It’s Okay, That’s Love: Psycho-Cap Episode 12


Boy is this Team Crazy Train, late on the last few episodes. We got stuck in Crazy Busyland of our real lives. All Passengers leaving for Crazy Town jump on to Team Crazy Train… What was that at the end of episode 11? Marry Me? Can we say happy dancing and squeeing!!!! He made our hearts go thumpety, thump, thump, BOOM! What her reaction…. Well  not really surprising. These writers certainly have stuck to the characters personality and not jumping a 360 loopty loop with them.

At times we certainly feel like we are in a live cartoon version of Looney Tunes. Can you hear Jae Yeol…. AAAHHHH, Wat’s up Doc? When He talks to her…. How about some Hedley… Crazy for You, before we depart

PPPSSSSHHHHTTT! Off we go. Chugga Chugga choo choo!


Episode 12


Missienelly: What? Is it that bad to think about marriage? I know she’s freaking out… but she’s at her marriage age now.

ADgirl: Are you sure me, with all those other girls? You know I am messed up and have problems……. MARRIAGE? Not happening.

Nikki: Hee hee hee….he said marriage


ADgirl: OMO! He asked me to marry him. If I close my eyes, pretend I am asleep,  he will not know I am freaking out. Stay calm! Stay calm!.

Nikki: Freak out in 5…4…3…2…BOOM!!!

Missienelly: Was she freaking out but pretending that she’s all cool? Urgh…. her ego tho.


Missienelly: This scene really stresses me out… I feel their pain. Jae Yeol needs help. Stat.

Nikki:  This was wayyy stressful for me.  1. Because doc was so happy she had found someone to be happy with and now she has to cut him off COLD  2. Because his friend was severely hurting for him

Adgirl: True loyalty and friendship…. I only tear up do not cry during movies and dramas. If I could I would have sobbed at this part.

iotl Missienelly: I am SOOOOOOO with him! Who else can stand her unless that person is madly in love with her, right?

Nikki:  TRUTH!!  They say love is a chemical imbalance so yeah, they are both a little off kilter so it can work

Adgirl: He knows he is breaking her down. If not she would have smacked him and not just spit out her beer. My heart is screaming, “Chincha? YAE Right freakin’ now.” While my head is screaming, “WAE? You know I am crazy, damaged goods. But ooooo I want to marry you.” 


Missienelly: Two scenes – the dorkiness of these two and the seriousness of doc. For sure, doc is taking it very serious and he is rather sensitive and emotional about it. I’m happy that  he is concerned for both Jae Yeol and Hae Soo.

Nikki:  I also love his concern…I am sure it is tearing him up inside something awful

Adgirl: He knows she finally has found happiness and someone who will always love her… If he was not broken. Now he has to somehow let her know without hurting her. There is no way to do that. Poor Uncle Joe. *Wipes Tears from eyes*


Missienelly: I understand how a parent feels and it seems that Soo Kwang’s dad is not an expressive person but you can just read his face and tell how he feels about it. But I was so upset that he walked away when his son trying to explain it… His ego was up to the roof. Maybe give it a time to accept? But for how long?

Nikki:  After hearing his mom tell him that his dad actually does blame himself…I felt bad for the both of them

Adgirl: The pressures of society saying what perfection is and all must conform to it…. I cannot imagine. Either way I am not so happy with his father. Yes he blames himself, but why act like he can do nothing at all? Why not see he is happy?


Missienelly: Dayyyyummm at the whole scenario!

Nikki:  My thoughts exactly!! ^^

Missienelly: It felt so surreal!!! As if he was there too!

Adgirl: It is as if he is a profiler. I suppose with his background he is in a way. He is probably piecing together everything from Hyung’s confession to what he knows about Jae Yeol, and Omma. I am sure the scene on the video helped a bit too.


Missienelly: And the biatch think she’s getting laid! Ooooops, sorry… hehehe but that’s how I picture it in my head!

Nikki:  Me too….he should have just been with her all along instead of stalking his ex

Adgirl: You know,  he is just looking for a friend…… with benefits. *evil grins*

iotl Missienelly: The epic talk! I guess… Is she accepting her mother? Or sympathizing her? At this point, I don’t know what to think of her mother. She cheated yet faithful towards her husband. How do I evaluate this? The woman have needs too?

