Breaking News: Itazura Na Kiss 2 Comeback!


Itazura Na Kiss 2 – Love in Okinawa is almost airing soon!!!! I heard it is not a full season *womp* *booooo* but the season 2 is cut into two parts. As much as how disappointed I am, I DON’T CARE!!! I love all Itazura Na Kiss (Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean) and I’m ready to feel that bubbly love again! I love, love, love the OTP. I believe that Love in Okinawa is the part where the couple went on their honeymoon and they met another honeymooner and….. Well, I’m sure y’all already know the story *beams*.  Here are the pictures from their wedding… Aren’t they the cutest of all?


And here are some of the pictures from their honeymoon… Squeeeeee! *peace sign*



Aaaaah, aren’t they ADORABLE?????? They are! They are! Here is the trailer for this cutie show! *screams* Can September 12 be here already???? *fist air*

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Freedom is here…


Hello and happy Wednesday! Freedom is around the corner, y’all! *twirls madly* What freedom am I talking about? My Ramadan! It is ending this weekend and I can see rows after rows of food before my eyes now! Waaaaaaaah… FOOOOOD! But I missed home food the most. I missed celebrating Eid (aka Raya in Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia) with my family and friends. Being out in the boons (US is boons in my opinion), you can get pretty lonely. I wish I have close fam to celebrate my Eid with…

Since I’m a little exhausted by the heat and lack of liquid in my system, I’m going to keep this post short *fingers crossing*. Three men! Three different voices! Three different style of music! One is feeling lonely. One is feeling longing. And one is feeling happy! Go figure! *giggles*. Yes, my mood is all over the place… Without food, I’m lonely and longing for it. Once I had it, I’m happy as a clam!

The first song is  a sweet, sweet song by Seo In Guk for his High School King of Savvy drama OST. It is called Feeling Lonely. The song is beautifully composed. And Seo In Guk’s voice is beautiful! If you haven’t watch the drama already, well… go! Ga!

The next song is by someone or group I’ve never heard of! He or they are called Melody Bread. Funny name, ya? But wait… never judge the book by its cover or in this case, its name *laughs*. The minute the music starts, all hell broke lose with me. I was on the train when my friend Nikki sent me the link to this song. At the first pluck of the guitar, my heart started to feel remorse and nervous and suddenly I became longing for something. Yearning for something that is dear to my  heart… Yes, this is what the song made me. The song is called My Tears. It sure did bring me into tears…

Obviously I had to cheer myself after sobbing with Seo In Guk and Melody Bread… And here comes Parc Jae Jung! Nope, I don’t know him. But when I saw his MV, the first thing came to mind is…. That’s Eric #2! *laughs* And the song is of similar genre! How can I not possibly fall for him, right? I love Eric and Parc Jae Jung is second on my list now. Sorry, I have too many lovers I can hardly keep track… So please don’t ask me about my list! Anyway, get ready for a mood-lifting song of the week!

Uhm… Didn’t I say that this post is going to be short? I’m pretty  hopeless… *hang head low*. I was trying to hold myself together for not saying too much but look…! I can’t stop! What can I say… I get excited with music. I could say a lot but I’m running out of time… That’s all from me today! Annyeong!


Currently Watching: Two Mothers


Yeap, me and my daily dramas again. We are kind of inseparable *giggles*. I don’t know *shrugs* why I’m suddenly drawn to it. The story plots are much more juicier and scandalous. LOL scandalous is my new favorite word by the way *grins*. Bel can vouch me on that! So anyway, since Ruby Ring is almost ending I decided to find a new replacement for a new revenge daily drama. Lena, Bel and I agreed that we should watch Two Mothers. The teaser preview was very convincing! The drama poster was so scary we fell for it immediately. And the synopsis of the show were extremely scandalous and downright stupid but we went on with the show regardless since we decided to watch it together.


So last week was the week of doom. We saw the first 12 episodes. We watched. And we watched. And watched. We started yelling from the first episode. We shook out head in disbelief. Stupid! Ridiculous! Unbelievable! And __________ (insert your preferred cussing word). We thought the main female lead is utterly ridiculous. No! A crack! She accused people blatantly for the death of her oppa without concrete evidence. I mean… C’mon!!!! How stupid can you be! It was no Angel’s Revenge accident! This accident happened on broad daylight with many witnesses who can solemnly swear that her oppa died in a car accident, not murdered as she claim it to be. *shaking my head* she is stupid!


