Breaking News: There is No Love for Your Luv for MBLAQ


Yes, I’m as devastated as the rest of MBLAQ fans. It is official, Lee Joon and Thunder decided not to renew their contracts with JTune. What hurts the most is that they released the statement via their lawyers, and it caught off guard to the rest of the members. Well, I don’t know… That is what I heard. I refused to read anything lately, too heart broken. I knew it is coming but didn’t expect that Thunder would leave as well.


JTune released a statement that Seungho, GO and Mir will remain as trio from now on. To be honest, I’m quite satisfied. Actually, I’m very happy with this decision. The trio powerhouse. There was a rumor going on actually that they will find replacements for the two spots. I’m not really keen on this idea. I know it works for some other groups, but it will not be the same for MBLAQ. Powerhouse rule!


As you can tell from the title of this post, there is NO LOVE for YOUR LUV for MBLAQ now. But there will be LOVE for the new and improved MBLAQ trio, that’s for sure. For that, here are two MBLAQ MVs and you guess it right! They are NO LOVE and YOUR LUV (Japanese one – quite rare and I wasn’t willing to share but I just hafta since I don’t own this vid).

I will remain loyal to the five of them and will continue to support for Thunder and Joon. Best of luck to them! But now I’m excited for the trio to make their debut in February! Are you as excited as I am? *wink*

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Rendition Time

bannerYeoreobun, annyeong! Did ya miss me? I apologize for missing my last week’s post. I was away on a week long workshop that I cannot missed! But I’m back and ready to make a redemption. This week post is all about rendition. Who made the best rendition? I’m sure they are plenty vids out on our internet world and there are many talented singers. It is tough to decide. I’m never a fan of rendition, but that’s because I love original version so, so much. But sometimes, I have to improvise and accept the fact that other singers want to make a living for themselves as well. They deserve a chance. And I should give them a chance. I simply love when people put a new twist and spin to an existing song; it somehow makes what aren’t theirs, theirs.

So my first victim is SuJu’s Henry. Well, why do I pick him? It all started with Grace. And this post is inspired from her. Thanks, Grace! Well over the weekend, she was spamming multiple YouTube clips of Henry in Real Men, a Korean variety show. Mind you I do not like varieties but I was intrigued. Sure, he was funny as hell. From one clip to another, I suddenly landed on this MV! Henry, as we all know, is a multi-talented artist. In this rendition, you can see and hear his new arrangement of Cho Yong Pil’s Bounce to his own version. So  here is the original version for your pleasure…

I giggled whenever he said Bounce! Seriously, this song is the cutest! So now, let’s hear Henry’s version of Bounce. The boy made it even cuter and hip-hopish! All Henry’s fans out there know that Henry is beyond perfect. If there is a word to describe above perfectionist, that is him! He is one hard working Canadian Chinese in South Korea. He needs more exposure, and SMTown definitely should invest more on this talented artist. I hope you enjoy Henry’s version of Bounce. It’s as melodic as the original and it gets you going! And it’s great workout song to be honest…. This guy is a genius! Bounce bounce bounce!

How did ya like so far? Yong Pil’s version makes you wanna dance and jump jump whereas Henry’s makes ya wanna go to club and dance dance dance. Are you ready for the next one? *giggles*. The next song is downgraded from dance/hip-hop to kpop ballad bad ass. Yeap, I said bad ass. In my opinion, they are bad ass *giggles*

My next victim is my new love! MI.O! Yes, I featured them last week on my Song of the Moment post. And yes they are back on this post! Perfect timing! And guess which song they decided to do? None other than the famous SHINee’s Replay! I love SHINee, and have been following them since 2008. They are great and love all their songs. Replay is especially dear to me, I just love the arrangement of this song. Their vocals are very refreshing, and it works perfectly. Let’s hear it…

Yeah, you likey? Wait until you hear MI.O’s version. They have turned this song to another level! I love SHINee’s, don’t get me wrong, but MI.O’s version, is slightly better than the original. How is that possible??? Their voices and the arrangement are more current and they spin it smooooooother than I could ever imagine! Yeah, it is out of this world crazy and awesome! I just can’t… really can’t! Iron Man, Cap’n America and Hulk nailed Replay!

