Breaking News: Let the Light Be Shine Upon Us!


Holy mother of FT Island!!!! I’m truly speechless from their comeback Japanese song!!! The song is wonderful and powerful it gives me the chill to my bones!!!! All morning, all I could do was gasping! Besides my craziness over MBLAQ and sometimes INFINITE, the next best group I’ve always admired and enjoyed listening to is FT Island! They have the greatest rock songs, no matter in their native Korean or Japanese! And this new song, To The Light, just solidify how awesome this pop rock group is! Funny thing is I was listening to FT Island on my way to work this morning and I thought how wonderful and strong they are as a group! I sort of missed them. Their vocals are just too good to be true. Jae Jin has officially stepped up his game in this new song, and the song has more of him than Hong Ki. Wow, surprise surprise! But let’s not forget the leader and his raspy rockish voice! His voice is too awesome to be ignored. Like Erl said, they are giving Hong Ki a break which to be honest, I agree with her.

What do you all think of the song? Two thumbs up from me! I’m so ecstatic right now! A fresh of air and simply a break from my usual kpop songs. After hearing it for the nth time, I finally realized how much I missed them until I hear this beautiful song. How can they be so ahhhmazing??? Is it really possible? Is something wrong with my  hearing? Are they always been this awe-inspiring and breathtakingly good??? A big round of applause to FT Island! To The Light is an instantaneous hit for me today! I just wanna lit the light too…..! Bravo boys! Bravo!

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Scandalous!


Hey all! Happy Wednesday! How are you all feeling? I’m feeling awesome by the way. I’ve had some rough weekend though but it is now behind me. Let’s move on with today’s post. I hate to say that this post will be short coz often times, I found myself blabbing on and on. Yeah, I just slapped myself hehehe. But today, I want to gossip a little bit. They are quite scandalous! Although the singer for the first MV was hit badly, her career remained on top of the chart. But the second MV, it’s some sort of indirect scandal and it just hit the net recently. How recent? This Monday. Recent enough? Ok, let’s begin…

The first MV is fresh from the oven. It was dropped on September 24. It is Ailee’s latest hit called Don’t Touch Me. Ouch, please don’t touch her anymore! She was hit with nasty scandal early this year with her pre-debut naked photo was leaked out on the internet. Her pictures were leaked out by one of the AllKPop staff. It is unknown, and I’m lazy to dig it out, whether the responsible person was let go or survived. I was disgusted by the news so I cut off my ties with AllKPop completely. I know I know, I took it way too personal but hey… I couldn’t help it. And Ailee has been quite ever since. Sure she contributed her voice to a few OSTs but only now that she finally released her single again. I love Ailee’s voice. I secretly wish that she would do a duet with my boy G.O one day. So let’s go back to Don’t Touch Me! Please don’t pay attention on her body. People are screaming that her thin figure is not the Ailee they used to know. I don’t care for all that. It’s her body so she can do whatever she wants. All I care is her awesome voice! The song is fabulous. Buttttttt… I think she can do better than this! It seems that the MV is focusing more on her new image rather than her voice. She deserves to be recognized! She’s the new queen of OST so if she can sing such ballad song, why can’t she sing such ballad song for her own album? *sigh*. I hope she realized how much potential she has and how far she can go with her singing career. Alright, let’s hear the song!

The next MV is called Holler by Girl’s Generation unit group, TTS aka TaeTiSeo. The song was dropped by SMTown on September 16. The barbies are adorable! The song is catchy but not to my liking. It’s definitely a GG typical song. But what scandal do they have? If you have read the news recently, one of the GG member, Jessica, posted a message on her Weibo that she’s been kicked out of the group. But in reality, in my opinion of course, she’s playing victim. She recently launched her own clothing line and let’s admit, will she have time to spend with GG now? Some would say this is SMTown’s fault but I think the fault is on Jessica as well. Why can’t she be frank? This time, she pushed SMTown to the corner. But hey, what do I know, right? SMTown is notorious of ruining one’s career. Look what they did to JYJ. Regardless, let’s wish the best for Jessica and her future endeavors. Anyway, let’s focus on Holler. The trio’s vocal are much more solid and stronger, especially from Taeyeon,  and they did a way better performance than their previous album. I’m really enjoying this comeback! Even their live performances were solid. I had fun watching them.

The year 2014 has been a doomed year for kpop industry. So many awful news this year… Jessica and Ailee made the news. Who else will? I don’t want to jinx it but we have three more months before the year is ending. I should say 4 more months according to eastern calendar…  I hope they will be no bad news in the coming months. Well, that’s all for this post from me! Oooooh, I almost forgot…. HAPPY OCTOBER!

