Currently Watching: Joseon Gunman


Many who knows me knows that I hate (not dislike) sageuk genre drama. Only a few sageuk drama that caught my attention before. Arang and the Magistrate was one. Lee Jun Ki was so awesome he made me forget I was watching sageuk. Chuno was awesome too. Warrior Baek Dong Soo was extremely superb I saw it again two more times. I had major withdrawal after the show ended, Michele knows it. Tree with Deep Roots was a hard watch and I’m thankful for DramaFan for holding my hands till the end. So when 2014 started way back in January, I made a new resolution. I gotta make some peace and love with sageuk. I decided that my new kdrama resolution for this year is to watch 5 sageuk dramas. At first I thought it will be impossible because I have not find any sageuk that caught my attention. Until Joseon Gunman came along…


Lee Jun Ki is not the main reason I decided to watch Joseon Gunman although his presence is enough to soothe this shaky heart of mind. Again, he made this show such a breeze I don’t realized it’s a sageuk! And yes chingus, Joseon Gunman is my first sageuk drama for 2014! A big check mark on my list. One down, 4 more to go! *rubs hands happily* What’s next? Now I’m excited and hopeful I may get to complete my sageuk resolution by December 31! Don’t worry, as of today, I’ve added two more sageuk and one of them is currently super addictive!


With Joseon Gunman, I really don’t know what the show was all about at the beginning. I started watching it because everybody else are watching it too. I started it after the second week airing and I found it pretty awesome. Like I said, Lee Jun Ki made it so good I forgot it’s a sageuk! This dude has one awesome magic touch. When I saw him in his entire proper hanbok, he brought me the Arang feeeelzzz! Oooh my, this guy looks damn good in hanbok. But I started to follow the story after episode 5 and lo and behold, I’m unstoppable! This show is pretty addictive! As soon as Yoon Kang came back to Joseon as a new person with a stinking brand new identity, I cannot let this show pass anymore. Yeap, I’m pretty much addicted to quit. Yoon Kang’s dad was the famous greatest swordsman murdered for his loyalty to the King. Lord Choi Won Shin, previously a slave but given a new life to him and his daughter, became the puppet in this whole scandal. He was trained as a gunman and gunned down Yoon Kang’s dad. Yoon Kang decided to revenge for his dad but ended up being gunned down by Lord Choi as well. When Yoon Kang came back to Joseon as Hanzo 3 years later, everyone were shocked as he resembled the dead Yoon Kang so much. Well, he is Yoon Kang but refused to butt down that he is him as you know, that will reveal his secrets. Also, there will be no fun anymore, right? As Hanzo, he arrived back to his hometown as a Japanese merchant to deal with Joseon merchants, particularly with Lord Choi. And the most importantly, he came back armed as a smoking-hot shooter! But his SOLE purpose for coming back is to avenge for the murder of his dad. The only problem is that he is opening a bigger can of worm which he didn’t expect to see.


Joseon Gunman is not for everyone. There is a lot of back and forth unnecessary plots that really draggy and many people, including me, are annoyed with Nam Sang Mi, our damsel in distress heroine. To be honest, she annoyed me at the beginning but her character took a little swift which made me feel better now. But I rather see Jun Hye Bin plays Nam Sang Mi’s character as Soo In. I think the PD made a big mistake in casting. But overall, I really enjoy watching this show. Please do not expect any romance though. I mean, there is love interest but I wouldn’t put my stock on them. His chemistry is great but hers is pretty blehhhh. Originally scheduled for 20 episodes, the network extended Joseon Gunman by two more episodes making it 22 episodes all together. Extension is not my thing so I’m really frustrated when it got extended… Extension means plenty of filler plots from ep 19 to 22. Now, would I suggest Joseon Gunman? It’s hard to say. In the beginning, I wanted to say no but now, my view of this show has changed BIG time. My liking towards history has changed and I’m more receptive to it lately. Again, I’m not a sageuk fan but this show is goddamn awesome! It’s not Bridal Mask par unfortunately, but it still great!