I hope y’all enjoy this post today! It is my redemption post after missing last week, and I will try not to miss it again… I feel bad for myself and my blog, it feels naked without music. So until then… have a great day and weekend!




Song of the Moment: Addicted to Super Heroes!


Ever since Michele introduced me to the Avengers, which they are officially now known as MI.O, I have been paying very close attention to them. When they released their first single, 집을 사야해 (Google translated as To Buy A House), I couldn’t move a muscle. This song is a hair-raiser! It was hard to sum them up in one word. So hard! I wanted to say they are STUNNING: music and vocal wise. I asked Michele if she could describe them in one word too. It is hard. She struggled big time and I did get her off guard too (she and her mom are braving themselves to the mall for last minute Christmas shopping). In the end, she said it was “HUMBLING to be privy to such exquisite talent.”This love and longing for their voices are hard to deal with. I personally scared of turning on my playlist. Whenever it landed on this song, I found myself pausing, breathing and inhaling their voices deep into my system. I’m not a word person but that sums it all up… I just want their stunning vocals buried deep in to me!


To introduce, from left is Cap’n America, Iron Man and Hulk. Despite of how they look, what they want us to remember them is their voices. And yes, we definitely remember their voices really well. Their tactics work! Regardless of looks, they can still influence us with their vocals. In fact, now we know them by hard. So what makes Michele and I decided to follow them? They are connected to our bias, G.O. They are producers, composers, and songwriters and even was involved in the making of Broken and Winter. We love them so much we even follow them on Twitter! We want to know them more and we want to know their next projects with our G.Orgeous boy. But above all, we want to know what kind of music they will write. We are absolutely 100% in love with these three!

So enough rambling, because I could go one forever and ever and ever… Michele and I could spend our entire day (or days and perhaps weeks) just listening, discussing, dissecting, assessing, urgh… I’m out of words! We could spend every minute of our time simply talking about MI.O! This is one ballad you do not want to miss! This song is available on iTunes so please support them at all cost! You will not regret it! I promise you that!

Currently Watching: High School- Love On


Another drama I wasn’t planning on watching but I got bored one night and decided to give it a try. I kept telling myself that High School Love On is a high school drama and I should not put that much hope into it. When I think of high school, I think of cuteness, adorableness, jealousy, and teen rampage. Because this is a one episode drama per week, I did not start it right away. I believed I marathon 8 episodes all together. I immediately glued to this show since the first episode. My impression after watching few episodes was how it reminded me of 49 Days, except that it is more kiddish and cute.


At the beginning, I liked it. I loved the flow of the show, the pace and the plots. The casts are cute! The color tone of this drama is very vibrant. All to grasp teenagers’ attention. But later on, I found HSLO a bit annoying. I started to see the same plots and tactics recycled over and over again. Why PD-nim, why? I don’t like this! And then oh em geeeee, this show has the worse mom in the world! I’m not going into details but when a mom finally found her own child and acknowledged him, and the child acknowledged her too, yet insisted of listening to her ex-MiL that she should not acknowledge the relationship they both should have? Now that is bogus! With that, I’m sick of this stupid tug of war relationship and the reason why I decided to advise you to skip it. Or in my case, to drop it. After weeks of not watching it, the burning desire to know their relationship has died. So yeah… It’s a waste of my time. This 20 episode drama is still airing but in near completion. If you don’t mind seeing recycled plots within the same drama over and over, go right ahead. It went downhill for me and gotten draggy and boring. Next drama, please!