Currently Watching: My Secret Hotel


I was looking for something light and fluffy to fill my romance comedy drama void. And when I heard so many people went oooohs and aaaaahs over My Secret Hotel, I got curious but I still wouldn’t let myself to watch it. For some reason, part of me was not turn on by Nam Goong Min oppa *ducks from oppa fans* and Yoo In Na chick. They just not my desired couple. And also the male lead. I don’t know him and I’ve never seen him. So the three of their faces on the cover of their drama poster didn’t entice me at all. And then they were teasers for the My Secret Hotel. Now, we all know how tvN is great at making teaser dramas. They are quite innovative, funny, cute, and very alluring and tvN are great at fishing viewers through teasers. But for some reason, I still did not buy it *shrugs*


One night, I was bored and have nothing to watch. My Secret Hotel was the last thing I have in mind but since several Kakao girlfriends of mine were so into it, I threw my towel away and started it. It was funny but not funny ha ha. It was cute but not swoon worthy. But I remember being all excited. By the end of episode 4, I started to feel exhausted. They were several scenes that keep on rolling from one episode to another to another. I mean why? To jolt our aging memories? By the end of episode 6, I started to lose interest. I saw my interest rolling down the hill and by episode 8, I decided  that this show is so wasting my time I wanted to quit so badly. You know I’m not a quitter so I saw episode 9 and 10 last night. The writers and director must have heard the screaming and cussing of their viewers. They amp up the comedy and did some abs baring scene. What did I think? Sure, I laughed and swooned but by the end of the day, my facial expressions were nothing extraordinaire. I was still bored. And speaking of writers, the original screenwriter passed away after episode 4. She died before she was able to complete the drama due to cancer. Too sad. RIP to her.


This 16 episode drama is a failure in my opinion. The story plots are quite interesting but it wasn’t for me. My Secret Hotel told a story of a wedding planner manager, Nam Sang Hyo, who found out that the groom for the wedding is her ex-husband. And what’s worse is that the groom, Goo Hae Young, did not expect to see her and sort of still hold some feeling towards her. On the day of his wedding, a dead body, which is the body of the missing assistant manager, fell off the ballroom roof and landed on the aisle. Of course they had to cancel the wedding. The bride was upset and she immediately demanded for a refund. But the wedding planner was afraid that the hotel will lost its reputation and encouraged the couple to give the hotel another chance. Hae Young hesitated at first because of his connection with Sang Hyo. He disagree but ended up agreeing to the wedding to avoid humiliation. Two hours before the wedding ceremony, the bride disappeared and ran away with her own lover. Oh boy, this wedding was not meant to be… Her colleague, Eun Joo, replaced the bride with Sang Hyo because she knew the past relationship between Sang Hyo and Hae Young, and secondly, she’s trying to eliminate her competition since they both are interested with the hotel heir and president of The Secret Hotel, Jo Sung Gyeom.


Long story short, the wedding went on as planned. Hae Young still has feelings toward her but she sort of resent him. The president, Sung Gyeom, wants Sang Hyo back. She’s at lost, torn and confused by her own feelings suddenly. While this is going on, the murder investigation had let the detective to the accidental death case of the president’s father. After the first body, another murder case occurred to another employee. So what will happened next? How’s the love triangle between the three would end up and will the murder case get solved?


Like I said earlier, this drama is a failure. I do not like the OTP and the chemistry between the three of them are extremely weak. I do not feel the pitter-patter in my heart. I feel so sad. It has so much potential. Yoo In Na’s character as Nam Sang Hyo is definitely a turn off. Yeap…. this drama is a bust. Save your time and skip it.

Wednesday Eu-Mak: Don’t TROY with Me!


Good day, yeoreobun! Happy Wednesday and happy second day of fall!!! Yeap, the cooler air has crawled in officially and you can never leave home empty handed (must have jacket now). But it is all good… I’m ready for the cooler weather, but not ready what the winter will brings to us this year. I hope it will be as smooth as the song I’m about to feature for this post! Yes, A song! Why? I’m extremely busy and I can’t keep up with many chores including updating my blog *cries*. Sadly this is the truth.

But please *rolling eyes* just because there will be ONE song and you gonna get upset by it… Not too soon! Because the song is one helluva smooth, jazzy, soul feeling meets pop and hip hop! Boooooom! Didn’t see that coming, did ya? *bobs like a rapper* Uh uh uh uh, so did I! You’re not alone! It’s TROY! They are a new hip hop group debuting early this year! The song I’m about to share with ya is their second single and it is called Why are We. I know, I know… It doesn’t make sense at all. It didn’t register in my head until after I heard the song… What in the world Why are We means??? Urgh only Korean speakers and the boys would know. I must get back to my Korean lesson again! Anywho, the song is fantabulous! Don’t get me started with the first beat of this song…! Whooooooo I feel like dancing, y’all! The song is so cool it makes you feel awesome!