It’s Okay, That’s Love: Psycho-Cap Episode 8


We have a serious problem, the three of us are IOTL Krack addiKts. There… we said it. The first step is admitting it. However, how do we fix it? By sweating, discussing, screencapping and rewatching each episode. Especially when the writers leave us hanging with anticipation, each week. Over busy, family and tired, but every free moment is worth it. Does Hae Soo, go on the weekend trip? Will the writers do like the water kiss and freeze us before the heat begins?

Lets jump back on the “Crazy Train” to get our fix and find out.

Episode 8


Nikki:  The whole issue with her and the rooms annoyed the crap out of me.

ADgirl:  This is from when they are on the way to his Omma’s. She does nothing without thinking it through. She said so at the valley. She does not do impulsive very well.

Missienelly: I think this is the part before they leave the country…

Nikki:  It is but since I already know…She annoyed the crap out of me….LOL  (darn watching and coming back is making me crazy too…hee hee hee) but I LOVE IT!!


Nikki:  Mommy has a point because that is a natural occurrence

ADgirl: Does this mean she still loves the stepfather? I am confused with her and what is going on.

Missienelly: Sorry, I’m not following her at all.


Nikki:  MESS!!

ADgirl: I have a better understanding why he beat JY. Why JY let’s him. What kind of mother does that?

Missienelly: Poverty probably pushed them to be who they were… But now come to think of it, there are many well-mannered poor people so…


Missienelly: Uhm hello? He’s a writer! It’s his job to convince us…

Nikki:  His job is to convince us and to amaze and dazzle us *unicorns & rainbows*

ADgirl: Girl is so in love she would believe the sky is green if he told her. Besides he just wants to let go and have some FUN. *winks, red cheeks*


Missienelly: If this the case, I too can be a psychologist!

Nikki:  We all have our license at this point!

ADgirl: What kind of therapy is this. How can he do this objectively? He can’t! UGH!


Missienelly: The irony! She demanded attention the entire time!

Nikki:  Yeah, I would have played dead sitting next to her…lol

ADgirl: She  now has the time to sit back and think about what is going to happen or expects to happen.


Missienelly: She annoyed me and him!

Nikki:  And me too!!

ADgirl: Hehehehehe! Jae Yeul is probably going to make her pay for the annoyance. *giggle*


Nikki:  They have a serious push pull divorce couple struggle going on.  The struggle is real!!

Missienelly: You can feel it? Wow… She’s a mess though. She’s lucky he didn’t beat her!

ADgirl: Nope just drain the fun lovin’ life out of me. Come on girl you know you want to say it…. Doc Jo, you complete me! Bahahahahahaha.


Nikki:  I wanted to be right at this pool side

Missienelly: The only reason why I snag this pic! Let’s go there! Where is my itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-polka-dot-bikini?

ADgirl: I can see it now one side of the pool, lined with all the Khotties. The other side lined with us. *hands on cheeks* it just got excitable hot here.

Nikki:  I just decided to play the lottery to get us there…lol


Nikki:  I would kick this heffa to the curb.  She always feels people abandon her but she is the one that pushes everyone else away at this point

Missienelly: Typical teenage behavior! Me, me, me!!! What can you do for ME? Urgh… What a pain!

ADgirl: UGH! I have no time for the selfish teen or words. Except someone should beat you for hurting our Giraffe-ssi.


Nikki:  There are just some things that she should not even worry about now and this is one of them.

Missienelly: Why bother, really? I don’t want to know his past.

ADgirl: She is worried on some level that he is only after her sexually. She is a woman who had no interest at first. He admits to having many women. He knows how to woo them. From tabloids etc. In this case I would be asking too.


Nikki:  TRUTH!!

Missienelly: Really? But she’s no longer married! She deserves to be called a spinster now LOL

ADgirl: ^^ snicker. I was thinking more of a fool for her choices.

Nikki:  I think she is speaking from experience since this is her co-worker that is married still


Nikki:  Because they have a nut-case vid of him and they want his friend to confirm just how bat-shit crazy he really is

Missienelly: Bahahahahaha that’s right!

ADgirl: I believe Jae  Yeul gave them his bff’s number.


Missienelly: Did he have to think twice for this? *giggles*

Nikki:  Not happening if you bring a box home looking like this!