This morning Lena started watching episode 13. She had to fast forward some parts because she couldn’t stand the boring plots anymore. In order for the Hwa Young aka Grace Lee to revenge her oppa’s death (remember, her oppa got into an accident and not murdered), she started to seduce Byeong Kook, husband to her oppa’s ex. And then she did the most disgusting infidelity act that led me to decide this show is no longer worthy of a watch! She seduced her oppa’s ex’ dad! Now what kind of eff up revenge is this??? Hell NO! I have to put a stop on this! And because of that… I’m dropping Two Mothers. There is no value in this show. Very immoral. I do not want to be part of such nonsense, stupid and disgusting drama. This is a 100 episode drama and it is still airing. I do not want to waste my 60+ hours… *taps on back* This is the best decision I’ve ever made. Please… save your time, DO NOT WATCH Two Mothers. Plus, it is so boooooooring and predictable! Yeah… *nods* toss this drama away!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Body Parts


Good morning, chingu! And happy Wednesday! How are you all doing today? I’m doing fabulous! I feel good. Physically good. The new workout I started last week is doing its magic and my body never felt so good! My arms are defined in a strong way… The muscles are forming nicely and extending my arms longer. I feel taller too. I hope the next part I get to work on is my abs, the trouble maker. I’ve been out of shape since early this year. I’m carrying extra weigh at the moment *sigh* and it’s too much on this small frame. I’m trying to commit into this workout for the next 2 months and I hope to see a tone body by the end of August. Just in time for my Twitter gathering I say *winks*.

Speaking of body parts, I wanna know which Eyes Nose Lips do you like the most? Taeyang’s? Tablo’s? Eric’s? Or AKMU?

I can honestly say each version is different! I love Taeyang’s version. No, no, no, no… I love Tablo’s. That voice, that crisp rap voice but wait…. Eric’s acoustic version is also awesome! And then a little twist, a duet by the siblings AKMU. Eeotteoke???? *screams* I can’t decide!!!! Each singer has their own uniqueness. The song itself is magnificent. I’m so, so in love with this song so so much. Thanks to my sis, Heart_YB, for making me listen to this song. She was so excited when YG released the song she stayed up all night long memorizing the lyric word by word. Not that’s what we called a true fangirl!

Amuden, tell me which version you like?

Breaking News: It’s Okay, That’s Love


Oh my god, oh my god, errrrmageeeeeed!!! Are y’all ready to watch It’s Okay, That’s Love with me????? It’s Jo In-Sung (my kdrama crush) and Gong Hyo-Jin (my kdrama crush)! I mean my crush vs crush! Daebak!!! *claps like a maniac* Daebak daebak! Abomination in my head!!! MUST.WATCH!!!! It starts a week from today!!! *breathe Nelly, breathe*

Okay,  back to regular schedule… Carry on, ladies and gentlemen. Try not to spazz too much, okay? *winks* Keep calm and watch It’s Okay, That’s Love! Hwaiting! *fist pump*

Just Watched: Vampire’s Flower


This webdrama was never on my radar until I saw NeeNee posted her review on Vampire’s Flower two days ago. I read her post and was intrigue by it immediately. It’s a web drama first of all so the length of each episode is short short, and it has 6 episodes only. Thanks to NeeNee, I finished all of the episodes in one sitting and if you decide to watch it, the episodes are available on YouTube. Anyway, back to Vampire’s Flower… As I read some of the review, a few readers compare it to Korean version of the Twilight saga. Well, I’m not a fan of Twilight nor I haven’t seen a single of it… *shrugs* I’m not interested. That’s all. *ducks from Twilight fans*


The story is pretty simple. I thought it was kinda juvenile in a way. I mean *shrugs*, it is so high school and the cast is pretty young. I only know the main female lead, Kim Ga Eun. I recognized her from I Hear Your Voice and Inspiring Generation. But the rest of the boyz… nope. The main male lead, Louis, is played by Seo Jae Hyeong aka Jae Hyeong from kpop group, A-Jax. This is his first acting gig. I say not bad, kiddo! Not bad at all. Another male lead is played by Kim Hyung Koon, also a member of A-Jax. He plays Reika. I guess this web drama is a gateway for these boys to enter the acting world. Kudos to these two… They made the show enjoyable and believable.