Nikki:  I am really not sure how to take this…hmmmmmm

ADgirl: I do feel for her mother. I believe if her father did not get sick, she would not have cheated. As anyone knows, a lady needs to get somethin, somethin’. In that situation gettin’ some probably helped her not to lose her mind.

iotl Missienelly: What are the odds that Kang Woo would be calling him during his “unofficial” psychiatric session with Dr. Uncle Joe!!!

Nikki:  I think the odds were high because that is why he wanted to get him to drink I am sure.  My heart just could not take it watching the Doc watch him… :’(

ADgirl: When he sits down, tells Uncle Joe, he doesn’t drink, so can be in full control of his mind.  I am guessing he an episode after drinking once. 


Nikki:  He turns into a cute and cuddly drunk :)

Missienelly: Temporarily in a better world I would think…

ADgirl: I love that she could not stay upset with him. He is like a giant puppy in this moment. So adorable yet frustrating.


Missienelly: I told you guys!!! But I’m proud of this girl though. She did not flinched one bit when his Tourette syndrome suddenly attacked him. I think his incident with his parents open up her eyes.

Nikki:  I was so happy that this happened to be honest.  I have to remember that she is about 18/19 by their standards of high school.  I think they look so cute and I like how everyone was cheering them on.

Missienelly: What? That old?

ADirl: The cheering squad is in. Yay for Soo Kwang! She certainly is growing on me. :)

iotl Missienelly: Well… he should know the truth too!

Nikki:  Ain’t that the truth?!?! :)

Missienelly: Stop messing with me!

ADgirl: Gggrrrt! He won’t stop till both Omma and Jae Yeol are in the ground.

iotl Missienelly: I’m glad he asks for opinion just to verify Jae Yeol’s craziness. I bet they are diagnosing it as we speak!

Nikki:  Yeah, and I can only imagine how she felt upon hearing all the crazy and watching the vid.  That vid is just wayyy to much  :’(


Missienelly: It’s ironic that she’s wearing a black dress. Is she ready to hear what they are about to say? *biting nails*

Nikki:  Right, like she was showing up at her own verbal funeral

ADgirl: My, she is beautiful in the black dress. This cannot be easy for her two friends.

Can you imagine being in Uncle Jo and Docs place right now? We would not want to be them. This episode was climbing the steep incline tracks of intensity. Team crazy coming to a rest for now. How will Hae Soo react? Is she now going to dump Jae Yeol, because he is broken? Will she be upset. Take a tour around and get ready to jump back on Team Crazy Train.

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Worth Your Tears


I’m not in the mood for tears but really, I see tears almost daily from my son. But is his tears worth my sympathy? Sometimes… You know how adorable kids using you with tears? Yes, I fall into that trap one day and now, every single thing that did not go against his wishes, he will cry. But I have gotten way better lately in reading him. I am sure every mothers in the world know how to differentiate between real and fake tears. So which one really worth your tears? Annyeong yeoreobun, it is another Wednesday and we are slowly, slowly nearing to the last phase of 2014. This year has been a real struggle for everybody. Some struggles worth tearing up, and some struggles simply knock your socks off. In the Korean music industry, for example, this year is extremely harsh. There were news of death, group member getting kick out, accident, group getting bad treatment from their own agency, group on the verge of splitting, scam rumor, and many more. On top of that, let’s not forget with death news around the world. Oy… The point is this year worth your tears much more than previous one. Well, I’m just saying… Because of tears, the songs I have in line for all of you are tearjerkers. Let’s get started, shall we?


The first MV is called Crying Out, by EXO D.O. Well, we remember him as Kang Woo in It’s Okay, That’s Love. His lovely, childish face really brought smile to my face. I have never heard him singing solo and when I heard this song, my facial expression turned gloomy. My heart stopped beating the minute he started singing. Is this possible? He successfully brought me into tears with his soft, low voice and he didn’t even use all his vocal skills. What a great performance as a young singer. You could almost feel the sadness with his voice, and just look at him, he gives me goosebumps. This is an OST for his recent released movie called Cart. The song is only 2.05 long but it felt long. The climax at the end really gives me the chill. I like this song and the movie seems very sad, it portrayed the struggle of a mother raising a family. Did I make you cry already? Unintentional, chingu ah… But I absolutely heart this song!