Missienelly: Bahahahaha, waeyo Nikki? It won’t turn you on? *bats lashes*

ADgirl: He is thinking of how badly he wants to let his monster out to play…… <.< >.> Where else did you expect my mind to go? No where but the gutter.

Nikki:  Well, I guess if you strap on one of these monsters….his would have no choice but to turn into one….LOL

Missienelly: Ohhhh ADgirl…. you have to mention his “monster”, do you? *giggles*


Missienelly: She’s quite flirtatious…

Nikki:  Right, she can heat up the fireman but he can’t hose her down when he wants to (keeping it

ADgirl: Hahahahha. Happy my mind is not the only one that goes there. :P He has some will not to jump on the flames and put it out.


Missienelly: I’m starting to feel for him regardless how mental he is as a person. IDK maybe he is innocent?

Nikki:  I am not sure what to feel…he has some hidden issues and secrets I think

ADgirl: I am sure there is more to all this. Yes there is a part of me that feels for him.


Nikki:  He needs to not work with her either to get her out his system

Missienelly: I say get her out of his system. She’s not worth it.

ADgirl: Wait what? Wow!  Yah clean her house and buy her things that will teach her.

Missienelly: Yeah, that’s just messed up.


Nikki:  Well, if there was no answer…why ask the

Missienelly: *shaking my head*

ADgirl: I know it was on silent. *face palm*


Missienelly: So if Kang Soo is sick… Jae Yeol is sick too, right?

Nikki:  Not sure what part of JY psyche this kid is a part of but he better get help quick because he is starting to look real crazy talking to himself.

ADgirl: Yes that is what it would mean. Hye Soo said it was symptoms of ALS. :'( He will get the help he needs have the soul mate and die……stupid writers.)


Nikki:  She is trying to get her a new son-in-law.

Missienelly: Let the mom be happy…

ADgirl: She has loads of secrets, none for you. Why? Cause they are secrets.


Missienelly: Yes! Yes! Yes! She has met her match!!!! I’m so happy he said that to her…

Nikki:  Yeah, they are a loco match made in heaven

ADgirl: Boo Yah! You want to play? Well then so can I. In relationships we all take trips on the crazy train together. This one I am not sure I would want to take.

Nikki:  NOPE!!  This train can just leave me at the station…lol


Missienelly: I feel that she’s been harassing him the entire time. She really provoked him big time in my opinion. If I am him, I would be extremely annoyed. I would walk out on her… Seriously, I find her annoyed, bitchy and unclassy the entire episode.

Nikki:  She was a straight Bitch this episode.  I mean really, he wanted to have a nice time and she spoiled it by being nasty, mean, whinny, and bitchy and everything else.

ADgirl: She gives a whole new meaning to the meaning of tease! I understand her uneasiness, not the nasty part. Well if she is going turn the switch on and off, at will. He just has to pull the breaker. With the power out lets see who wins. ;) ;)


Nikki:  I think that is a question for after the fact in this case…lol

Missienelly: Hmmmmm…. She’s not pushing him away. I guess she’s okay…

ADgirl: Well his putting the brakes on seems to have helped.

As you can see, we each have our own thoughts when it comes to Hae Soo’s head, mind and body games. We all agree when it comes to Jae Yeol, he finally putting on the brakes and giving her a taste of her own “medicine”. What a sneaky game that was. Does it work? Do they make out on the beach? Or like the water kiss does she put on the brakes and slap him again? The writers once again left us wanting our Krack fix right freakin’ now. Wait a week ppppfffttttt what is that?  If we must, we must.

Join us for episode 9.

It’s Okay, That’s Love: Psycho-Cap Episode 7


We know what is distracting to this  amateur writer….. sitting in the Manga/Graphic novel section at Chapters, having a chai latte. We are staring at the oodles of manga thinking about which one would make a fantastic Krack drama. Speaking of KRACK dramas, this is certainly one of them. Last episode leaving us, with all sorts of feely feels.

From Hye Soo, FINALLY saying yes to Mr. Writer, to Our Mr. Writer, running to his beautiful Hye Soo, with the smiles and actions of a 5 year old going to Disney for the first time. Ending with Hyung grabbing him from behind…… lets get started then.

