Wednesday Eu-Mak: Dance Factor

eat-sleep-breathe-danceYeoreobun, happy Wednesday!!! How are you all doing??? Are you all ready to dance your Wednesday azz off??? *shakes her booty* I am in a good mood today. I just got news I don’t have to travel to Bogota this October. I know, I know… Most people would drop everything and say yes to travel. But I have been there and I’m fine not going there again. People know Bogota for its coffee and drugs, but I know the country for its traffic and churches. And I also had my first passion fruit, the real passion fruit there too! I have had passion fruit in cocktail juice and some other food but never the fruit itself. Wow, that slimy fruit won my heart! Yucky with passion! *laughs*

Anyway, I’m terribly busy now. Real life is so hectic! *fist to the air* But I’m not going to let it ruin my life. So here I am introducing to you three awesome groups with their latest release. Let’s do the robot dance, y’all!

The first song is called Missing by Teen Top. This is my first time listening to their song. I know, I know… Please don’t yell at me. It’s hard to watch them. They are babies! So babies and I do not wanna be called pervy noona *cries at her desk*. The MV concept is quite dark I think. What do you all think? So much sadness which I can’t… I saw it once and that’s it. But the song is awesome! I cannot stop it… I’m quite addicted to it at first hear. Eottoke? It’s okay, I can just like the song, right? Heheheh. Amuden, please enjoy it! *continues with the robot dance*

The next song is called Hello Boy by a new rookie group! They are called N*White! Aren’t they the cutest! I must admit I’m not a big girl band but they are adorbs!!! Mmmmmkay, I just read that this is their debut song! Wow! And the song… pretty not bad. Cute vocals, just like any other cute girl band group. The MV is pretty colorful and vibrant. The girls are so young… Probably still in their teens. Oh goodness I feel old…. *head desk*. *shakes her head* let’s dance!

My final song for this post is none other than 2pm’s Go Crazy! I’m sorry, it can’t be helped anymore! I refuse to do robot dance forever! It’s time to put your hands up in the air and jump with this fabulouso song! Go Crazy! Go Crazy! Erl will probably be happy when she sees this post. She has been crazy with this song since it was released and I can see why! Mmmmmbaaeeek! This MV is the dance version but what do I know? The original and dance version are both great! I personally think the dance version MV is way better and less crazy than the original! Can you believe I said that??? Well just enjoy the song, yeoreobun. And you’re welcome *click replay*

Now shooooo… go dance your azz off! See ya next Wednesday!

Breaking News: The History of INFINITE


If you are a huge Infinite fan like me, you don’t want to miss watching this series! MisterPopoTV or Popo is coming out with a documentary series for Infinite! Aigoo aigoo aigoo so much love for these boys! The series will follow the men *clears throat* since their pre-debut to today! Now, who is excited? *raises hand* I am! I AMMMMMMM! Popo did not mention when the first episode will be out sadly. I presume the first episode will be out soon… I will park myself on Popo channel from now on… Hehehe. At the mean time, check out the teaser that just got released today! Omo, I’m so up to date! *pats shoulder*

What did you all think? Are you as excited as I am too? Neh? Neh? Neh? *walks back and forth* *smiles*. So while we wait for the first episode, let’s watch Infinite’s Back. If you suddenly hear a loud thud sound, don’t mind it. That’s the sound of me collapsing… Aigoo these boys are so awesome!



Currently Watching: King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang


Where do I even begin? Should I start with yet another daily drama this year? *facepalm*. Yes, I am addicted with dailies. And this my….. Wow, I lost count already. I usually watch maximum 2 dailies in a year. I have now exceeding 4 dailies now. I don’t know what it is with dailies but the plots seem to be moving smoothly and in order most of the time. They are so engaging and fascinating to watch. And with King’s Daughter? This is my first sageuk daily drama! Yes, you heard it! Sageuk daily! I don’t know about you but I’m super proud of myself! I never thought I would watch a daily sageuk drama since I’m not a sageuk fan at all! Ooooh by the way, this is my third sageuk drama for my 2014 sageuk resolution. I will do my review for my second sageuk drama soon.