The next MV is a little more up beat than Crying Out because it is more of a hip hop and R&B. The song is by Crush and the song is called Sofa. I don’t get the title but when I read it, “the ‘SOFA’ is used to describe the feelings of not being able to go after a long gone old lover in a rather ambiguous way.” It is hard to get it, I’m not really into philosophical kind of theme here but when I checked out the lyrics, it is quite interesting. Here is one verse from the song:

I couldn’t fill it up alone
The longing that spread throughout the room
I couldn’t place it in my heart
Because of that damn hope
Sitting here alone is bigger torture
I try to escape
But I’m looking for you again

Wow, I’m touched. Really. No one wants to be alone, that’s for sure… Crush is known to sing more of hip hop songs so for him to lower his guard down and sing a heart-wrenching song is quite aww-ing. All you hear in Sofa is just vocal, no added digitized element. It is purely him alone. I like it and while the song is not necessary would make you teary, but it is deep enough to understand the struggle of a man.

What is going on with me? I suddenly become so mellow! Hmmmm… Geogjeongma, I will be back to my real quirky self soon! Until then… Enjoy your Wednesday and the rest of your week!

Currently Watching: Cheongdamdong Scandal


Ok, that’s it! I give up! I’m not going to add any daily dramas into my watch list. Do you know how hard it is to wait for a subbed drama to show up on your screen? Very hard! Like Only Love, I’m watching Cheongdamdong Scandal raw too. And who else I would be watching it other than Bel, right? I think we might as well move in together! We keep screaming and tweeting to why aren’t people subbing this fabulous drama? People! Please focus! Cheongdamdong Scandal is THE best daily drama ever made!!! No really, you heard me! I’m not joking! Only Love‘s momentum has died down a bit but CS keeps speeding at 100mph. You should be on board on this train coz the things these writers wrote to make this drama interesting is unbelievable! When you thought you figure it out the problem, OR when you thought the writers are going to take you into the usual familiar plot, think again! These writers are not hiding anything! You want fire? They give you fire! You want earthquakes? They give you a nearly 9.0 scale earthquake. And they don’t hide behind bushes. They’ll give you heaven and hell immediately. Nope, you don’t even hafta wait! Aren’t they the best? Why wait for another week when you can see it all on the next day! Bel and I were worried at one point! We thought if the writers give it all, what would happened next? Geogjeongma, they have it all figured it out for us.


This 100, 30 minute episode SBS drama started back in July 21. The story started pretty rosy. The atmosphere was very rich. Very picture perfect. The characters are well-dressed, living in a lavish lifestyle, well behaved and living rich. I was very impressed and I remember asking myself what could go wrong with this picture? I don’t see it. Well… The writers are extremely generous to their viewers. And then they roll out the craziness one layer at the time. They first introduced us to Hyun Soo and she did what any first daughter-in-law do best! Taking care of business! Her brother-in-law slept with another woman, she walked in and cleaned up the mess and send him home. This reminded me so much of Midas, an underrated 2011 kdrama. So that is our introduction of Kyung Hoo, Hyun Soo’s playboy brother in law even though he looks nerdier than playboy-ish. Later, we get to know how Hyun Soo and her husband Soo Hoo have been dying to start a family but continue to fail after numerous attempt. Now, these are the beginning of the disaster that what to come next. It turns out, Kyung Hoo’s source of sleeping around was because he doesn’t love his wife, Jae Ni. Obviously, he had an arranged marriage. Hyun Soo and Soo Hoo though are very much in love, and their marriage are based on love. So we now see two distinctive couple under one roof. And then there is a mother in law, Kang Bok Hee. I was extremely shocked when I first get to know her. She seems unreal! She is the holiest mother in law I have ever seen. Period. It was hard to believe that she later is the source of what the whole scandal is about!


