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They are many types of heart. Warm heart. Cold heart. Sympathy heart. Jerk ass heart. You name it, and Heart to Heart has it. And I’m so glad I decided to watch this drama. At the beginning, I heard many grunts that the show was awful. I went whaaaaaa….t? and was in denial for a bit. Second week went pass and I started to hear something better. My heart was feeling much better and then and there I decided to screw what people said and just dip my toes immediately. Heh, before I knew, I saw 6 episodes all together. Yeah, I was THAT addicted. Sure, it was a bit frustrated because you really don’t know what the hell are these characters doing to themselves. Did Chun Jung Myung made a mistake by being a lead in romcom? I thought his last drama, Reset, was a flop but I watched it anyway because *shrugs*… it’s Jung Myung. And then we have Choi Kang Hee. I love her and her quirky style. I started to like her since My Love, a 2007 Christmas movie and since then I tried to watch most of her work. She’s so adawable!


Heart To Heart is another tvN production and you can see it was made a little more daring than the giant network shows. The kisses and skin-ship are much more real and hence, it made you feel closer and intimate with the OTP. Argh just the thought of the OTP is making me blushing! And blushing is the norm in this show. Cha Hong Do, the character Kang Hee plays, blushes a lot! She suffers from social phobia so her interaction with another person, or human in general, is almost to nothing. She doesn’t go to anywhere public and grocery store is the most scariest place to be! Hong Do is a book worm though so she learns a lot through reading from books and internet. For the past 7 years, she has this huge crush on Dong Soo. He is an officer and always received fresh home made banchan and meals from Hong Do. Due to her phobia, she never hand these foods in person. Instead, she left them outside his home next to his mailbox. Awwwww, isn’t she sweet? One day, she finally confessed her love for him (and this is a huge deal) but Dong So had a different interest on her. He thinks she is cute. That’s all. Period. No further feeling. Isn’t it upsetting? When she found out he went on a matchmaking date? She would be up all night long wondering whether his date went well and whether he will be settled with that woman.


The so-called hero, but really he is more of a jerk ass, is Go Yi Seok. He is a famous psychologist but one day he was misunderstood for stabbing his patient. Hong Do happened to walk in to his office to seek treatment and saw the incident. She was brought in to the precinct where Hong Do is the responsible detective in handling the case. The case was cleared up but Yi Seok’s reputation got jeopardized by Hong Do’s claim. She still insisted of seeing him and made a deal for her treatment. Somehow though, Yi Seok started falling for her and guess what? As much as how jerk ass he is, she is falling in love with him too!!! And before you know it, they slept together! *slaps forehead* Oh goodness, talk about her going out with a bang!!! Yi Seok taught her among all things is to be brave with the person she love and that is Dong So. So she mustered all her strengths and told him she will stop stalking and loving him instead after he rejected her. *gasps* So what happened now? Dong So suddenly feeling lost and realizing that she IS the one he wants!


Oy, what a story, right? But actually there are a lot more to tell but I wouldn’t spill all the pearls. You just have to watch it! I love this drama. Thought the title is Heart To Heart, there are more hearts to it! As the show progress, you get to see how Hong Do became more confident as a person, all thanks to Yi Seok. Their relationship is definitely very mature. I love the way he clears up the misunderstanding when she saw him hugging his ex in his office. Really, the level of maturity in this show is definitely hard to find in most kdrama. I am falling for this show harder than it seems. I look forward to Friday as much as to Wednesday (for Kill Me, Heal Me). This 16 episodes drama is ending in 3 weeks. I can’t believe how fast the time goes now. I’m so not ready for it to ends but at the same time I want happiness between Yi Seok and Hong Do. Heart To Heart is definitely another must watch 2015 drama.



8 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Heart To Heart

    • Sorry to ruin the party but it is true, our beloved Heart To Heart is leaving us sooner than we had hoped for. For the first time I’m hoping they would extend this series. I don’t want it to end.


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  2. Totally agree with you! I just watched episode 12 and there some twist to the drama. I hope it ends with a happy ending. Such a cute drama and Gang-hee’s acting is very impressive !!


    • Well… The end of episode 12 turned me to one angry watcher! The show was flawless until the writers pull the childhood-crap card on us! I was hoping that our OTPs will have no connection whatsoever and making this drama the first of its kind. Well, ASDFGHJKL… Now the twist is turning Heart To Heart to, *shrugs* yet, another typical drama plots. Sorry I’m ranting here, Rae… I just saw it last night and couldn’t shake the thought that our cute OTPs share the same past. They kinda pull a Kill Me, Heal Me card on us. Sigh.


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