Again, I’m watching King’s Daughter on Bel’s recommendation. She loved the show so much and I can see why… When I started, I really can’t and don’t wanna quit. If I could marathon it all day and night, I would. Sure, that is the dream but real life always giving me a hard time and I get sidetracked with my watch list. This 108 episode drama seems too long by regular viewers’ standard. But believe me, I saw 74 episodes within a week! It’s not hard to watch, really. It’s so breeze you won’t even notice the time. Like me. I purposely put it on hold so I can write this review. If I don’t, this post will be a “Just Watched” post and I do not want that… I love giving my two cents mid review. I find it exhilarating and fulfilling this way…


Back with the King’s Daughter. I find this drama easy to watch because the political elements was kept to the minimum. As far as I know, I don’t see much that would hurt my head. And to be honest, the angst is bearable unless the craziness starts from ep 75 onwards. The story started back when the King Muryeong was the General for the late King DongSung. The late King and Muryeong were cousins. The King loved to send Muryeong to battle as he gets things done. Chae Hwa is Muryeong’s lover and the daughter of Baek-Ga, one of the minister in DongSung’s administration. One day, DongSun was ambushed and trusted Muryeong to take the throne as the throne itself is belong to Muryeong, according to DongSung. Sadly, Baek Ga was accused on the plot for killing the King (Baek Ga IS behind it after all) and was ordered to be arrested and beheaded. This included Chae-Hwa as well. At the time, Muryeong did not that Chae Hwa is pregnant with his child. He had told that Baek Ga is a traitor the late King and hence he and his daughter must be wiped out. Baek Ga killed himself to save his dignity, as told by Muryeong, but Chae Hwa escaped the fire when the house was burned to down. She was saved by Goo Cheon, her home slave who has been loving her all his life.


Long story short, Chae Hwa give birth to Seolnan aka Su Baek Hyang (name given by Muryeong if he ever have a daughter). Knowing how her life will never be the same, Chae Hwa eventually accepted Goo Cheon as her life partner and later give birth to another daughter named Seolhee. The sisters grew up well despite the lackness in their household. Goo Cheon is mute and deaf so he relies on his sight heavily to communicate. I do not know his background much by I think he was once a warrior but decided to choose a different path for his life. Anywho, the girls grew up in a loving household. However, Seolhee is not happy and satisfied with her living environment. One day, their home was attacked and the mission of the attackers was to wipe out the entire family. It was the work of Jin Moo, Muryeong’s son. When Muryeong took the throne, he swap his son with the Crown Prince. The reason: to have the real Crown Prince get his opportunity to take the throne once the King is retired but his decision to swap the children backfired him later on. Only one person knows his secret and he’s keeping his mouth tight on this. Jin Moo was never interested in anything but girls but his mind was poisoned by another minister. He’s certainly not ambitious to pursue but play along with the game. Myungnong, the Crown Prince, is extremely educated and has the quality of a leader.


When the girls home was attacked, their father was left to die and they escaped with their injured mom. But when their mom about to die, she confessed the truth about Seolnan to to the wrong daughter. Seolhee took the opportunity to run away from Seolnan and went to King Muryeong and claimed that she is Seolnan. Seolnan eventually caught up with Seolhee and was shocked that she’s the princess now and Seolnan is the court maid. At the end of episode 74, Seolnan came back from the work mission signed by the Crown Prince and found that she is the King’s daughter, not Seolhee. I now can’t wait how the story will unravel from now on… While all this going on, the Crown Prince is actually falling for Seolnan. He loves her determination, her attentive and her loveliness. Jin Moo on the other hand, doesn’t have interest with Seolhee but because his mind is no longer his, he approached her with an intention that he is interested with her. King Muryeong is very nervous with Jin Moo’s interest on his princess thinking that they are siblings. See what did I tell ya that his decision will backfire him one day? This is the part!