The first craziness started when mother in law despise Jae Ni. Due to her family background, Jae Ni and Bok Hee always butt head and it left Jae Ni feeling envy and bitter with her, and envy towards Hyun Soo because she’s loved by the family. While this is going on, Jae Ni became pregnant through artificial insemination. Of course right, Kyung Hoo doesn’t love her, so why should he make babies with her? Hyung Soo envied Jae Ni’s pregnancy and she became a little upset, jealous and a little depressed. But behind all this, she later found out that she’s being fed birth control in her daily vitamin which supposed to help her pregnant! Guess who did it? YES, her beloved mother in law! Imagine the look on her face when she found out! And imagine that Hyun Soo did not sit still like any other character in kdrama, she confronted her mother in law right away! Yeah, my jaw was on the floor when she did it! I thought she would just going to secretly revenge but confronting her beloved mother in law is something I don’t predict! Wow! Now, let’s go back to Kang Bok Hee. Let’s step in on her side of life. Why did she do it? First, Hyun Soo is not her choice and it means Soo Hoo is defying her wish for the first daughter in law. Bok Hee loves Soo Hoo so much but angry at his chosen wife. In order to separate them, she did the unthinkable by offering vitamins that include birth control to his wife. Why? So she can use this as an excuse later that his wife fail to bear him a lineage. Heh, what a smart idea I must say! Jae Ni is the wife of choice but by marrying her, Kyung Hoo had to leave his on love. As a good son he is, he went on with the marriage but continue to see someone else. Bok Hee approves this marriage but dislikes Jae Ni but insisting of getting this marriage work, she did not include any birth control in her daily vitamin dose. There you have it kids… This is the start of the scandal that will escalate to even bigger!


So what is next? Well, not to get you excited too early but Hyun Soo left the house after she found out what her mother in law did. Kyung Hoo ended up dead. Yes, I know. We were shocked too! Jae Ni left the home after his passing and Hyun Soo despised his mom after what she did to Hyun Soo. Yeah, scandalous! There is 16 episodes left and what can you expect? Birth secret, stalker (yeah, you heard me!), love interest, love triangle, revenge and jealousy. Oooh oooh and not forgetting more lies. Bel wrote a fabulous mid point review on her blog and you can click here for more details. As much as we are dying to know how this show is going to end, we still couldn’t figure out how the writers will wrap Cheongdamdong Scandal. My biggest hunch, as I shared with Bel, that Hyun Soo will walk out of this scandal as a free woman, no strings attached. Would you agree with me? If you are as curious as I am, let’s find out together. Hopefully, SBS will re-released Cheongdamdong Scandal next year fully subbed. It’s a shame if you don’t get to watch this as this is one of the best daily drama I have seen in years!


Wednesday Eu-Mak: Aiming for Beauty


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is true. Your perception pf beauty will be different than mine, for sure. Sometimes I wonder how am I so far from the normal beauty tangent… And then I realized, we are all different. But this makes us unique, right? Well, hello everyone and welcome to another Wednesday Eu-Mak segment. Another week has passed, how was your weekend? And how is your weekend coming up? Wherever you are, I’m sure it is beautiful there. Speaking of beauty, I’m a bit off lately but no fret chingu, I’m still normal. I’m just aiming for a different beauty today…

This week, I’m discovering a whole universe of unconventional beauty. To celebrate unconventional beauty, as we are beautiful in a very different way, the songs I have chosen are extremely different than usual. I really hope you are with me on these songs. I also wants to thank Grace from Musings of a Twinkie for opening my eyes. I never thought I would say this but being different is actually awesome! Ja, let’s start with the first song for this post.

My first MV song for this week is called Leave As It Is and it is sung by Kim Dae Seong Stephanos. I’m not sure about the Stephanos part, is it part of his name or not, the song is magnificent and beautiful. Recent Super Star K5 applicant, Dae Seong brought in his soprano-like voice and make this ballad song super warm, super dreamy, super cozy and super delightful. The MV itself is very soothing. The view of the singer singing in a field of wheat is simply breathtaking. And the vision of family together with little girl blowing bubbles, a husband and wife cherishing one another… What a joy and comfort it is. The sound of the guitar soften the song even more. I sort of notice that the singer is singing the part repeatedly. I’m not sure if the lyrics is limited but I’m sure it is beautiful.