Special Review: Get your DRAMOT+!

unnamed (1)

Hello dear friends, I was approached by Chocolabs back in September, the developer for DRAMOT+ and was asked if I could review their app. I was skeptical at first but several exchange emails later, I agreed to their proposal. What makes me said yes? To be honest, the prospect of seeing another streaming website really excites me. I’m a subscriber to DramaFever and Viki, but these websites are not available when I travel due to copyright and permission to air in certain countries. I heard DRAMOT+ is based in Taiwan. Now, I’m not entirely positive about this but I really hope when I do travel, I get the luxury of steaming DRAMOT+ as comfortable in my home as it is when I’m abroad. I know I am asking a lot but more and more websites are comparable elsewhere so I really hope DRAMOT+ could be the one for me and for some of us who always on the move.

I am a visual person and I believe most of us are. So with that, you will see lots of screenshots for easy understanding.


Since I’m an iOS user, I downloaded the app via iTunes. The app is also available on Android, please get it on your Google Play store. It is free to download and it took me less than 3 minutes to get it. Upon starting the app, you will be asked the usual questions. It is up to your preference at this point. I hate notifications so I opted for “Don’t Allow” but I “Allow” on the location simply because I want the app to recognize where I am. I believe, if you are in Timbaktu, the app will load the dramas based on the location demographic. And I also believe, it will help retrieve dramas that is available in the location where you at. I haven’t tried this feature yet since I’m still in the country but once I’m in overseas, I hope to update this info.


The dashboard is under Discovery tab. The top part is collection of recommended dramas presented in slides. If you are used to using Viki, it is similar dashboard design. On the bottom is their Top 10 most watched dramas for their prior month. I like this feature because it can help with my, and yours, decision on the next watch.
The profile, as any apps needed it these days, is under Profile tab. The app suggests you to login via Facebook. I’m not a heavy Facebook user so I opted out. By login with your Facebook account, it will allow you to Favorite the drama you are watching and it will auto post it on your account and hence, informing your followers that you liked what you saw. It also use as to keep track of your history watching. This is one common feature for registered users, you can see it on Viki, DramaFever, Crunchyroll and SoompiTV. My hope is that Chocolab would give several options for users to login and not just limit to Facebook. For example, I’m a heavy Twitter user so I do not mind login via this social media. But for some of us who just want to be private, the app should allows users to create their own login and password.
The last tab is the selection of drama. All dramas are sorted by countries. I like this feature a lot. The selections are Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China. I’m a huge fan of Korean drama so I’m pleased to see it as my option. But the surprise in dramas from China! Now we are talking! This year, I added Shan Shan Comes To Eat, a mainland drama into my watch list. I was very impressed with the drama and have this urge of wanting to watch more and more of Chinese dramas. I’m super glad this option is available on DRAMOT+. Their libraries are not huge but I’m sure it will grow over time. But what I like, just basing off of Korean dramas alone, they carry cable network dramas as well as the major network. This is a major plus for me as I’m more and more leaning towards dramas made by jTBC, OCN and tvN.
Lately, more and more people are addicted to Thai dramas. Chocolabs should really consider adding lakhorns into their libraries. Most of lakhorn watchers view them from either YouTube or download it directly. To be honest, I’m a tech challenge person so I do not download dramas. I rather watch it on DRAMOT+, if it is available, than streaming it through broken links via YouTube.
On the airing itself, I decided to check on Bad Guys and The Three Musketeers. The connections were pretty good, there was no glitch from the start to finish. The subs are in-synch and I’m quite pleased with the experience. Yes, it has ads but DRAMOT+ versus other apps with ads, it is very tolerable. I do not mind at all. It is pretty easy to maneuver and I don’t see it any difficulty at all. DRAMOT+ is as user friendly as other drama apps in the market. I’m an easy going drama fan and this app is simple and clear. I do not care if the available dramas are taken from another platform, as long as I’m able to watch it with good quality and subs, that’s all that matters. And so far my experience is good.
Would I recommend it? Of course! So friends, give it a try.