I’m 34 episodes away to finish this drama. I can easily do it in days if I want to but I’m going to drag it out a bit. The romance between Seolnan and Crown Prince is too beautiful. I am sooooo shipping them! It is out of this world beautiful. So many things I want to pour my heart out into this post but frankly, I rather see you watching it… This 2013/2014 drama is a must watch. I really want to know how the kind hearted Seolnan deals with her greedy ambitious sister. And also, I want to know how their secrets get reveal and how King Muryeong take the truth. How are their fate in the future? How will their love blossoms? All these will be answered in the next 34 episodes. I’m ready to roll! Are you? Come and watch King’s Daughter with me!

Currently Watching: Only Love

Only Love

I am officially crowning Bel my Queen of daily kdramas. And I’m her deongsaeng and faithful follower. When she said “we are watching Only Love, Nelly”, I obey. Why? Because I trust her judgement more so than I trust mine *laughs*. Guess what yeoreobun? Her recommendation is always spot on! We finally found the next Ugly Alert and it seems that Only Love has exceeds our expectations!!! Ooooow SBS, thank you for this awesome drama. However, Bel and I are quite upset… No one is subbing this fabulous show! *cue horror music*. So yes, we have been watching Only Love raw since the beginning of the season. So how do we survive? Mudaepo (on Soompi) is the man! He’s been summarizing the episode daily for us and even take request if we want specific seen to be translated! Whoa! *bows to Mudaepo*


Now, back to Only Love… Where do I begin? I’ve been going back and forth and back and forth with this post. How do I tell people that Only Love is really awesome? It’s difficult to express this feeling through words. And what makes it even harder for me to lure viewers is the fact that no one is subbing it. This means, Only Love is getting only few hundreds of non-Korean viewers. I don’t know what to say… *shrugs* who knows, right? Maybe it will get subbed once the show has completed airing the whole 119 episodes. Ooooh *snickers* yes, it is 119 episodes long! But but but… it still around 35 minutes so it is totally acceptable! For those of you who thinks you can’t watch it? Think again… You won’t even notice how fast this show will fly on your screen!


Before I begin with my own version of Only Love synopsis, let me start by saying that as of today, I’ve seen 72 episodes. I watch it daily as soon as Bel gives me the green light. I sometime find it hard to watch it once a day. Like a good novel, it is hard to wait for the new episode to come. Right now, we have 47 episodes to go… What would Only Love become moving forward? Why do I say this? Look at the drama poster… What does it implies to you? Romance? Family? Neh, majayo. Exactly what I have in mind when I first started it. The show started very solid and concrete. The girls were really strong. I was really cheering for them. They took initiative. I like it when a girl took every little bit of her strength to go out to a guy and woo him. That kind of fire really did it with me. I appreciate it! They are also stubborn. They stand strong with their decisions. Being a single mother in this harsh world with no education background is difficult. And they will do whatever they can to get what they want! Even to gamble their own love for the sake of future. Yeah, that kind of confident is hard to come by. I salute these women. But the story doesn’t stop at romance. Or so I thought! Now this is tricky. What it was a family drama romance, Only Love has now becoming very revengy and makjang! Out of nowhere,this train not only made a u-turn, but it started to take on a different route! I did not sign up for this, yo! But listen, even though this train has gone crazy, I still LOVE it! I can’t get enough of it even more! There were few episodes that almost send me to coma! Hmmmmm, actually the most recent ones (this week episode) did! I remember I was stunned big time when JiSuk got really angry in Angel’s Revenge I completely couldn’t watch anything else after that. And the same expression, the same feeling flowed into me again this week! *jaws on the floor* Deja vu!


As you can see on the poster, Only Love is about three couples’ love lives and how they are connected and intermingle with one another. So where should I begin? Let’s start with the easiest and cheesiest couple (the bottom) and progress to the more complicated one.