And who doesn’t like Bumkey anyway??? His voice, his crispy smooth voice is awesome! I really hope one day he collab with my bias, MBLAQ G.O. Seriously these two will make the music world spin in reverse! And the rest of TROY members are Kanto, Jaewoong and Changwoo. I don’t know who’s who but psssshhhh they all can sing and rap! This is unreal! Here, check it out the song for me!

Yeah? Yeah? You like? I knew you would like! So are you curious now? Ok, fine…. I’m going to bite my tongue and here is Green Light, their first debut song out early this March. The song gives ya a completely different feels but still a smooth one. Their voices are just… The song on the other hand though? Give me the Green Light to what? To s3x? *pouts* Urgh let’s not go there but you can tell from the MV that it looks like that’s what they are asking for! Hey, don’t shoot the messenger *sticks her tongue out*

Goodness, look at me and my big mouth! I said one song!!! I promised myself that it’s going to be a short post! I just lied to myself. Oh well, things happened… Can’t help that I love music so much! Anyway, for those of you who are in the northern hemisphere, enjoy your fall/autumn coz we know it ain’t long before the winter comes! And for the rest of ya, have a great week!



Wednesday Eu-Mak: Dance Factor

eat-sleep-breathe-danceYeoreobun, happy Wednesday!!! How are you all doing??? Are you all ready to dance your Wednesday azz off??? *shakes her booty* I am in a good mood today. I just got news I don’t have to travel to Bogota this October. I know, I know… Most people would drop everything and say yes to travel. But I have been there and I’m fine not going there again. People know Bogota for its coffee and drugs, but I know the country for its traffic and churches. And I also had my first passion fruit, the real passion fruit there too! I have had passion fruit in cocktail juice and some other food but never the fruit itself. Wow, that slimy fruit won my heart! Yucky with passion! *laughs*

Anyway, I’m terribly busy now. Real life is so hectic! *fist to the air* But I’m not going to let it ruin my life. So here I am introducing to you three awesome groups with their latest release. Let’s do the robot dance, y’all!

The first song is called Missing by Teen Top. This is my first time listening to their song. I know, I know… Please don’t yell at me. It’s hard to watch them. They are babies! So babies and I do not wanna be called pervy noona *cries at her desk*. The MV concept is quite dark I think. What do you all think? So much sadness which I can’t… I saw it once and that’s it. But the song is awesome! I cannot stop it… I’m quite addicted to it at first hear. Eottoke? It’s okay, I can just like the song, right? Heheheh. Amuden, please enjoy it! *continues with the robot dance*

The next song is called Hello Boy by a new rookie group! They are called N*White! Aren’t they the cutest! I must admit I’m not a big girl band but they are adorbs!!! Mmmmmkay, I just read that this is their debut song! Wow! And the song… pretty not bad. Cute vocals, just like any other cute girl band group. The MV is pretty colorful and vibrant. The girls are so young… Probably still in their teens. Oh goodness I feel old…. *head desk*. *shakes her head* let’s dance!

My final song for this post is none other than 2pm’s Go Crazy! I’m sorry, it can’t be helped anymore! I refuse to do robot dance forever! It’s time to put your hands up in the air and jump with this fabulouso song! Go Crazy! Go Crazy! Erl will probably be happy when she sees this post. She has been crazy with this song since it was released and I can see why! Mmmmmbaaeeek! This MV is the dance version but what do I know? The original and dance version are both great! I personally think the dance version MV is way better and less crazy than the original! Can you believe I said that??? Well just enjoy the song, yeoreobun. And you’re welcome *click replay*

Now shooooo… go dance your azz off! See ya next Wednesday!

Breaking News: The History of INFINITE


If you are a huge Infinite fan like me, you don’t want to miss watching this series! MisterPopoTV or Popo is coming out with a documentary series for Infinite! Aigoo aigoo aigoo so much love for these boys! The series will follow the men *clears throat* since their pre-debut to today! Now, who is excited? *raises hand* I am! I AMMMMMMM! Popo did not mention when the first episode will be out sadly. I presume the first episode will be out soon… I will park myself on Popo channel from now on… Hehehe. At the mean time, check out the teaser that just got released today! Omo, I’m so up to date! *pats shoulder*

What did you all think? Are you as excited as I am too? Neh? Neh? Neh? *walks back and forth* *smiles*. So while we wait for the first episode, let’s watch Infinite’s Back. If you suddenly hear a loud thud sound, don’t mind it. That’s the sound of me collapsing… Aigoo these boys are so awesome!



Currently Watching: King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang


Where do I even begin? Should I start with yet another daily drama this year? *facepalm*. Yes, I am addicted with dailies. And this my….. Wow, I lost count already. I usually watch maximum 2 dailies in a year. I have now exceeding 4 dailies now. I don’t know what it is with dailies but the plots seem to be moving smoothly and in order most of the time. They are so engaging and fascinating to watch. And with King’s Daughter? This is my first sageuk daily drama! Yes, you heard it! Sageuk daily! I don’t know about you but I’m super proud of myself! I never thought I would watch a daily sageuk drama since I’m not a sageuk fan at all! Ooooh by the way, this is my third sageuk drama for my 2014 sageuk resolution. I will do my review for my second sageuk drama soon.