Currently Watching: The Three Musketeers


Oh my god, I’m so very nervous now. The year is almost ending and I am only on my fourth sageuk! Would I be able to complete my kdrama mission? *wipes sweat* The chosen one for my fourth sageuk is The Three Musketeers. I actually hesitated to start it. It’s a saga drama and this is the first part of three. I thought if I wanna watch it, I might as well starts it when all three parts have been aired. But hell, I got influenced by Mawie. Her chat with Jules  got me real good so I decided to screw the saga part and watch it. Whatever… I need to keep up with my kdrama resolution anyway and I’m behind.


But okay, to be really honest, I’m so glad I am watching The Three Musketeers. It’s so funny and witty, yet it’s rich in story. Well, my kinda rich may be a meh to you but I do like it. Since I started the first episode, I was extremely happy and the story intrigued me so much I keep wanting for more and more. I have completed 9 episodes thus far and I have three episodes to go to finish the first saga. Yes, I’m glad I have this much patient to write my review. Really, it kills me to write this review right now coz I really , really dying to know and finish it. Well, before I do that, let me give ya a snippet, my own version of course, of The Three Musketeers.


The story of The Three Musketeers, as you would have thought as well, is a story of spies. But in this case, the spies came from inside the palace! Hah! Okay, okay… Let’s start. The story began with Park Dal Hyang, played by the famous CNBlue singer, Jung Yong Hwa. Ever since his girlfriend and her family left for the city, he vowed to get back to her when he is older. While waiting, he’s been studying very hard to be a government officer. He has the looks, he is smart, polite and caring. He is the yangban of the day, the only downside is he came from a poor family. But that did not stop his ambition and his parents are extremely grateful and proud of their one and only child. When the time came, Dal Hyang rode on his horse and they both galloped to the city, a 2 months ride, to take the exam. So many obstacles he had to face on his way, he nearly missed the exam by few hours! Thank God he made it but he barely passed (even though he aced in all the exams prior but) his final exam! Wae? The Crown Prince incident the night before his final exam day. Bloooooody hell!


Now back to the Crown Prince. He and two bodyguards, one is his childhood friend and another one was a recruited monk, are the unofficial Joseon spies, protecting the country from borders. Dal Hyang met the Three Musketeers on the last night before his final exam. He made them spies chased after the thugs who slayed his roommate (the roomie was rumored to be the smartest candidate and the thugs were hired by a higher minister as his son is also taking the exam and does not want to be humiliated) and they were caught. Dal Hyang was shocked to find that these men took care of things quite fast and wondered who they are. Upon leaving, his letter, given by his dad so that he can use it to receive help, accidentally were left tucked in on the monk’s horse seat. The bodyguards read them and were shocked. They handed it over to the Crown Prince and he, too, was shocked. Ooooh, what was written in that letter that made all of them this way? *rubbing chin* From then on, the Crown Prince decided to make Dal Hyang his man but him showing up on the final day of the exam shocked Dal Hyang so much he missed the shot and created a chaos scene. Crown Prince felt bad, without showing emotionally though, and begged them to award Dal Hyang the last spot.


What connected Dal Hyang and Crown Prince? The Princess. It turns out the Princess is Dal Hyang’s girlfriend. Sadly, the Prince is playing hard to get with her, even after years of marriage. His reason being? He is still in love with the first wife candidate, Mi Ryeong. Mi Ryeong died and the Prince was devastated. Now, I’m not going into the detail with her death coz as you progress, you will know why. But right now, let’s focus on the Princess. She replaced Mi Ryeong and now stuck in a love triangle between Dal Hyang and Crown Prince. But after watching the first four episodes, I realized the so-called love triangle are pretty much non-existence. Dal Hyang accepted the fact and moved on. And we all know she moved on the minute she married Crown Prince, even though we know the marriage was arranged. But at this point, she has moved on and love the Crown Prince. But the Crown Prince is wishy washy about the relationship between her and Dal Hyang. So we can pretty much guess he’s jelly. His jealousy though is so cute. He is playing hard to get with her and try not to show so much that he is slowly falling for her. This can annoyed and frustrated you a bit…