Woo Joo (WJ) & Mi Rae (MR) – they pretty much started as a couple when the show began. Woo Joo does odd works and Mi Rae helps with her mom’s restaurant business. MR is older than WJ so rest assured, we got a noona romance right away. MR loves WJ so much but he was not ready to commit. I am not sure why he was behaving this way. Was it because she’s older than him? Or because he does not have a steady job? Amuden, MR put on her bad tactics on him to make him marry her. She lied and told to the world that she’s pregnant. But eventually, her karma caught up with her. The doctor actually diagnosed her infertile and not able to conceive. *shakes head* See? Told you so, MR! Because of that, she decided to call off their fake engagement. He went on his usual business (but still sad of their break ups) and she went on blind date hoping to forget him. But their chemistry is larger than themselves and they eventually got back together. He was not disappointed as she thought he would be. Of course, they ended up in marriage. But MR starting to have that mother instinct and beg his single-parent sister-in-law  to give her only daughter up for MR and WJ to raise. Her request has created a havoc in the family. So how are they going to start a family? Would they adopt? Did the family know that MR is infertile? *dun dun dun*


Jae Min (JM) & Saet Byeol (SB) – Saet Byeol is a single mother and has a sweet 6 year old daughter called Soo-A (SA). SB was a runaway child and has been hiding her life including SA far from her family. So when the family found out about her and SA, she was forced to move back to the house. SB mom was not receptive to SA’s presence but eventually warmed up to that sweet child. SB works in a fashion garment store in the fashion district market. I’m all fuzzy now on how SB met JM. I’m pretty sure he met her in the the fashion district. If I’m not mistaken, they met at a coffee shop in the area. It was pretty hilarious though and he made a fool out of himself. Moving on, he later found out that she also work at his home as her mom’s maid helper. By this time, he already developed a love interest towards SB. JM keeps approaching her but she continues to push him away. When his mom founds out about it, she was completely stunned by her son’s love confession. At the time, his parents does not realized they have fallen for SB’s daughter, SA. It turns out that JM omma and SB omma are frenemies since young. I guess SB grandma was JM’s house maid before. JM omma and dad are fond of SA but SA was forced to quit making pitstop at JM’s home, which in turn sadden his parents *pouts*. The girl really made JM parent happy and I’m sure they are dreaming of grandchildren in the house. Back with SB, she continues to push JM away even though she has feelings for him. My best guess for her being this way is to protect her daughter. She must have been afraid after what happened to her in the past with SA’s dad (story unknown). And as of today, my guess is right. Her fear for JM for not accepting SA is now concrete through conversation JM had with his parents. He had asked her to marry him but leave SA behind with her parents. Now, as a mom, this is unacceptable. SA is SB’s life. You can’t ask a mother to ditch her baby! If he wants to marry SB, he must marry SA as well. It’s a package he is not willing to accept. So what’s next for them? Will he eventually accept her? Will SB say yes to him? At this point, I know how JM feels. He’s freaking out and not ready to plunge in to parenthood.


