor. No one can replace Joon and Thunder to be honest *shrug*. Joon decided not to renew his contract with JTune and he is slowly shifting his career path to acting. I heard he’s pretty awesome actor! I’m actually excited for his future. He got the looks and really, if he thinks this is the best path for him and his retirement account, why not, right? Thunder also decided not to renew his contract. However, I don’t hear anything from him or what plan does he have in his pipeline. Come to think about it, who knows he might continue with MBLAQ, right?

large (1)

So to celebrate their success for the past 5 years together as they will forever be my true fabulous MBLAQ boys, let’s listen to some of their fabulous songs!

The first one is taken from their Japanese album and it is called Baby U. I just love watching this fan made clip because I can see the happiness on their faces while performing in front of thousands of A+!

How was that song? Awesome, right? The next MV is called No Love. This official clip showcasing the beauty of the boys. I just can’t even begin how great they are… Don’t even let me start talking coz I am afraid I won’t be able to stop! Just enjoy it!

The next song is called White Forever! I know it is not Christmas time but I can’t help but sharing this MV with all of you. Again, you can see behind the scene with them and how they all had fun entertaining each other. *sigh* I missed them already!

The final song for this post is called This is War. I like this version coz they freshen up this song a bit and make it very rock-ish! I so dig it! And look at them! LOOK AT HOW HAPPY THEY WERE! And I almost wanna say I love this version more than the original!

My MBLAQ BFF Michele and I are pretty upset and worry what will happen to the group. We support all of them but more so for G.O. Our heart aches for him. We have been very quiet lately, still in shock. But in lights of their 5th anniversary, let’s wish them all well in their future endeavor. To end this post, let’s watch the group performs Rain’s Hip Song. Squeeeeeeee!



Currently Watching: Suikyuu Yankees


Yes, I’m back with another Jdrama! I’m starting to lean towards jdrama more and more lately. Thanks Bel for plexing this drama for me. And I must say, what a great drama Suikyuu Yankees is. I don’t want to sound too pervy even though I am one *laughs*, I must say it is refreshing to watch half naked boys fighting healthily to prove that they can do whatever they put their mind into. This drama supposedly to inspire people that you can do and excel in it if you put your mind into it.


The reason I said half naked boys is that the story is about two water polo teams trying to prove they are simply the best! Naoya just recently moved to Karo High, a once famous school for everything but now is the lowest tier in the town. Saoru is currently the famous school in town with their water polo team to be the best of the best. Naoyo started to recruit some kids to be in the team. It took him 6 episodes to convince the kids and one of them is Ryuuji. He was the best water polo player in Suiran High but left the school after losing his ace position to Tsuyoshi. So the next four episodes to come, I expect this show to be full of training action on Naoya’s team and how they regroup to be the best in town! I also expect to see some tiny romance between the characters (Nagisa and Naoya and Nagisa and Ryuuji) but I don’t put that much hope. The goal of Suikyuu Yankees is to prove themselves that they can win the game!


Suikyuu Yankees is a short 10 episode drama with each episode is 35 minutes long. I don’t expect this drama to wow me as long as it is entertaining. And so far it is! I look forward to the ending! I hope they clear up the misunderstanding, the so-called love triangle, the dignity for Kasu High and get their pride again. By the way, for all those you crazy boys out there, I am a little worried. Please ladies, hold yourself together! *wink* And yes, this drama is silly but worth watching!

Hello, Sunshine!


Wow! Apparently I’m someone’s Sunshine!!! Gomawoyo to Sue, SnowGirl and Kakashi for nominating me for this award. To be honest, I have no clue what Sunshine Award is about. I did some digging into this award and thanks to Sue, Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers who are positive, inspiring and spread a little sunshine with their blogs. I guess I made a few of readers happy even though I occasionally thought that my posts are meaningless to people but me. Wow, this is good to know! To my ladies who nominated me, I’m truly honored! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will do my best to inspire people with my sometimes crazy posts!

Sunshine Blog Award

Like Liebster Award, there is a guideline for this award too. They are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you
  • Nominate a few other bloggers
  • Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated
  • Notify their bloggers on their blog
  • Put the award button on your blog

Okay, so let’s get started!


The first set of questions came from Sue aka Mama Fangirl. We met on Twitter and Sue are extremely kpoppers! I love kpop fangirls and I’m so happy to get to know her. One of these days, I shall make time and meet her since she’s US-based. I must meet her!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Currently, I’ve been pestering my hub to move us to Taiwan. Why Taiwan? Well, it is closer to the countries I work in and it makes life easier for me. My husband’s side of family is from there and two of his sisters are there as well. So when I do travel, I have family to care for my precious son. Also, it helps that Seoul is closer. I can travel there easily for concert! Let’s hope my scheme works!

What was the best concert, gig, performance, or festival you’ve ever been to?

I don’t go to concert often but the recent Infinite concert that was held in my state was impressive to me. I attended the concert with kpopkolorado and we had fun at the concert.