Episode 7


Missienelly: He’s trying to be the hero of the family. I don’t get it. He’s adult now… I know he gets it but sometimes letting his psycho hyung beating him up to death is not the solution.

Nikki:  Yeah, I am not with the letting his hyung just doing what he wants and get away with it.  They are not kids anymore and he can fight back for a change.

ADgirl: I believe he now allows his Hyung to beat him, because he went to prison instead of him. He feels he deserves it. I go back to episode 5 when Jae Yeol was so happy he saved a life.


Nikki:  If it were me, I would call the police myself and he would just go to jail…INDEFINITELY!

Missienelly: I’m 100% with you, Nik. He gotta separate this relationship of being a brother and victim.

ADgirl: Again I now see it as guilt over the past. Not the victim abuser. Also he sees the hidden goodness of his brother. Such as, leaving his shoes behind after beating him on the road so his feet would not be cut up.


Missienelly: He seems… retarded? Mentally challenged? Is there a better term to describe him, ladies?

Nikki:  Nope, no other term but…MENTAL

Missienelly: That’s very… direct, Nik *sticks tongue out*

ADgirl: I see it as someone who has never been free. On the outside world he is still a child.

Missienelly: OMG Laurie, you have open my eyes to a new world. I never think it this way.


Missienelly: This confession… Is it appropriate?

Nikki: If you have to ask, then we know it is not :)

ADgirl: Most of the work both her and Uncle Joe do does not seem appropriate. So the confession is no different.


Nikki: This moment was EVERYTHING….I mean, he let his guard down to show that he needed someone (her) and she was there to give the comfort/safe place he needed

Missienelly: This scene gave me a chill… It is nice to see someone letting his guard down. We can be rest assured that he is being human here…

ADgirl: You can see the scared little boy who hid in the outhouse in this moment. Finding some place to be safe that was not a bathroom. Absolute beautiful human moment.


Missienelly: Run Forest, runnnnnnnnn!!!!!

Nikki:  Crazy is and crazy does…

ADgirl: First place prize is….. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.


Nikki:  Situation is serious!!!

Missienelly: So serious!

ADgirl: Can you imagine sweating like that just over a kiss?


 Nikki:  Practice makes perfect…or in her case…practice gets you closer to being sane

Missienelly: I dunno how sane she will be… After all, she’s a psycho doctor LOL

ADgirl: Jae Yeol has the practice is needed down. She is definitely not in control of this relationship. He makes her think she is. Hehehehe sneaky.


Missienelly: I’m curious about this girl again. And she is toying with Giraffe-shi heart. I don’t like it *pouts*

Nikki:  This girl and this dude….Very curious.  I think the guy is her enabler

ADgirl: Really, right in front of Giraffe-ssi. Oh she is in need of some guidance.


Missienelly: Hmmmmmmm yup yup yup… She is in LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE!

Nikki:  Singing….Eyes, Nose, Lips  ♪♫♪♪

ADgirl: And I am singing Girl’s Day, Cupid….. Hello, hello my shiny boy….


Nikki:  Hmmmmmmm…..I can’t even explain their interactions anymore.  Just have to now see how they relate to reality although I think we have figured it out

Missienelly: Omo! What did ya figure out, Nikki? Spill it!!!

ADgirl: I wonder now, how this will play out. He will not need Kwang Soo, as Hae Soo and Jae Yeol, get closer. I am afraid for how this will affect his psychotic break.


Nikki:  I love his comedic moments :)

Missienelly: This doctor… I sometimes just look forward to his scene. Just because he’s hilarious even when he’s angry.

ADgirl: What ever unconventional methods he uses, they are hysterical. It makes me want to see the blooper reels.


Missienelly: She got him good! Till the end…

Nikki:  I am not sure I want to see the end now

ADgirl: My translation was, “I have my hooks in you now. Don’t even think about leaving me.  You and me are going all the way to the end.” A really sweet fun moment between them.


Missienelly: Awwwww poor puppy…

Nikki:  Awwww is right…I think he will find his person or should I say I hope they give him a person in this drama that will accept him for him.  I think that is the key to him being cured.