Tae Yang (TY) & Yoo Ri (YR) – Yoo Ri is a Producing Director (PD) at a TV station and was trusted to interview Tae Yang for a story.  She fell in love with TY at first sight. Ever since the interview she had with him, YR started stalking him more often. TY is a charming and warm-hearted MD and surgeon. His presence is very welcoming and warming to people around him. But what TY doesn’t know is that YR is the daughter of the hospital’s chief. YR’s brother is also working in the hospital as an MD and a surgeon as well. Long story short, TY finally succumbed to YR’s charm *thumbs up* and decided to plunge in to this relationship. YR introduced TY to her mother but her mother did not like the idea of her seeing TY when she found out TY’s family background. Her grandma objected it as well when she found out about this relationship. And suddenly the whole world aka YR’s family objected this relationship but no reasons given.  It started with the grandma and later trumped by YR’s mom. Their relationship is one of the hardest fights I’ve seen among the three couples. YR got sick and he was denied to see her. During the process of the first fight, YR was told by TY’s family that TY is her mom’s biological son. She was so shocked and quickly broke her love line with him thinking that they are blood related *eeeeeeewwwww*. But somehow, her nurse slipped out and said that YR looks like her dead mom! YR immediately got up and confronted her mom. She mended her relationship again with TY. But her mom, I nicknamed her “asshat” because she is and deserves to be called one, refuses to butt down and continues to be the hurdle between the two. Why her objection is so strong? Apparently, the asshat was once in a relationship with TY’s late uncle. I’m a little fuzzy on her background story but as what I remember, she left her son with the family when the dead uncle passed away but when she came back, she was told that her son had died as well. The family lied to her for one reason: to get rid of her. TY knew that the dead uncle is his real dad and his uncle, Sang Bae, adopted him as a replacement of his dead eldest son who coincidentally at the same age. Wow, so many death in this family, huh? What is in their water, I wonder *scratches head*. So therefore, asshat doesn’t want any sort of relationship with the family anymore. Asshat did with all her mighty and strength to get rid of TY not knowing that he is HER son. She even hired thugs to kidnap him! Unbelievable! TY was beaten so badly it was hard to believe he survived. TY knew it was the asshat’s work coz he saw her and yet… Yet he did not report her! Why TaeYang-ssi, why didn’t you??? Things that I will never understand! Later on, that asshat found more tricks to get rid of TY. She implanted awful schemes to him and YR to make it looks like TY has been stalking on YR. My jaw was on the floor when I saw her dirty tactics. YR figured it out one day when she saw the CCTV clip of asshat pushing TY’s grandma down the stairs and suddenly a flashback of all asshat’s tactics flying before her eyes. She confronted asshat their argument was moved from YR’s room to the stairs which you know what happened next… Yeap, YR fell of the stairs and hurt her head. Amnesia? We don’t know yet as she is still on coma as of this morning. Now, while all this going on, YR’s dad did his own investigation as well. Hmmmm, the man won’t sit still too! He later found out through Sang Bae that TY is not his but asshat’s. *dun dun dun*. With all the info he collected, he hired thugs (yes, again!) and kidnapped TY. He even beat TY with a golf club! Oh lord, please have mercy on this boy! What is to become of TY and YR? Are they destined to be together? At this point,  it’s hard to imagine them together. TY is dumb and such a doormat. He accepted every single punishment in hopes that his action will open the eyes for those who object his love for YR. Aish… Just get out of that crazy family, Tae Yang!!!!


Ok, I must admit that I have gone a little cuckoo, somewhat crazy and over the top in describing the couples. But hey, it can’t be helped. Seriously, this is one fine show! Forgive the mess I have written above. I started neutral but ended up emotional once I started with TY/YR part. There are a lot more things that could go wrong with this show. As of today, asshat had temporary amnesia after falling off the cliff and when she woke up, she started calling TY Man Be-ssi, her dead lover or spouse. I still don’t know why TY family hated her so much. YR is still in coma and I hope she doesn’t wake up with amnesia. I can’t deal with another amnesia. I wish TY could stop being a doormat. He deserves a good ending. He should just leave the crazy family behind… They have caused him enough damage. Hehehe I’m still surprised how he managed to drive with a stab wound on his abdomen. Only in kdrama, right yeoreobun? Also, I really want to know how JM and SB relationship will go. It’s a straight forward relationship and easily solved. If he wants to be with SB, he must accept SA. Period. I’m not interested with WJ and MR’s relationship, sadly. I think their characters were created as a filler because the other two couple’ stories are far more stronger and superior to theirs.


So…. I hardly write a long post. But Only Love needs love from viewers like you. Sadly the ratings never exceeded 12%. Even though it is low, it still good coz this is a morning show. Guess who are watching it? Homemakers and ahjumma, and Bel and I! *laughs*. I just found out a fan channel was created on Viki. I hope it gets subbed and you can watch it. I’m telling you, this show is so awesome why aren’t anyone subbing it??? THIS IS A MUST WATCH DRAMA!

Breaking News: Patiently Waiting for G.O Oppppppa!