The first saga has its own cliffhanger. Mi Ryeong, which we thought she’s dead, came back to take a revenge on the Crown Prince. She is his enemy as well. How? You gotta watch it to know the details *wiggles brows* I don’t want to waste anytime now. I need to see the cliffhanger ending that got everybody talking about… So you can tell I like it very, very much, right? *nods* Neh, maja… And you should watch it too!


Wednesday Eu-Mak: Welcome Back, Yoo Seung Ho!


I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it
I’m about to lose control and I think I like it
I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it
And I know, I know, I know, I know
I know I want you, want you

- I’m So Excited by Pointer Sisters

For those who knows me really well, I have two biases! Michele called me a player! Hehehe I’m already married so I guess I deserved to be crowned a player, don’t I, Michele? Besides my 24/7/365 love for G.O, I have another love and he will be checking out of his military service in a few hours from now! Do you know who he is? Yes, he is none other than Yoo Seung Ho. Some say that he is finally out of jail bait. He recently turned legal. Well, in my dictionary, it is not legal that I care much since we are not together in real life. But to like such a younger man bothered me for awhile. I spent time convincing myself that this May-December relationship can work from far. I even confessed to Grace early this year over jimjilbang. Yeah, I was THAT open to her! I can’t help it. If I wanna do it right, I better do it right the first time.


Seung Ho, a working child star, quietly enrolled for mandatory military service on March 5, 2013. And he is ready to check out December 4, 2014 (few hours from now). I’m very excited to hear the news and as soon as he is out, he waste no time at all. He will start shooting for a movie soon and have fan meeting in Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai. Those women are lucky to see him! My karma is just not good this year… Sigh.

iu ysh 3

Anyway, I didn’t even know he sing until I saw this vid. Sure, the boy should stick to what he does best! ACTING! He can’t sing but he sing it sweetly though. Who knows maybe one day this Little So Ji Sub may sing with hyung, So Ji Sub (or I called him gangsta oppa). That would  be awesome, right? But listen, with IU is even better too. They graduate on the same day, they are of the same age and clearly, they are good friends. They even do print ad together! Aren’t they the cutest?


And here’s another clip of him singing Because I Love You in front of his Japanese fans back in 2012. He sounded so shy yet very sweet. His voice is deep but that’s not the only thing I’m gushing about… He plays piano! There is always something when a man plays a piano… Sexy!!! And just look at him! He smiles when he sings…. Everybody now say aaaaaawwwwwww…


Besides acting, Seung Ho also did special appearance on his hyung’s MV, Eraser. Isn’t it nice of him? The song is… well, it is by gangsta oppa and he sounded very gangsta to me *wink* but hey, I do like it too.

See, these two are very compatible and comfortable they even did CF together! Should we just ship these two together?

Should we ship them harder???

Have I gone too far on this post? I think I have, right? But I hate to disappoint you coz I still have plenty to show you. This is a special Wednesday for all you Yoo Seung Ho’s fans! Look at his younger time… Still good lookin’. He’s a noona killer! I don’t know how many times I have been shot to death by his looks! Be still my heart, be still…

Here’s Seung Ho at fansign. His smiles is so bright!


And of course you can’t leave without looking at his drama interview for MBC’s I Miss You. He’s simply  handsome.

Yoo Seung Ho knows how excited his fans are he even released a recent photo of him and with news of him planning to greet his fans at on his military discharge meeting. Awwwww, how thoughtful of him. I really like this kid a lot. I’m dying to see him in public in regular clothes again. I’m dying to see his future project as well. Welcome back, Yoo Seung Ho!