Currently Watching: My Best Ex-Boyfriend


After Cruel Romance, I really hesitated to start another Chinese drama. But the good news is My Best Ex-Boyfriend is not a period drama. You know how I am with period drama. *shivers*. Never a success relationship. When I decided to watch this drama, I did it unintentionally. I was bored. Too much drama in real life and too many dramas I’m currently watching too. Do I really wanna get in to this? It was a gamble when I decided to continue again… And I thought I made a mistake. I kept wondering why would people crazily raving over this show when I found it so hard to watch? The marriage of angsty , cruelty, catty and bitchy was hard to watch. I kept asking where is the cuteness? The title seems awfully cute but why aren’t they cute and cuddly like Shan Shan?

Ex 5

Well, it turns out….. I need to be tiny patience! To be exact, 5 episodes length of patience! Beginning from episode 6 onward, the show has gotten less catty, less angsty, less bitchy but more cuteness, more honesty, and a lot of sense. There is one thing though that remains unchanged. Hmmmmm, I take that back! Two things remain unchanged. The background music and the OSTs are definitely awesome and cool. They really know how to make the song hip as the show! I truly enjoy listening to the songs including the background music. But another thing that I’m dreading to talk about is the way they dressed Jerry Yan! Holy smoke, how can they dress up a fashionista like that? Throughout the episodes, I’m pleased with the rest of the fashion for the rest of the cast but what in the world is Jerry wearing?! *horror screams* If I could close my eyes, I would!!!

Ex 1

Lately, I have been a little lazy and tired so this drama was put on hold until today. At episode 29, I’m starting to feel bored. The neverending back and forth plots since episode 1 really bores me down. In the beginning, I hated the male lead and then he started to shine like diamond but after that he is becoming very stalkerish, needy and kiddish. Ai. I liked the second male lead in the beginning and then his charming is a big turn off with me when he started to have an affair with his ex-girlfriend who is engaged to another man. Really? That is not nice! The female lead is something else. She’s klutzy and somewhat forget who she is. She appeared strong but can be very submissive which I really hate it. And the second female lead is so bitchy, catty and full of jealousy. Well, need I say more? So you can see the tug of war between these four. On the other hand, they are some gorgeous people!

Ex 3

Would I still recommend My Best Ex-Boyfriend? Yes! Even though the writer keeps bouncing the plots like a game of squash (coz it keeps coming back), all the dilemmas and issues were addressed no longer than two episodes. The only thing that you need to sit through is the catty part. If you are a seasoned drama watcher, it’s a piece of cake. Besides, some of the episodes can be very funny. It’s a really a lol! The romance part? At this time, I still see it as a one-sided love. When will she ever give in? *shakes head* Don’t make us wait for too long! I don’t wanna watch all the way to episode 42 to get my romance and by the time, it’s too late…. T___T coz it is a 42-episode drama! I hope they pull a miracle on these two. *prays harder*.



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