Okay, it is September 11 already in Seoul, South Korea. Where is my bloody song??? I’m sorry ladies, G.O has teamed up with a new rookie rapper, Damiano. At first glance, I thought he was SHINee MinHo! 1theK released the teaser on September 3. I believe this came out of nowhere. Bam! They got us G.Oooooood! Yeap, it was very unexpected that neither one of G.O fans saw this coming! I heard from Michele that the twitter feed blew up like mad on that day! Where was I???? Busy catching up with my beauty sleep… Urgh. I’m so hopeless. Jjinja! So let’s not waste any time and listen to the teaser. The man is fabulous! Period!

GO (1)


And here is an interview clip of G.O for doing No Diet with Damiano. Isn’t he handsome??? *happy sigh*

So back to where I was earlier…. Where is my bloody No Diet???? Palli and release it NOW!!!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Is it 2pm yet?


Yeoreobun, is it 2pm yet??? *laughs* It is Wednesday and the time is 8am here but what I’m asking is that has 2pm released their latest single, Go Crazy!, from their new album yet? I blame Erl for this. She’s been counting down on her toy boys and I got sucked in with her madness as well! To be honest, it’s quite fun to watch her counting down for her boys. On Monday, she officially told me that she’s parking herself on YouTube jypentertainment channel and will not move an inch until Go Crazy! is released! Seeing her dedication, I feel ashamed of myself. I didn’t go this far with my boy toys, which is MBLAQ. I can just picture Michele disappointingly shaking her head at me right now *sigh*. Some fan am I, huh? *perks up* No worries, I will heavily promote my boy toys soon! Watch me!


So after days of dropping teasers to the their latest single and album, the group finally dropped their album teaser on Monday. Oh em… (ask Erl would say it), to be honest, I’m quite sold! Seriously, I thought the songs sounded magnificent and amazing ! I know you can always count on JYP and his team for daebak music! For the past summer, Erl has been educated me with 2pm and I find myself alternating between my all time favorite songs by MBLAQ with 2pm’s Growl album. Growl has grew on me and became my go to dance album whenever I feel down or need something to lift my mood because of my hectic schedule at work, the album is there to cheer me up! I thank Erl for making me (yeap, she knows me so much she doesn’t need any permission) listening to this album. It was love at first sound! Before I blabber more, here is the clip of their album teaser! Go ahead and listen and tell me which one do you like the most! *pulls hair* I can’t decide!!!!!

Since we have no new songs available yet, and I’m not sure if I’m able to put Go Crazy! up on time, I will feature several of my favorite songs from their previous album. Are you all ready to dance? These two songs are taken from Growl album. The songs are Comeback When You Hear This Song (awwwwwwww) and A.D.T.O.Y (I have featured this song previously but do I care? *snickers*). Okay, the stage is yours, boys!

What did y’all think? Gosh I especially love A.D.T.O.Y and I can’t get enough of it. Uhmmmm uh oh, I think I’m grounded. My YT just suggested MBLAQ songs for me to hear. Looks like the boys know I am distracted today…. But wait, can I have two more songs? Puuuuhlllleeez. I can just see G.O rolling his eyes and telling me I got one more chance! Since he gave me permission, and he’s that awesome, I’ll just have one more song! Please put your hands up for…. Hands Up!

I feel better now! Gomawoyo, G.O! Kurigo… saranghaeyo *finger heart*

Okay yeoreobun, let’s wait for Go Crazy! which will be out any minute now (or it probably did)! Have a great week and weekend! See ya next week!




It’s Okay, That’s Love: Psycho-Cap Episode 11



TEAM CRAZY TRAIN,  ready to leave for episode 11. All aboard for the rickety tracks of Hye Soo, Head games and Jae Yeul’s, Taming of the Shrew. We have it all so far love, comedy, mystery, plenty of skinship moments. Which as we all know is a rarity in Kdrama land. We are now off to see where our favorite, crazy lovesick, couple is headed. Wooot Wooot!


Episode 11 


Nikki:  This chick has the worst shape in jeans…well, he actually does too.  They both look better in dress pants.  I like how he put her in check about what she was saying about breaking up.  Can’t always listen to outside people’s judgment.