ADgirl: They better give him a sweet girl. Not that young thing in the end.

Missienelly: But his mind is on  her… ALL.THE.TIME!!!


Missienelly: ROFLMAO

Nikki:  She is WAYYYYY too comfortable with them…LOL

ADgirl: Wow! The way you wash clothes makes you a pervert….. Then I must be down right NAUGHTY! I laughed so hard!


Nikki:  That is called being smitten my dear

Missienelly: That’s the word I have been looking for! Smitten! My mind blacked out on me by his charm hehehe

ADgirl: His charm has my heart going, dugun dugun dugun….. Oh wait! We were talking about his heart….. Yup smitten is the word.


Missienelly: So has her dad been handicapped all this while? Is that why her mom decided to have an affair with President Kim (I hope we get to meet him one day)?

Nikki:  You know, I am trying to figure out what happened to dad too.  I think he may have had an accident while working because how would his kids be here if he was like that in the beginning.  He seems to be paralyzed from the neck down.

Missienelly: And he is pretty alert!

ADgirl: It seems like he had either a serious head trauma or stroke. Which can also cause this kind of brain damage. I do feel for her mother in this situation. It would be so difficult to do day after day.


Nikki:  Funny, they both know they need each other but they are both not willing to try and make it work a second time. Tsk!! Tsk!!  Tsk!!

Missienelly: I vote them for the best “divorced couple of the year!”

ADgirl: This couple has me in stitches. The best part is they talk but do not say things the right way. I am with Missienelly and the best “divorced couple”


Missienelly: Seriously, did he not get the hint???? Boyfriend from hell! That’s his new name *snickers*

Nikki:  This penis-head (can I say that  Guess he needs it in a written text or memo as a reminder

Missienelly: Sure you can! Have you seen what kind of words Laurie could come out? *our post may ends up with M for mature!*

ADgirl: Quite often when I put things in I have already censored myself. * lowers head. So let me help you…..Dirty,rotten, no good, cheating rat bastard….. That is my censored version.  *evil grins*


Nikki:  I like how they both called the other PERFECT

Missienelly: Me too! The feelings are so mutual!

ADgirl: They are so cute, all the cheesy is worth it.


Nikki:  Cute moment :)

Missienelly: Him waiting at the bus stop with two ice-cream cones? *cranks up the fan*

ADgirl: *SWOONS* *THUD*  So many feels my legs are weak.


Nikki:  YES, take a trip to score or at least make your house mates think you will score…lol

Missienelly: LOL all about mind game here!

ADgirl: Commentators at their best. Wow! The subtlety has my stomach hurting I am laughing so hard…….

So we come to the end of episode 7. Are you as excited as we are for 8?  We are so full of high school girl, weak in the knees,  squees, over their relationship. We cannot wait. Will Hye Soo, truly go away with Jae Yeol. How will Jae Yeol cope in all this? Will Uncle Joe and Giraffe-ssi’s games work? What about creepy stalker ex? All to be seen in the next few episodes. Join us for episode 8. Leave comments, let us know what you think about episode 7.

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Rap Mon Battle


Hello yeoreobun, happy Wednesday! I hope your week is awesome so far. My son and I visited NewKdramaAddict yesterday. We spent time watching Only Love (review to come) and hang out with her and her daughter and cats. I had a fabulous time with her. She is the only twitter friend I have met more than once. I am lucky actually because we are only an hour (traffic could extend to hours) apart by car. But when I got home yesterday, my head was pounding. Migraine hit me like mad! Urgh, an hour nap didn’t help…

So because of the migraine, I feel like I need something hardcore and pounding music to beat this (yes, I still have minor migraine lingering behind my eyeball). When I am trying to find something that can relate with this migraine, I think of Rap Mon aka Rap Monster from Bangtan Boys aka BTS. His rapping voice is awesome! He has this tough BigBang T.O.P like voice and I feel he is wayyyyy better than T.O.P. Get out, I did not just say that! *ducks from T.O.P’s fangirls*. Mianhae ladies, I just find Rap Mon better. To spice up this battle, the vids for this post are by BTS. The different is the first part is from their first album, O!RUL8,2? and the second part is from the second album, Skool Luv Affair.