The next song is a slow song of a different beauty. Attracted, it is called, and the song is performed by Coreyah and Hareem. This is my first time listening to Korean folk song. I had this fear before I start listening to this song. I don’t know if I would like it. Many knows I’m not into oldie style music genre and folk song is never my cup of tea. Nevertheless, the voices are on another level of beauty. I don’t hate it per se, but not loving it either. But they are unique and surprisingly delightful to hear. This song calms my nerves, and as it progressed, it slowly wrapping me nicely. The tune of the song captivating me in a weird way. Yeap, I’m definitely off my tangent. At this point, I don’t even want to focus the story of the MV because I’m too absorbed by the duo. Just random thought, don’t you think the male lead looks eerily similar to Yoo Yeon Seok? *shrugs* just saying hehehe

Well, that’s all from me today. I hope you liked the songs I chose for this week. I’ll see you all next week!

Breaking News: Turning 28!


My bias, MBLAQ G.O is officially 28 years old! Saengil Chukahaeyo, Jung Byung-Hee ssi! I’m so thrilled to be your fan! The man has yet to tweet anything to his fans. Well, I can just imagine the overwhelming wishes he received from his fan at the daum cafe and Twitter. Even I took part tweeting him the minute the clock start midnight KST time. I wasn’t alone, the fiesta started with bunch of his fans spamming well wishes and warm words to the most gracious man we know. He’s one lucky guy!


Hehehe I got tiny crazy. Instead of one tweet, as I promised myself, I tweeted three more tweets! Sorry, I couldn’t help it and I was pretty delusional today. I called him my hubby *giggle* and poor tweeple thought it is my hubby’s birthday. Hehehe I had to clarify… How embarrassing. But you know, I might continue to tweet him later today… It’s a day celebration!



Now let’s spam this post with some of his best pics! Look at how handsome he look!


They said three’s a crowd! But triple shot of G.O? I could handle that!


And look how adorable he is!


 And even when he covers his face, he still looks mysteriously charming!


No matter what hair color he choose, he is still gorgeous!


And he is one goofy guy!


So, on this beautiful day, November 6… Let’s wish this handsome man a very, very happy birthday!


 Because REALLY… It is fabulous to be Jung Byung Hee today. He turns 28! Twenty-eight of awesome year!


 So ladies, keep calm, stay cool and continue to support MBLAQ G.O. 


Wednesday Eu-Mak: Something New…


Yeoreobun, annyeong!!! It’s Wednesday and the first week of November! Yes, yes, yes! Let the holiday celebration begin! We recently had our time change and “technically” we gained another hour of sleep. Well, yeah… I don’t feel it anymore. I need more sleep *shrugs*. But what do I love about November? The feeling of holidays. I don’t know if you can feel it but it is in the air. People will start talking and exchanging recipes for the Thanksgiving meals, browsing internet for home decor ideas, searching for the perfect clothes (the looser the better for me so I can eat as much I can without showing my muffin top). And for others, the Black Friday may nominate their brain space. What to buy for X’mas pressies? Yeap, I’m one of those people now. Sad but that’s the truth.


To celebrate November, let’s celebrate with this awesome song! It is called Half An Hour. Yeap, gimme half an hour to snooze! Gimme half an hour so I can finish this drama. Gimme half an hour before going to bed. Half An Hour. This song is daebak. The music is very simple because the center of the attention is the singers’ voice. The MV is so simple, yet interesting. The duo, Almeng, was in top 4 of K-Pop Star 3 competition and made their debut under YNB Entertainment. According to Wiki, the duo was eliminated back in March. I’m quite impressed with their performance. Apparently, they wrote all the songs in their first mini album. Impressive! I guess they know what they want and what kind of song suit their voices. It makes sense, right? Jja, give Half An Hour a hear and judge it yourself *wink*

Yeah, I knew you would like it. Here is another song from their latest album, Composing of Love, called Phone in Love. Phone in Love. Fall in love. Get it? Pretty catchy, eh? The song is pretty awesome. It is as awesome as Half An Hour. Right now, as I’m listening to the song, I just can’t do anything much. The song makes me sway right and left. The MV is pretty cute and they are cute together. Their voices compliment each other so well. Match made in heaven. Really. And it is hard to find brilliant duo group these days.

Eotteo? You like you like? I knew it *claps hand*. You can trust these two. I’m loving these two songs already. If you are interested, their songs are available on iTunes. Check them out, yo.