Missienelly: I agree. She thinks with her heart which I think it does no harm but can be a bit too much, but he uses his brain which is much better.

ADgirl: I think in this case she is thinking with her brain, and listening to what her sister said. I do love how he put her in check about breaking up. It is great watching their relationship grow. Even with the nit picky our you out of your mind quarrels. 


Nikki:  MESS!!!  Now we find out who the girl was in the window.  No wonder she came back around but I guess the big question is…WHY HER??

Missienelly: Dude, your friend is a total psycho!

ADgirl: I think he chose her because, she is JY’s first teen love interest. The reason why Kang Woo likes her.


Nikki:  Funny, they don’t even know how to fight and stay mad.  Guess that is a good thing.  She was going at him like he was insulting her intelligence…lol

Missienelly: The tension between them was not good though… I’m sure people around them could feel it. Hell, I felt uneasy just watching them too!

ADgirl: They had that same tension when they did the TV show, and first met. So the others would not see the difference.


Nikki:  Alls well that ends well…So Cute! :)

Missienelly: I like that about him though… He knows how emotional she is and he put the bucket ice to her fire. He’s awesome like that ^^

ADgirl: Yah baby, making up is great! He does know how to “Tame the Shrew.” She? Well she “completes him.”


Nikki:  Everyone has got a small taste of his crazy :/

Missienelly: What I like about him is that how he defended his crazy friend in front of a stranger… Even though it means lying to her.

ADgirl: The way he was in the first episode, has me confused. What changed the loyalty?


Nikki:  This is one interesting group….that bell though. Ring-a-ling-a-ling….LOL

Missienelly: And which one is Mr. Apple? LOL

ADgirl: Wow, wow, wow! Imagine being in that group. I have been in a therapy groups. That would cause me even more to belong on Team Crazy Train even more.


Nikki:  I think the doctor is really conflicted at this point on what to think because they are speaking of Hae Soo’s man.

Missienelly: Wait till he see the CCTV!

ADgirl: It is more than that. Not only is JY Hae Soo’s man, he is also the brother of  a patient. Now he sees the entire family combusting.


Nikki:  Grocery shopping should always be this romantic…lol  Next time, he should say the opposite of what he wants so that he can get what he wants.

Missienelly: *taking notes*

ADgirl: If I acted like this every time we did groceries, I am sure my husband would want to go everyday. *blushes* 


Nikki:  Are they really perfect for each other???  My crazy meter says….HELL YEAH!!

Missienelly: They are the yin and yang of love. At least for now…

ADgirl: They are just what the Doctor ordered for therapy. It works…… Take two and call me in the morning. Hahahaha


Nikki: Hmmmm…can’t wait to see who his admirer is.  Hope it is not the high school chick.

Missienelly: Nah, I think it is that chick. He can’t forget her…

ADgirl: That high school daesung needs a kick to the curb. I hope it is not her.


Nikki:  Now this is a good way to express yourself. :)  I like how she was honest with herself.  She is in love but doesn’t know how to admit it.

Missienelly: I want that app!!!! Yes, I agree with ya, Nikki. And this is why I like IOTL more and more. It feels so human watching this show.

ADgirl: This moment was so raw and open. It heart. I like that there is no strong Bleed trying to come between them. Rather it is their own weaknesses that get in the way.


Nikki:  What tha What?!?!  This was soooo….what is the word(s)…..mentally questionable.  I mean now that he is happy, is this like saying he is killing off his other form of happiness that he does not need anymore?  This drama is really challenging the way we look at how the brain works after living through constant tragedy.

Missienelly: This scene happened so fast I really don’t know what to say… Did his mind wander that far immediately to see Kang Woo suddenly appear out of nowhere?

ADgirl: It happened so fast I had to take time to think about it. It seems the happier and closer JY gets to HS. The less and less we see of KW. The more often we see him thinking of KW getting hit by a car. 