Here is the first Cypher. Short and sweet. You can hear how strong Rap Mon’s voice in here. His voice is very mannish and super clear. You can actually follow him word to word and he’s fast! I know so many people were blown by him.

And here is the second Cypher from the second album. Frankly, the second part is my favorite. It is longer than the first part. The collab is way better and faster. I’m totally blown away and the music is wayyyy cooler. I really love how they passed from one part to another singer to another singer.

Tell me, which is your favorite of the two?

Currently Watching: Marriage Not Dating


Oh my goodness… Where do I even begin with this show? I wasn’t expecting anything from this drama. I was forced to watch Marriage, Not Dating after I laughed so hard with Fated To Love You. Since it happened to start on the same week and I needed another romance comedy drama to complete my summer experience, I caved in. Surprisingly, due to its popularity, it gets subbed in no time. I honestly don’t have to wait for days. So you see… This Friday-and-Saturday, 16 episodes tvN drama is almost ending. Tonight is the last episode. I’m now watching episode 15 and it is fully subbed. You see how popular this show is? *perks up*


The story line is quite interesting and even though it is recycled and jumbled up of different plots like bibimbap *mouth’s watering* but hey, do I really care? I treated every drama plots the same… With full of anticipation and hopeful that it will ended beautifully. And Marriage, Not Dating is no different. What got me sold with this drama is not just the comedy, but the added slapstick sound that accompanying it on every scene. Even the theme music is funny! This show definitely passed my dying needs for rom-com *thumbs up*.


The story is a typical I-want-to-be-alone forever ever, forever ever. Of course when Gong Gi Tae, our main man of our dream said that, his mother couldn’t and wouldn’t sit still. What mother would let her only son be single for the rest of his life? No, no, no. I wouldn’t let my son be single too! So anyway… Back to Gi Tae. He uses Jang Mi, his cousin’s ex-girlfriend, as his protection and key to his own freedom. Bad idea *shaking head* The girl, accused as being stalker to her own jerk boyfriend, agreed with condition that the foreplay will end soon. Well, let’s just say that it didn’t go according to his plan. Before they know it, Gi Tae’s cold mom plan their wedding that neither of them are ready or even expected. Each time they tried to break up, his mother made them hard to escape not to until one day, the news broke that Gi Tae and Jang Mi are simply “business partner.” But what no one expected, even the couple, is that they’re both slowly falling for each other. Well, it is as expected, right?


So now how would they convince their parents that they are for real? And how these two embrace each other and fix their relationship with each other and to their family? The trust is definitely broken. What’s more, both parents are broken as well. I just finished episode 15 and somehow I got my answer. But what about our OTP? How tvN will end this drama? Marriage, Not Dating has been good so far. Some viewers (the over thinking ones) struggled and frustrated with Jang Mi. Me? I don’t feel it that way. The drama is well-paced and awesome and not a dull moment. I highly recommend the show. It’s light, witty fluffy and funny. I don’t expect flawless and it’s becoming one to my eyes. I grew to love it more and more as the show progressed. It may not be your cup-of-tea, but it’s my cup-of-tea.

Currently Watching: Fated To Love You


Before I start this post, let’s start with the biggest laugh you can ever come out with! Hana, deul, set…! Laugh! Laugh as loud as you can, as crazy as you can! Make sure someone could hear it, okay? MUAHAHAHA! Again! MUAHAHAHA! * wipes tears from laughing*. Now that we get it out of our system, let’s focus on my number one romantic comedy of 2014! Fated To Love You! Is it too soon to judge? I mean… August is almost over. What other romcom can beat this show? It’s okay, I’m biased and this is my #1 show for this summer *wink*.

collageFated To Love You is a remake of Taiwanese drama of the same name. I’ve never seen the original and have no desire to watch it at all. It’s Taiwanese drama for heaven’s sake. We all know how crazy it must have been. Even my Kakao girlfriends said nooooo when I asked if I should consider watching that version. They said it turned to something else on the second half of the show. Yeap, am not surprised at all. And surprisingly, the Korean version of Fated did not follow the original plot, it steer away midway of the series. Thank heaven *wipes sweat*. I do not want to be trapped in a crazy drama. I don’t want to be cheated.