Again, I’m watching King’s Daughter on Bel’s recommendation. She loved the show so much and I can see why… When I started, I really can’t and don’t wanna quit. If I could marathon it all day and night, I would. Sure, that is the dream but real life always giving me a hard time and I get sidetracked with my watch list. This 108 episode drama seems too long by regular viewers’ standard. But believe me, I saw 74 episodes within a week! It’s not hard to watch, really. It’s so breeze you won’t even notice the time. Like me. I purposely put it on hold so I can write this review. If I don’t, this post will be a “Just Watched” post and I do not want that… I love giving my two cents mid review. I find it exhilarating and fulfilling this way…


Back with the King’s Daughter. I find this drama easy to watch because the political elements was kept to the minimum. As far as I know, I don’t see much that would hurt my head. And to be honest, the angst is bearable unless the craziness starts from ep 75 onwards. The story started back when the King Muryeong was the General for the late King DongSung. The late King and Muryeong were cousins. The King loved to send Muryeong to battle as he gets things done. Chae Hwa is Muryeong’s lover and the daughter of Baek-Ga, one of the minister in DongSung’s administration. One day, DongSun was ambushed and trusted Muryeong to take the throne as the throne itself is belong to Muryeong, according to DongSung. Sadly, Baek Ga was accused on the plot for killing the King (Baek Ga IS behind it after all) and was ordered to be arrested and beheaded. This included Chae-Hwa as well. At the time, Muryeong did not that Chae Hwa is pregnant with his child. He had told that Baek Ga is a traitor the late King and hence he and his daughter must be wiped out. Baek Ga killed himself to save his dignity, as told by Muryeong, but Chae Hwa escaped the fire when the house was burned to down. She was saved by Goo Cheon, her home slave who has been loving her all his life.


Long story short, Chae Hwa give birth to Seolnan aka Su Baek Hyang (name given by Muryeong if he ever have a daughter). Knowing how her life will never be the same, Chae Hwa eventually accepted Goo Cheon as her life partner and later give birth to another daughter named Seolhee. The sisters grew up well despite the lackness in their household. Goo Cheon is mute and deaf so he relies on his sight heavily to communicate. I do not know his background much by I think he was once a warrior but decided to choose a different path for his life. Anywho, the girls grew up in a loving household. However, Seolhee is not happy and satisfied with her living environment. One day, their home was attacked and the mission of the attackers was to wipe out the entire family. It was the work of Jin Moo, Muryeong’s son. When Muryeong took the throne, he swap his son with the Crown Prince. The reason: to have the real Crown Prince get his opportunity to take the throne once the King is retired but his decision to swap the children backfired him later on. Only one person knows his secret and he’s keeping his mouth tight on this. Jin Moo was never interested in anything but girls but his mind was poisoned by another minister. He’s certainly not ambitious to pursue but play along with the game. Myungnong, the Crown Prince, is extremely educated and has the quality of a leader.


When the girls home was attacked, their father was left to die and they escaped with their injured mom. But when their mom about to die, she confessed the truth about Seolnan to to the wrong daughter. Seolhee took the opportunity to run away from Seolnan and went to King Muryeong and claimed that she is Seolnan. Seolnan eventually caught up with Seolhee and was shocked that she’s the princess now and Seolnan is the court maid. At the end of episode 74, Seolnan came back from the work mission signed by the Crown Prince and found that she is the King’s daughter, not Seolhee. I now can’t wait how the story will unravel from now on… While all this going on, the Crown Prince is actually falling for Seolnan. He loves her determination, her attentive and her loveliness. Jin Moo on the other hand, doesn’t have interest with Seolhee but because his mind is no longer his, he approached her with an intention that he is interested with her. King Muryeong is very nervous with Jin Moo’s interest on his princess thinking that they are siblings. See what did I tell ya that his decision will backfire him one day? This is the part!


I’m 34 episodes away to finish this drama. I can easily do it in days if I want to but I’m going to drag it out a bit. The romance between Seolnan and Crown Prince is too beautiful. I am sooooo shipping them! It is out of this world beautiful. So many things I want to pour my heart out into this post but frankly, I rather see you watching it… This 2013/2014 drama is a must watch. I really want to know how the kind hearted Seolnan deals with her greedy ambitious sister. And also, I want to know how their secrets get reveal and how King Muryeong take the truth. How are their fate in the future? How will their love blossoms? All these will be answered in the next 34 episodes. I’m ready to roll! Are you? Come and watch King’s Daughter with me!