Nikki:  His brother will never change and his mom should be very afraid for when he is released.  I hope someone finds out the day of his actual release before he can cause damage/harm to anyone.  At least the other person in jail with him should say something (you would think).

Missienelly: I know! I am so afraid that he show up at her house a day earlier. I feel like calling Dr. Uncle Jo now!

ADgirl: UGH! My only hope is Uncle Jo does help, before it is too late. That or somehow Uncle Jo puts a stop to his release.


Nikki:  This whole conversation with TY listening in while he is having a full blown conversation like someone is really there….MIND BLOWN!!  Also, we see them sick at the same time.  I am not convinced that this is him reliving his childhood issues.

Missienelly: Unbelievable!!! This entire scene! Exactly Nik, so we now know JY’s health is ties to KW. By the way, did you mean to say you’re “now convinced”?

Nikki:  YEP…lol…my brain moves way faster than I type even though I type really fast.  :)  See…mental  :)

ADgirl: Crazy is as crazy does! He is so far in he cannot stop it, even when people are around.


Nikki:  Oh he is overflowing with confidence after using Mr Writer as his hyung and confidant.  Glad he put her in check but not sure I would trust her just yet.  She is still unbalanced herself.

Missienelly: He is looking for the winning but I still disagree that he still wants her.

ADgirl: It is the one part of the story the writers are  missing. The story of why he is so attached to her????? Very questionable. Especially given the obvious age difference. 


Nikki:  WHAT!!?!?!  So the mom was GUILTY of everything that went on!!  My goodness…JY has always been the victim because of what his mother did.  I hope everything comes out soon because this was a really big eye opener.

Missienelly: I think they are all victims of the late dad. It was just an opportunity to end his madness.

ADgirl: I called it! I knew she was guilty. Do buy the dissociative disorder? Hell no. I think she  was protecting JY the entire time. Like I said in earlier episodes, she knew if she went to prison , JY would be left with his  Hyung to raise him. As we known Hyung would.beat JY all the time too. As was shown, not only in flashbacks. Also when Uncle Jo first started treating Hyung.


Nikki:  This is how this whole scene made me feel….they are both full of love and a need for each other.  But she would have had to clean behind herself.  I know I could not handle this after my lover left….I would be PISSED!!  (I can hear you laughing Nelly) :)

Missienelly: You know me so well now, Nik! By the way, I have a beef with her clothes! Was she wearing a uniform or something?

Nikki:  Nope, that was an outfit as far as I know.

Missienelly: I don’t know Nik… I’m not feeling her clothes but at least it fits her!

ADgirl: I normally would be mad too. I think she did it to make sure he knew, she was there. Or to get him to call her and at least be upset with her about the mess she left. 


Nikki: Oh to be the gerbils turning in the Docs mind to see what he was thinking while watching this….

Missienelly: I learn a new word from you! I never heard of gerbils before! The shocking look on Doc face was surreal. His facial expression looking at the vid! I wanted to tell him “see, I told you so!”

ADgirl: I think he always knew something was wrong. With his OCD and all. Just not this serious. 


Nikki:  Okay, this came from left field.  I wonder how he was in his other relationships now.  I am curious like Hae Soo at this point.

Missienelly: Uhm, where did that come from? Being spontaneous is so unlike him! Is it because of his illness? Notice that even though he wanted to be left alone while writing, he still couldn’t finish his work. I really want to know what’s in his mind.

Nikki:  His mind has to be more like an amusement park than a playground

ADgirl: Is there anything in his mind other than Kwang Woo, the crazies and Hye Soo. Would explain why he cannot write.

Pppppfffffssssssshhhh….. end of the ep 11 line. Next stop episode 12. How does Uncle Jo handle all this? What about poor TY he has all this inside and has to keep quiet. Poor guy may have break down of his own. Hye Soo and Jae Yeul are so darn cute together. Makes all the trivial games worth it. Does JY,  meet his psycho crazy Hyung alone? Lets face it we just want more  adorably sweet HS and JY moments. Until episode 12…. have fun Chingus!