Back to this drama. Where should I even begin? Too many cuteness! Too many funny scenes! Too many laughs produced since the starting of this show! If the God of Laughs ever short of laughs, He should just watch Fated To Love You. I’ll guarantee He will not be running out of laughs for century! The OTP, which I never had fate and doubt since the beginning, prove me wrong tremendously. I had a bad start with Jang NaRa. I first saw her in Baby Beauty Face. I thought she was such a weak link in that drama, next to Daniel Choi. He really trumped her big time. But in Fated, her weak-and-sort-of-shaky personality (kinda like sweet chihuahua minus feisty character) really works for her! And as for Jang Hyuk, I don’t recall he ever does romcom. And he too choked me in a good way! *laughs* So the odd pairing are fated for each other it seems! I approve! *thumbs up*


Fated To Love You is presented to us as a couple of unexpectedly falling for each other after they had an accidental one night stand. They were united through there a bun in her oven. But the wedding was treated as a contract which sadly drove Kim Mi Young away from him. Lee Gun, a chaebol of the nth generation, already has someone in mind. But after his marriage to Mi Young, the post-it note girl, he found himself slowly falling for Mi Young as she is towards him. The process of falling in love feels so real in my opinion. I’ve never seen such drama that turns me to a believer. A true L.O.V.E believer. Jang Hyuk convinced me that Gun is really falling for Mi Young. I was speechless when I saw the sparks in his eyes. Wow. Bravo Jang Hyuk. You turned everyone, even anti-fan, to fans! *salute*


*giggles* By now you probably guess what I would say, right? Neh, majayo yeoreobun. This show is daebak. Jang Hyuk and Jang NaRa are daebak. The show is daebak. This 20-episode drama is nearly over. I saw episode 16 yesterday and the couple was united again through fate. But will she embrace him and put her trust on love again? I sure hope so. I want my happy ending. And I want to be as happy as the OTP. MUAHAHAHA.

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Discovering Whee Sung


He he he I almost wrote “Discovering Oppa…” Hello and happy Wednesday, yeoreobun! How is your day so far? I had fabulous weekend with my son but of course we were disappointed because the dinosaur exhibit is under renovation for 5 years! *screams* How old will my son be by then? Wait… How old will I be? *gasps* OLLLLLLDDDDDDDD! Wae Smithsonian, waeeeeeeee? But really you guys, you should have the look on our faces… Our excitement deflated immediately! Looks like we have no choice but to go to NYC now… Sigh


So to heal my broken heart…. yes, i love dinosaur as much as my son too, I decided to dig out something new. Whee Sung is my new victim, thanks to Michele! I’ve heard his name and listened to his song but that’s all about it. When I searched for him, he is labeled as Korean R&B Prince. Wow… I’d feel very intimidated to be called R&B Prince… He must feel very confident with his talent and I will not hold against it coz it’s true! *nods* This 32 year old singer made his debut under Kpop group, A4. *snickers* A4? Wannabe F4? *laughs hysterically* Mian mian, I can’t help it *sticks tongue out*. He then quit A4 after their first album and went solo ever since. His career took immediately after he left A4. Recently I was exposed that he’s also a songwriter. He even wrote MBLAQ’s recent release Be A Man from their Broken album. This man is good. His voice is heavenly and remarkable. And his songs are good! So here are some of my favorite songs:

How was it? He’s quite a versatile singer, ya? The last song, The Best Man, is very soulful. What an impressive singer! If I could attend his concert, I bet I’ll be grooving to all his songs from start to finish. And hey, how about this collab music with Ailee? Wow! Beautiful!

He recently just contribute his voice for It’s Okay, That’s Love OST. The man is  unstoppable! This song is so out of this world! It gives me the chill…

Whoa…. did I just go overboard with Whee Sung? *laughs* T’s okay, I can do whatever I want, right? Hehehe okay yeoreobun, enjoy your Wednesday and week.