Oooh, sorry… I got steered by the boys, didn’t I? I’m such a naughty noona *sticks her tongue out*. Let’s get back to the story. Louis is a 150 year old vampire, looking for the missing vampire’s flower. Louis came to know Seo Yeong through her blood, she accidentally cut herself at the flower shop her family once owned it. She occasionally visited the shop with her high school friend there. Louis is a regular at the shop as well, looking for the missing flower human has stole many, many years ago. The drip of the blood from Seo Yeong led him to her. Ever since then, he haunted her night and day for the missing flower. The flower is very important to Louis because if the flower is in his possession, he gets to be the vampire lord every vampire is dreaming of. Of course, the road for the flower is not easy. Louis had to go through all the trouble including facing his own death which later was revived by Seo Yeong through her blood.


This web drama is ahhhhh-mazing. It is still juvenile but the adventure I went through on these 6 episodes was awesome! Because it is very short, I do feel that the story could have been developed better had it go through a longer episode. I hate filling in the gap. The chemistry is great. I really wish there are more vampire – human romance in a future. I highly recommend this drama. It’s a great watch and break between my 12 other dramas! And did I mention there are action scenes too? Daebak scenes *two thumbs up*. Gotcha… palli and watch!

Currently Watching: Wonderful Days


After Goddess of Marriage, I got quite skeptical in starting on another weekend family drama. I’m afraid of the angst, makjang like plots. It affects my mood and I do not want to treat people with anger. But because it has Lee Seo Jin aka dimple ahjusshi, I changed my mind. I fell in love with him when kfangurl introduced me to him through Lovers aka gangsta love story. Wow, that dimples… Really, really something. Can I go on forever? He’s that handsome!



Wonderful Days is a wonderful family drama. Minimal angst although I loathe the female lead’s mother to the max! Ooops, sorry I’m not supposed to say that out loud in the public *sticks her tongue out*. But for any of you who are watching this with me, I’m sure ya’ll would agree my resentment towards her. Other than that, the plotting of Wonderful Days is pretty awesome. What I like the most about this drama is the warm feeling you get being in a family which I’m lacking at this moment. Though the idea of living under the same roof with my parents can be a little daunting, but it has some benefits as well. You get to dine together as family (which I missed this experience the most!), you don’t have to do all the house chores alone and you can always count on someone to care for you when you’re ill.


collageAnyway, Wonderful Days tells a story of Kang Dong Suk. He was a smart boy in school but unfortunately, his family condition forced him to run away to the  big city in search of life and secure his future. He later  became a successful prosecutor and was sent back to his hometown to lead in one of the cases there. Because he ran away from home, he hesitated to meet his family nor staying at his childhood home. But later on, because of his ill grandfather, he was forced to move back into his family home and live with his family that seems strangers to him. Cha Hae Won, a girl who has been head over heel with Dong Suk, came from a wealthy family. Dong Suk’s mom work at her home as a housekeeper who does everything Hae Won’s mother told her to. She originally wanted to run away to the big city with Dong Suk but because of her mom’s nasty remarks about how he’s so poor and came from an uncivilized family, she was left alone. Fast forward to current life, Hae Won became a loan officer who gives a hefty fines for a loan shark company that is owned by Oh Seung Hoon. Her family wealth is all gone after her dad passed away. She is now living in poorest neighborhood and support her ungrateful mom (who still trying to act that she’s a rich woman) and her wannabe actress sister.


So the drama started when Dong Suk met Hae Wan through a fight with Dong Suk’s half brother, Kang Dong Hee. They both are working together and from then on, Dong Suk’s feeling for Hae Won grew stronger and stronger. But the object came from her mom at the beginning and it was hard to swallow. Later on, his family objected as well after they found out that it was Hae Won’s late dad that caused the accident that left his harabeoji paralyzed and his twin sister mentally challenged (though I do not see her being mentally challenged at all!).

collageMy last episode was on episode 32 out of 50. I’m certainly behind with this drama but no sweat, chingus coz once I started, I cannot stop. The story is so good and the surprises in this drama is Dong Hee, played by 2PM TaecYeon. He is surprisingly good in his role! I last saw him in Who Are You? and when I thought he was good then, surprisingly he is way better in Wonderful Days! The  boy improved his acting skill big time! *snaps*. And the child actors are extremely good too! When you think it is impossible to have great acting, think again!  Amuden, Wonderful Days is one helluva great family drama! I really, really enjoying this show! Besides, the rating of this drama is crazy high! If the Korean loves it, then ya know it must be good! AND IT IS THAT GOOD!!! Watch it!