Currently Watching: My Lovable Girl


Aaaaaah, Rain oppa. I have never seen his other dramas but Full House. I hated him so much for torturing Han Ji Eun but at the same time the feels I got from watching his naughty yet cold ‘tude really, really worked on me. So remembering my experience of watching Full House, I was hoping to get that same cutesy effect from My Lovable Girl. Well *knocks her head with her hand*, what was I thinking? These are two different dramas. Two different genres. Full House was a romantic comedy, and My Lovable Girl is just romance drama. But a girl can dream, right? *shrugs*


In the beginning, My Lovable Girl was not on my watch radar. One of my kakao gf saw the first episode and wasn’t impressed. I blindly took her advice and decided not to watch. And then Michele started texting to me on it. And I suddenly realized, Infinite L is in it! L!!!! MyungSoo!!!!! My other pretty boy is in it! Oh mo, I told myself I’ll regret for the rest of my kdrama life if I don’t start watching it. Plus, the way Michele was describing it, I found it very interesting and intriguing! And I’m glad I listened to her. So, so glad. I marathoned the first 6 episodes in a day! Yes, I was highly addicted with the drama by the end of episode 6 and immediately had withdrawal because the waiting for the next episode began thereafter.


The story line is pretty simple and extremely predictable. You and I can read it very well. So why bother watching it? We watch it because of the presentation with different actors,  of course! Same plot line presented in different circumstances. How can I possibly give it a pass? Besides, it’s Rain and L and it involves music. Somewhat but I love music. My Lovable Girl is a life story of Hyun Wook, a composer and producer of an entertainment company. He came back from his looooong hiatus, after losing his songwriter girlfriend to an accident that potentially partially his fault. He later met Se Na. At the time, Se Na was just a hotel employee assigned to care for Hyun Wook’s adorable golden retriever. He then hired her as his pet sitter. He found out one day that Se Na wanted to be a songwriter and eventually discovered that she is his late girlfriend’s sister. He took her under his entertainment business wing. Unfortunately, her presence was very unwelcoming by his team and it was especially taken it hard by Jae Yeong, the company’s own songwriter and producer. He created a havoc and tore the company’s best kpop group apart and leaving Shi Woo, one of Infinite Power member, behind.


Shi Woo was the prettiest of the Infinite Power member but lacking vocal talent. His team pushed him away and blaming his popularity is nothing but his own appearance. He was very arrogant at the very beginning and used his celebrity title to win all, but in the end he came to realize that he got nothing to brag about. SeNa really pushed his boundaries in a way and made him understand his own ability and was humble by it. In the beginning, SeNa composed a non-typical kpop song for his solo debut but he rejected it thinking a fast, upbeat tempo would get the crowd to love him back. He blew it and ended up injured while performing on the stage and losing respect from his fans more and more. SeNa helped him made a come back and the song was extremely humble and down-to-earth, written to acknowledge his mom.


In the process of all this, Shi Woo slowly falling for SeNa while she’s falling for the handsome dog man aka Hyun Wook. By the end of episode 12, SeNa found out Hyun Wook’s real identity and by the end of episode 13, Shi Woo took heartbroken SeNa and made his. Of course he didn’t say it but action speaks louder than word. This is where Hyun Wook made the biggest mistake of his life by not being honest to SeNa. The girl is hurt. Shi Woo is already making her his. So what do we expect in the next 3 episodes? I, for once, really really hope that the second lead won the first lead’s heart! I want Shi Woo to win the final prize! Beside, it is just wrong to date your sister’s boyfriend! Don’t you agree? Yeah, that’s my prediction but who knows… KDrama is pretty much awesome at breaking their watchers’ hearts. SeNa could ends up forgiving Hyun Wook and go back to him (or not!). *shudders* I’m praying hard that for once, ONCE, that the second lead win! Who is on Team ShiWoo, please raise your hands! Besides, the chemistry between Rain and Krystal is pretty awful as a couple. Krystal and Myung Soo are way better as a couple and are more realistic considering their age and all. Amuden, this 16 episodes drama is nice and lovely even though it sometimes leaves you frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, the frustrating is okay and I get it why Hyun Wook didn’t want to be frank with SeNa. It is what it is too in real life. If you are into a mush mush drama, My Lovable Girl is for you. I like it since it is a light drama, it cools me off from my angsty dailies.