What is your go-to karaoke/noraebang song (or your hairbrush-mic in the mirror song if you’re shy)?

Hah! At this moment, the go-to song is Pretty Girl by MBLAQ. My son loves this song so much we sing the chorus part all the time, whether in the car or in the shower. It’s pretty addictive, I must say… Give it a hear ^^.

Choose one: Would you want to be a rock star or a movie star?

I rather be a movie star. I came from entertainment family – kinda sorta. I’m exposed to everything acting so I’m cool with being an actress. I think life as a rock star is pretty hard and I have no voice for it. The minute I open my mouth, I’m sure people will start pick themselves up and run as fast as they can. Yeap, I’m terrible.

If money or time was not a concern, what one thing would you love to try or learn how to do?

I want to run my own bed and breakfast. An organic kind with cows in the yard (I love cows) and grow my own veggies and fruits. Do I sound too old? Hehehe.

Who was your very first celebrity crush?


I was 8 or 9 years old, I couldn’t remember but Steve Ma aka Ma Jing Tao, was my first crush. He is a Taiwanese actor and I fell in love in Green Green Grass by the Rive. It’s an old Taiwanese drama, back in early 1992 or 1993. Oh em geeeeee, he was dashing! I wanted to watch everything he was in. Unfortunately back then, it was hard to watch dramas. I never get to watch much of his dramas but I’ve seen a few of his. He is a good actor. I hope to see him again one day .


The next set of questions came from Snow Girl. I get to know her through blogging and she recently dip her toes into Twitter land. I’m sure she’s loving the experience. I have never met Snow Girl but when I found out she is based in India, I think I might take my time to meet her next year since I’ll be in the country for work. I hope this dream will come true!

What is your favourite thing to do when you are not watching dramas?


Sleep. I love to catch on my beauty sleep. And cuddle with my son.

Which is your all time favourite movie in the following categories: [1] Thriller [2] Romance [3] Comedy.

Wow, this is tough. I don’t watch movie often enough so my choices are probably too old for some. For Thriller, I would say the saga of Jason Bourne. The action was extremely juicy, I can’t get enough of it. For Romance, my choices goes to Runaway Bride. The reason why I love it? She can’t decide on which egg style she like! Oh em… She’s just like me! And for comedy, wow… this is tough but I would go with Miss Congeniality! You can’t beat that, can you?

Your favourite book.

Wow! I have read too many books but my favorite one is Kane & Abel by Jeffrey Archer. I haven’t read it in a while but I would love to get my  hand on that book again! It’s my absolute favorite!

Your go-to drama.

It used to be Playful Kiss but I’m starting to grow out of it (not because of Kim Hyun Joong) and now it is replaced by Goong.

In your opinion, the best drama couple is………..


I keep going back and forth on this one but I’ve decided that Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won is the best drama couple! No one can top them until now…

What is the best smell in the world?

Jasmine. I’m drawn to it.

Your dream pairing for a drama.

Yoo Seung Ho and feisty Song Ji Hyo! Don’t ask me why! It could work, right? Hehehe

Your favourite character from Friends (if you haven’t seen it, then from any other American T.V. show)

Phoebe! She is so quirky and cute, how can you not love her!


And my final set of questions came from Kakashi. I love this woman! I adore her and she gives me some good advice on drama and raising a kid! And I have met her! She was here in late August for convention and I took the opportunity to spend time with her and other bloggers of The Problematic community! They are the funnest ladies around!

Which scene in a drama would you like to re-enact?
I’ve been telling my husband over the cute scene in Goong when Lee Shin woke up and pull Chae Kyung to him! Oh my, how seductive that scene was! Wow… I think I  need to do a rewatch again!
What is your favorite KDrama hair?
Aaron Yan’s character as Lu Tian Xing in Fall in Love with Me. Geez, I almost wanna say the reason I stick to the show to very end is because of his hair! Geez, if I could run my fingers through it…
Which drama gave you your first case of Second Lead Syndrome?
Wow, I’ve had a lot of SLS but the hardest to move on was with Shin Woo from You’re Beautiful. How can I move on from him? Jjeoltae andwae!
Now, for a really objective question: Why, in your honest opinion, is Song Jae-rim the most adorkable husband ever in We Got Married? (Feel free to invent reasons.) Hmm… that doesn’t sound right. How about: Song Jae-rim is such a cute dork. Yes or not no? Nope. Not that either.If Song Jae-rim is the answer, what is the question? Then, just a silly one: If you are the answer, what is the question?
This is too deep, Mary. I know this is yours. I wanna say… Who loves MBLAQ G.O? The answer is ME.
Of the many, many, MANY bad endings you have lived through, what is the ONE drama ending that you would re-write, and how?
You Who Came from the Stars ending!!! Why do they have to do that to our OTP??? If I could rewrite it, I’ll make Min Joon give up his abilities and longevity to live and become more human-like and live with Song Yi forever ever and ever and ever. Too fairytale? Well, I was extremely hopeful!!!
Chose someone from k-ent that you would like to have a meal with. Then choose what the main course would be, and what you wish they would wear to the dinner table.
Hehehe at this moment, it would have to be MBLAQ G.O. I know he is a cool guy so eating any kind of hawker food with him would ideally be the best. I love him in casual clothes so if he show up with hoodies, I’m extremely content!
What is your favorite OST? And your favorite individual OST song?
Thanks to Kakashi, I started watching Warrior Baek Dong Soo. And I love the entire songs in this drama. They are perfect! Very perfect! Individual OST song? You Are So Beautiful by JYJ Junsu for Scent of a Woman. Have you heard it? It’s a goosebumps song!
If you could hot tub with 3 k-ent people, who would you pick?
Wow! Really? This is easy! I want to be the only woman in a tub! No judging, okay??? MBLAQ G.O, Yoo Seung Ho and Jo In Sung! Kekeke
Okay, now I get to ask questions! Wow… Hmmmmmmm kay, here are my questions!
1. Who is your favorite third wheeler in kdrama?
2. Name a kdrama you love but no one else seems to enjoy it.
3. If you can go noraebang with, who would you go and why?
4. If there’s a song that can sum up all about you, what song is it?
5. What is one Korean food you have been craving but yet to try?
6. Who is your favorite singer/group?
And the nominees are:
Grace and the crew of Musings of A Twinkie
Drama Fan & Gumi of Stuck on Hyuk

Currently Watching: Boss and Me


Y’all know I’m a sucker for romantic comedy drama. My kakao girlfriend, Mtoh, knows me so well she keeps spamming my tweeter account with photo clips of Boss & Me OTP kissing passionately. My responses went from hmmmm to mmmmm to wow to whoa to okay, I’m in! And off me went jumping on her wagon! When Marriage Not Dating ended, I promise myself I would start a new romcom. At first, I hesitated to start on this Chinese drama coz firstly, it’s only available fully subbed on Viki’s fan channel (hence, unavailable only on mobile) and secondly, it takes a while for it gets subbed. I expressed my frustration to hub and suggested him to quit his business and get into subbing business instead. Yes chingus, or should I say pengyou, I was not kidding. He actually stops what he was doing, looks at me and said it wasn’t a bad idea! Hah! Imagine if he can work for DramaFever as a full time subber! Ooooh, can we move to NYC now??? Dream on, Nelly. Dream onnnn!


Boss & Me is the title of this drama but if you are searching for it on Viki, it’s called Shan Shan Comes To Eat! Don’t laugh but it is literally the title in Chinese. Funny title but once you started watching it, you will get it. The drama is adorable and cute! I can’t even begin… The loveliness of the female lead and the handsomeness of the male lead, they just got know how to get me. Oh my goooood! They are the couple to watch, I totally want to ship them both if I could now. Cho, cho cute! And the drama is an adaptation from an internet novel. My colleague said the drama is as close as the novel. She was pretty happy with the outcome as she has read the novel. After hearing that, she made me want to read the novel now!


The story is pretty cute and quite predictable. Shan Shan is a clumsy finance clerk in a finance department in a famous tech company. Everyone was stunned on how she made to work in such prestigious company since she graduated from a no-name university. But what most people don’t know is that she got hired through her precious blood! Yes, you heard me right! Apparently, she has a unique blood and Feng Teng, the president of the company needs her blood to supply for his ill sister (at one point). So it was a trade, you see? You give me blood, I give you a position. Hah, I wish I have that privilege too!  And that’s how it began… Day by day, Feng Teng started to grow fond of this clumsy girl. He started to invite her to company parties which usually reserved for higher positions or who’s who of Shanghai. He even made her eat her lunch in his office with him!!! I was starting to think he just loves to watch her eat! The way their romance blossomed went from being “hey, I like you but I don’t think we can be together” to “who cares what other people say” to “let’s just date!” *hands on cheeks* adorbs, aren’t they?


This 33 episode drama is available on YouTube but sadly they aren’t subbed. Viki Fan Channel is taking way too long to sub the episodes so I have no choice but to watch it raw now. At episode 17, I really don’t know where this drama is going. I assumed there will be conflict but hard to predict what kind of conflict it will be. The so-called love triangles between Feng Teng, Shan Shan and Zheng Qi and Feng Teng, Shan Shan and Li Shu are over. So what else could it be? Business got interrupted by Feng Teng’s brother-in-law, Yan Qing? Family revenge? That’s all I can see so far. I like Shan Shan but I hope her character progress nicely and maturely because as of now, she still acting very immature. It’s a bit turn off to be honest. I love Feng Teng *winks* because he’s extremely calm and show no remote of emotion on his face. Yeah, you can say emotionless and some don’t like their man like that but hehehehe I happened to adore it! Truthfully, I think it will be sometimes before I get to finish this drama. I really want to watch it fully subbed. But no way I will drop this show. I mean look at them! They made my heart fluttered… Okay, HE made my heart fluttered! Happy? *sticks her tongue out*